That Good Ol’ November Summertime

November 2, 2017 0 Comments

There was no sewing today. It was too hot to have too many electrical appliances and a bare bulb lamp burning.

Today, November 2, 2017, it was 75 degrees in Shirlington, VA. We live on the 4th floor. Heat does indeed rise.

The little A/C unit in our apartment has run out of refrigerant and does not cool; management has decided it is too late in the season to recharge the unit. Our building sold to another corporation early this summer, the old management company did not perform *any* maintenance so now we have an A/C that doesn’t cool and a hot water heater that doesn’t heat water. Perfect!

Today, I kept the place dark and both fans running. I wore the least amount of clothing I could. It was an official “NO PANTS” day, I stayed in front of the fans and iPad-ed all day. All. Damned. Day. (Hate those days, really I do.)

Tomorrow…the forecast is 80 degrees.

There will be no sewing tomorrow, either, and another “No Pants” day.

I’m so ready to go home. 17 more days.

The Son is looking for an MSHA class. The MSHA certificate is necessary for his employment with Agrium Mine. For reasons, it looks like the easiest way to get this done is to take the class in No Nevada, 4 hours away. A company there gives the MSHA class every Monday & Tuesday. He’ll take the class during Thanksgiving week to avoiding missing any school. That would be the 20th and 21st. Big M & I fly in late the 19th. Meh. We’ll get a rental and let the Son take my Jeep. That’s the easiest way to handle this.

I have thoughts about him going to work at the Agrium Mine. I want to sell our house and buy something over there. I think I will make that happen. There are a lot of very good reasons not to, but I want to stay close to him. It’s just a Mom thing. He’ll have his own house, of course. But I enjoy being near him. I love having him in my everyday life and do not want to give that up. Period.

The Daughter is busy home schooling the kids. She was radio silent all day. I finally got her to tweet-play with me later in the afternoon! Love that girl!

Ok. That was today. More of the same tomorrow, if not a couple of degrees more so.


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