It Begins~

November 1, 2017 0 Comments

Cut out a jeans pattern today.

Hopes not high. I made a mistake cutting them out and I’m afraid one of the front legs, the left side, is going to twist on me.

There was a bit short on yardage when I bought this denim, but it was very wide so I thought I could make it work. I still might. However, I had to manipulate the front jeans pattern and cut them out singly instead of doubling the remaining fabric…don’t worry…I was able to manipulate it while still maintaining the straight grain. The mistake I made was in not being aware of placing the pattern piece to cut out two mirror images…I *almost* cut out 2 right leg fronts. I might have been able to catch it in time but it did change the orientation.

So, here’s the deal. If it works, great! If it doesn’t work and it turns out I caught the mistake too late and the grain lines are skewed…then this is a practice pair. A real life denim muslin. I haven’t made jeans since last winter and I don’t remember it exactly. So it’ll be okay. This denim was on sale, probably because of the small amount of yardage left to sell. Not enough for anyone to be comfortable with, too much to sell as a remnant.

Meh. If it’s skewed, I will just get it together to refresh my skills. There’s also an issue with the front fly zip. I’m trying to remember something I wanted to do to make the inside of the fly wider and sew it directly to the front pocket bags. I remember thinking it would make the front lie flatter and smoother. In case I’ve ruined this cut, I’ll use it to fine tune the front. I can be free to experiment. So there. That’s that.

My son called today with good news. He’s out of school for the 2 year program come March 15-ish, and already has a great job waiting for him with Kiewit. And starting with a fantastic starting wage. Kiewit contacted him to say they’d like him to come and work for them over the 5 week Christmas break. Just outstanding news! We’ll have to work out housing for him. I’m thinking maybe we just go ahead and rent an apartment. Maybe they’d want him to come work on weekends, I don’t know. We’ll work it out. I’m wondering if they pay him the starting wage they’ve already offered or if they consider this an internship and want to start with a lower wage. Either way. It’s a great company, the son is really excited about starting a career with them. He’s going to continue on for a 4 year degree, he said, for the Equipment Engineer degree that Kiewit has developed with Boise State University. To advance, he will need the 4 year degree. Of course, I’m all for it. I’m really happy for the son. Really happy.

I’m ready to sell the house in Boise and move to Pocatello where the job is. Land and housing is very reasonable there. Big M is closer to retirement and I want to RV and travel. I like the idea of the son being in the house while I’m away. Leaving the house empty makes me nervous to think about.

The daughter is 3 days away from going in and finalizing details on their new house, their first house. I’m planning on being there when they move in. I need to ask her when they think that day will be. I hope they’re in the house by Christmas. What a fantastic Christmas for them!

Ok. I’m out for now. Start the jeans and also a new song, Chopin’s Nocturne No 2 Op 9 in E Flat. Beautiful piece of music.

Enjoy. This piece moves me. Even more when I can play it competently.


Jyps 🦋

Jypsea Rose