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I’m back home in my beloved Idaho. Time just gets away from me.


Nah, truth be told…(I’m striving for more honesty in my life)…I waste a lot of time. I could tell myself that that is one of the best perks about the Golden Years. It is the truth, after all. Life just slows down and there’s less hustle and bustle. I’m good with that.

Right. Onto a proper post, now.

My last week in DC is a busy one, securing the sewing corner.


Then I have to sort thru all my fabrics, which ones do I leave there, which ones to bring with me back home. (I have several fabrics that are as well traveled as I am. They go when I go, they come back when I return. Every single time. I can’t live without them, I guess.)

I finished the 2nd pair of jeans. They turned out nice!  Here:


First, the fit is getting better. The construction is coming easier and faster. I love the pocket bags and inside waistband and am resolved I’m now over the “I’m tired of everything being politicized! Why can’t I have this one small area of my life that doesn’t require a political stand?”  so I can go back to poaching from those amazing seamstresses on their blogs!! I wouldn’t say that I’m 100% satisfied with my jeans just yet, I may never be (again…just trying to have this one little space where honesty counts) but I am moving towards…satisfaction….that thing…I can’t get none of….


I love, love, love hand embroidering the back pockets. Now those…I am most assuredly NOT 100% on. However, these are my first efforts on them and just like the hand embroidered buttonholes on the Blue Yoke, I decided to keep them as the first tic on my measuring stick. I’m thinking someday, I’ll do just a post on that subject and be able to have pictures to show how the hand embroidery has evolved.

And back to traveling~

The Husband & I flew back to Idaho together. The flight was still the worst thing ever. The seats are too small, maximized for passenger count. But what can one do? One wants low fares, and the way for an airline to deliver on that is to fill the planes up. I have to hand it to the airline industry, they’ve got it worked out to the enth degree on eliminating waste. A 6:00am flight from Boise to Las Vegas…filled to capacity. Impressive, that, really. If I were running an airline, I’d want that, too. 

Thanksgiving week was exciting around here! The Husband home to do the turkey is one of TheGreatestThingsEver™! But this year, The Son, an amazing HomeGourmet (a term I just made up) in is own right was in the kitchen with him! I really got the biggest kick out my husband and my son working all day in the kitchen together, Team Turkey. The Husband seasoned and prepared the turkey, The Son put it on the Traeger grill and it was glorious! What a great day! Oh, Lawdy me!! All the trimmings and the three of us together! If The Daughter and her family would have been here, I don’t know if I could have stood all that goodness!! I probably would have keeled over from all the happiness.

The Son got his Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road. In dark Graphite gray, not the Quicksand he originally wanted. And here’s the deal, The Husband & I chose it. The Son was driving this little 2008 Hyundai Accent, just a little commuter scooter, while he’s in school. The little thing, Hobo we called her, was paid for and $40 in gas lasted 3 weeks. And the little thing drove like a little top. I’ve tagged those little cars as this generation’s VW Beetle Bug. The Son not only drove her back and forth to school & work, but out camping, too. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the young lady we bought her from had a daddy who was a mechanic and kept her in tip top shape. The young lady suggested we change all the fluids in her as she had been sitting in a garage for several months so we did. The week we traveled home, we paid for new front brakes in the little car. 

Beautiful, no? Yes! Here we’re towing Hobo down to give to my granddaughter. She’s in trade school to become a beautician and working and needs a car desperately.

{We have a relative who desperately needs a vehicle and The Husband & I decided that we would front the Toyota Tacoma for The Son. I had stocks that I sold for the down payment…which I’m very happy to do….good use of my money, actually…giving The Son a head start. He’s been given the opportunity to go work at Kiewit’s Soda Pop Springs mine over the 5 week Christmas break, we’re looking forward to him being able to make payments on the truck from the start. What a great thing that is! Kiewit has already hired him, to start immediately after school in May, so the offer to have him come start over the Christmas break was unexpected and we made the decision to pull the trigger on the new truck for him. Then we can pass his paid for car to the relative, two birds/one car loan.}  Please see update below:

UPDATE: The relative we were going to give it to is a melted chocolate mess. Drugs and alcohol and completely out of control, on the verge of going to live on the streets unless the family steps in, and this is just the family who will, believe me. We don’t abandon blood in this family. But giving him this car would have just enabled him to get hold of more drugs and/or alcohol. So…it went to my 19 year old granddaughter instead and I could not be happier about it!! /UPDATE 12/21/17

We didn’t tell The Son about the truck. He was in Nevada getting his required MSHA (OSHA for mines) certificate so he could go work over Christmas. The Husband had more fun than a kid at Six Flags teasing him about the great deal on a lime green Nissan Juke on the Floyd’s Used Cars and Laundromat lot. He even found web images of said car and sent them to The Son… “low mileage”…. “Floyd is throwing in a month of free dryers”…while we were sitting at the Toyota dealership signing papers. The Son came home on Wednesday and hit the garage door opener to find the Tacoma sitting there waiting for him.

