The Jeans Are Twisted

November 6, 2017 0 Comments

I told myself it was probable. Heck, I even posted about it…I made an error in cutting the jeans out due to juuuuusssst being at the wire in yardage and not paying attention to detail when I had to cut the front out as 2 separate pieces because the yardage left over wasn’t quite enough to allow me to cut out the fronts as doubles….and forgetting to flip the pattern piece over so’s I’d have 2 mirror images so I *almost* ended up with 2 right side fronts…and THEN!…having to manipulate the pattern so it would fit…

Yes. I knew it was more than likely that I had completely messed this up. I consoled myself with “Welp. It’s been a year since I’ve made jeans, I’ll just use this as an opportunity to refresh my skills.”…all the time thinking more “ could work out. It could…maybe…hopefully…I’ll go to a cemetery and swing a dead cat around my head three times it that’s what it takes….”

Well it didn’t. Sure enough, manipulating the pattern piece skewed the straight grain and that pant leg twists. They’re ruined. I’m really disappointed but not surprised. Now I’m wasting my time thinking “Now looky here. They start to twist below the knee. So cut them off and make them a pair of capris.”

Yeah. No. Maybe?

I’ve folded them up and put them in the suitcase. *IF* I do that, it will be next summer and of course, by that time, I’ll just rip the zipper out to save that and move on.

Yes, I needed to refresh the skills. Even if the pants hadn’t twisted, they weren’t perfect. There were a few things on them that I had rip out and do again because I had sewn it wrong. And the yoke in the back is wrong, I mean the pattern piece is wrong, it’s too small to fit across the pant properly. The yoke would have been something that never fit right, so there. I need to take a look at the back leg pattern with the yoke piece and figure out how to fix that.

Also, last year, when I decided to master jeans making, I stopped adding the pockets after the first couple of pair. I had so much to learn about jeans construction and I struggled with the fit, so I dropped the pockets and worked on fit. Towards the end of Spring, I started adding the front pocket bags and coin pocket back in but not the back hip pocket. My technique on the front pocket is far from perfect. It needs work.

This time, I decided to go ahead and add the back hip pocket, complete with embroidering a design on them. Adding the hip pockets back in, brought the jean production to a stand still for about 3 days while I worked on them. I did say to BigM that next time I cut out a pair of jeans to sew, I will start embroidering the back pockets on Day 1, working on them in the evening. That way, by the time I get to the point to sew the back pockets on, they’ll be ready to go. Also…I need to fix a design for the back pockets. I was just playing around this time and not crazy about them. Definitely a first draft design.

ADDENDUM: The fit issue was solely the fabric. Denim gives like a drunken sailor at a strip bar during Fleet Week. I found that out purely by dumb luck by cruising around sewing blogs when another sewist happened to be blogging about that same thing. She wrote that she would be taking all future jeans in by another half inch to counteract the way denim gives and gives and gives until they’re falling off you. I pulled out a couple of pairs of jeans I made previously, took the waistband off and took them in half an inch on each side, replaced the waistband and wouldn’t you know it…now they fit!!

You know…now that I’m going back over the Lessons Learned here, I believe I’ll just go ahead and finish them! I just need to sew on the waistband and Ralph Lauren knows I need all the practice in that I can get. It may help shed light on why that yoke piece is too short to fit all the way across…Lord…how did that happen??? But I guess if I don’t go ahead and finish these pants out…I won’t know the correct way to address that.

Ok. Talked myself into it. This is now an official striped muslin. Tomorrow.

The front pockets came out well, including the coin pocket. Ok. Ok. I guess it wasn’t all a total loss.



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November 7, 2017

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