To Begin Again~

November 7, 2017 0 Comments



I woke up this morning and thought “Oh, to hell with it.” I’m not finishing the jeans I screwed up. I’m beginning again. Must’ve been sleep deprivation for me to think of finishing a project that is beyond saving! It’s done! There’s no bringing it back! Let it go!

So, as per usual, before I can start a new sewing project, (because insanity), I cleaned house, vacuumed, and finished the laundry and once the apartment was neat and tidy as a pin, I broke out my jeans pattern and fixed the goof in the yoke. I just re-drafted it….BUT…oh, my God, what is happening to me??….I measured out the side seams to make sure they are even…holy cow. Look at me, down in the weeds with pattern drafting!!! Then I broke out some other denim in my stash and cut the pattern out.

I noticed something. All day long, even tho I was folding sheets, or moving furniture to vacuum, in the back of my mind the only thing I thought about was my jeans construction. That was a surprise. 

BigM has to vote tonight. He’s a Virginia resident and the governorship is at stake. I’d love to say who he’s voting for but I’m pretty determined to not do politics here. That’s the sole reason I stopped visiting my sewing blogs any longer and started my own. The kevetching after last year’s election was too much. I needed one spot that was politics-free after 2016 and in the end, just had to suck it up and create my own.

He’s on his way home and I’m going to walk down with him so he can do his civic duty and take me out to dinner afterwards. I’m….thinking….sushi. It’s gray and drizzly out there and a little miso soup is what’s called for.

Back to the jeans…tomorrow, I am going to follow thru with the plan for the back pocket. I’m going to start embroidering them tonight when we get home so they will be ready to sew onto the jeans when its time. I’ve also thought a lot about the front pocket bag construction…I think I have a plan of attack there, too, that will make that go easy breezy.

I haven’t touched the piano in a little over a week. THAT’S starting to bug me. I feel like I’m neglecting a family member.

Haven’t heard from either of the kids today. They’re probably doing just fine. *crosses fingers*


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