McCalls 7358 Part I

September 27, 2017 0 Comments

Began a new pattern today, basing it on McCall’s M7358, Laura Ashley.  I like this shirt, but not all of it. What I do like is the crossover front, the way the bottom is shaped and the gathers in the front yoke. What I don’t like is it secures by a belt. I’d prefer to have it button. In the back, I’m going to make changes so it has a rounded shirt tail bottom, vs the straight bottom.

First thing, trace the pattern:


That’s done. Tomorrow, I will compare it to my block for fit, make a muslin and begin work on the changes. This part, the Pattern Work, is what takes so long and why when I finally get a pattern down, I make a dozen garments in that pattern with some small variations here and there.

See: Summer Bang Around

Meanwhile, my daughter is working on my logo in Photoshop. I’m learning Photoshop. Man! That software is not intuitive whatsoever.


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