I’ll just leave the hugs and laughter and shock and speechlessness to your imagination. Most fun I’ve had in a loooooooonnng time! Of course…for the ensuing week…every trip out was in the new rig.

We owed about $3000 on Itty Bitty, the RV. We pulled money out of our rainy day account and paid her off. We didn’t want to add another car loan, so we eliminated that one. That’s the boon for me and I check the mail every day looking for title to her. Little tip: I threw and extra $150 a month at that payment and shaved 5 years off the life of the loan. I’m still pinching myself! No matter, she’s all mine, now and I love that rig!

So here’s my son: almost finished with school as a Heavy Equipment Diesel Technician…already has an amazing job lined up and an equally amazing starting salary…(I mean…WOW! starting wage)…well mounted in a rig that can handle the “true winters” of  Eastern Idaho…I don’t have to worry about Hobo breaking down and leaving him stranded…his future is very bright indeed…and I am over the moon for it all. He has already decided to continue on with his education and go for the 4 year degree at Boise State University. It’s a degree that was specifically designed by Kiewit in shop management at their sites. It will ensure that The Son advances at the company. And I’m just betting that any outfit would see it as a valueable asset on a resume.

So now, just waiting for news on The Daughter’s new house. Their loan is approved, they’ve picked the land, we’re all just waiting for final paperwork..something about the title on the land from the previous owner…soon as that comes in, well, we’re golden! That’ll be the next big family post. I keep asking them “Any news yet?” The answer is always “Still waiting.” 

I need to jump into the Jeep and go see her and the kids, I’m rather missing the little buggers. The two oldest granddaughters are good at staying in touch with me. I’d like to see them and chat in person, just get my eyes on them. On all of them. The Son and The Daughter and her kids…really, really important to me.

Ok. That’s it so far, I guess. The Son has to go to Soda Pop Springs next week for a refresher in the MSHA, it’s not legally required for him to do a refresher so close after he got his training cert, but the mine has one day they shut down the mine and send everyone into town for the MSHA required training and they want everyone on the same schedule. This will keep The Son in compliance, otherwise, his MSHA cert would lapse for 2 months next year. We have a plan that I’ll go with him and we’ll tow Hobo along, and after the training, we’ll just tow her back east to Nebraska to deliver to the relative. Because if there’s one thing, apart from satisfaction, this family can’t get enough of…its a long distance road trip.

UPDATE: The Son finished his last week of school early and had a few days off. We literally had 2 days to get Hobo down to my granddaughter (see pics above). The Son & I (but mostly The Son) towed Hobo down. Drove down one day, drove back the next. That left The Son with one day to get his toolbox so he could get over to Soda Pop Springs for work the following Monday. Quick and dirty but we got everything sorted. /UPDATE 12/21/17

Here’s a sweet thought about that: I teased The Son mercilessly about him wanting a road trip in the new Tacoma. The Son finally said “Yeah, a road trip will be fun, but mostly, I want to deliver Hobo so that [The Husband] doesn’t have to drive her 1500 miles across 4 states. That would be an uncomfortable trip. Hobo doesn’t have cruise control and [The Husband] is 6’6”. I want to do that for him.”       

Oh. Be still my beating heart.

Weather dependent, we’ll make that trip and deliver Hobo. If weather across Wyoming gets sketchy, I’m going to plan a trip independently to Nevada and spend a couple of days with a dear friend in Winnemucca then on to Washoe Valley to see The Daughter and the kids. And my son-in-law whom I love dearly, another wonderful man in my life!!      


Ok…now we’re done and all caught up. My list today: 

1. Play piano

2. Clean refrigerator out (optional)

3. Treadmill 

4. Sew

Later all~

Jyps 🦋

ADDENDUM to the list. It’s the first.

5. Pay Bills

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