Not Leaving On A Jetplane

October 14, 2017 0 Comments

🎶 I had a ticket to ride, I had a ticket to ride. I changed my ticket to ri-i-i-i-de…and I don’t care! 🎵


I changed my ticket once already, from end of September to yesterday, but once I got to the airport, just did not want to go. I was being Princess Scroogina McScrimpsALot to save money by changing leave date on a Friday vs a Saturday, (or as the fam knows, being myself).  I knew there was a chance Big M wouldn’t be able to get off work to drive me to the airport on a workday, I was right; he couldn’t. I scheduled for the Super Shuttle, but the closer we got to the airport, the worse I felt. I’m not talking about the nauseousness from Super Shuttle’s smell. That was a separate incident. I agreed with my higher self to never speak of it again.

Big M got home before we arrived at the airport and texted “The apartment is empty.”

As we came to a stop, I texted him to ask: “If I change my ticket, will you come get me?”

He said “I will.”

And that’s what we did.

I told him I would be watching for him from the Arrival Level, but I was, in fact, at the Departure Level…(is this the same thing when one confuses Right/Left or North/South? You know, when you say “Turn left here” while pointing to the right?)…((I don’t know, I just know I do it all the time.))…he pulled up to the curb in his adorable 2 door Tank colored Jeep Rubicon, and I had to run from Departure to Arrival as fast as I could dragging my wobbly heavy suitcase, with the heavier big bag full of fabric stacked on top, my overnight & computer cases draped crisscross over-the-body Pancho Villa style…but it wasn’t really running, it was more the awkward quick-like movements of a grandmother rushing down an airport escalator…and then we just looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. Life is already so weird, this may as well be part of it.

Nice sushi dinner and beer after, tho, like “Yeah, no big. Just a drive thru DC rush hour traffic to Dulles Airport and back for funsies. And now here’s a Rainbow Roll and gyoza.”

Made it all the way to the airport, tho! That’s something! Really, really out of character for me. I’m one to plan ahead and then follow the plan like I have some OCD need to start with Step 1 and continue working my way thru the entire list till it’s been ticked off one by one and a line drawn thru each step as it’s completed. I’m a little curious why I did that~but I’m happy I’m still here with my husband, don’t regret it at all. My God! Is this just the beginning to a whole new me?? I mean like…if I start going off on haphazard tangents with that same OCDness I have with plans and lists and steps??? Only willy-nilly. I have just gone thru menopause, ya know. Maybe it changed my personality.


This morning, Big M brought me coffee in bed, as per Corporate Algorithm Protocol we’ve agreed to abide by. Because it’s the weekend and that’s just how we roll. Because reasons.

Yeah, total mystery as to why I was having doubts about leaving him!!

Also, I may or may *not* have been the one that wrote the coffee fetching algorithm.


This morning, I walked into the living room~of the walk-in closet~and saw this:

Sewing machines put away, fabric stowed, keyboard covered, ironing board put away nicely…

I was excited and eager to break everything out and finish working on the muslin…you know McCalls 7358….but there’s this collar change I want to make because without a collar, it has a kind of….medical scrubs look to it…

…..oh wow….I just went back and looked at that pattern…and that is *EXACTLY* what I don’t like about that pattern…it really does look like medical scrubs top with a cute bottom edge to it!! Funny how you know all along what’s wrong with a pattern but until you say it out loud you don’t really know…!!! Well ok, then!!

Well, then..that brings up more issues. I have to draft a shawl collar into this pattern. I’m getting further and further away to the end here. I might as well be starting over from square one. Sigh. I need to put this 7358 aside for a bit and break out a pattern so I can get to a finished garment. Like this one:

*thumbnails embiggen

I will keep working on 7358 but for my mental sanity, I seriously need to sideline it. I need a project I can finish.

Oh, good. I’m back. Hello OCD, my old friend!


Jyps 🦋

Jypsea Rose