LIFE: Safety Not Garuanteed

October 11, 2017 0 Comments

 I thought I’d jot down some thoughts just because I don’t want to go very long without the high hopes that I somehow magically get better at this. The problem is, there have been some big things go on in the country and I’m not that pithy. I’ve never been the one that could capture a moment with that *one* crisp thought that makes other people say “Aha! Yes! That’s it.” I’m just a housewife and this diary is just for me so I guess I don’t have to worry about that.

The Vegas shooting last week. No one knows what that was about. Lots and lots of speculation and conspiracy theories, none of which I’m buying whole heartedly. This guy is a psychopath, the son of a psychopath and has at least one psychopathic brother living in Florida…”Florida Man” to a T. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannndd the usual politics played out on both sides of the gun control debate. I think that it’s they way we deal with a tragedy, like a gallows humor thing. 

So that’s that. Life~Safety Not Garuanteed. And sometimes, it just sucks.

Major hurricanes. Puerto Rico was devasted and one politician, Mayor of San Juan, played politics instead of helping her people and my resentment towards politicians of all stripes increased. Dirty, dirty, soulless people.

I’m flying back to Idaho on Friday, there’s a HOA meeting the day after I get back and this one is important. I’m not so sure I want to go and leave the Big M here. We had a great time hanging out this time. Big M & I are already making plans for me to come *back* to DC before Thanksgiving to spend holidays together. I need to get Itty Bitty on the road, drive Jypsea Jeep around town, (I don’t drive in the DC area, thank you very much), get my eyes on the Son and make sure he’s doing alright (all indicators say he is), take a road trip down to see the daughter and the grandkids and *maybe* her new house (yay!).

I’m still working on the McCalls 7538 muslin, but I’m at least working on the minutiae of the pattern, the fine tuning work. I don’t have time to sew it here~I’m leaving day after tomorrow~so I’ll take the finished pattern home with me and sew it up there, in my wonderful, amazing, you-should-be-jealous-of-me sewing room!! And then I’ll make it up 20 more times because pattern work is manual labor. I forgot how much work is involved in going from initial pattern to muslin to a finished garment. The good news here, tho, is that through the muslin work, I’ve already come up with two different versions of this one pattern. I know!!! I’m rather happy about that!! And every subsequent garment I make with have a mutation or two. 

Looking forward to getting back to my piano. I have a good keyboard here but it’s nothing like my real piano. It’s…*dead-er*. It takes me several weeks to make the adjustment and then, I end up just working on technique. I can’t get to the musicality here.

My son is looking at continuing on with school after his 2 year program at CWI is done. Boise State University has an additional 2 years, developed by Kiewit, to become an Equipment Engineer. Anything he wants to do in that area, I’m all for!! 

So, that’s just an update to keep this little ol’ blog from getting stale. 


Jyps 🦋

Jypsea Rose