Taking A Moment~

December 21, 2017 0 Comments

Just taking a moment here, Real Quick Once, to jot an entry down. Lots going on and time marches forward quick step.

I’ll begin with the Son. He’s off at his job 4 hours away, wrenching like a boss. Kiewit hired him already, to start after school (I probably already have posted this but still, here it is again. I’m old-ish. Not just my excuse for double posting but for everything)..they invited him to come work earlier than graduation, over the 5 week Christmas break so he’s over there and having a great time. His first impression of the guys he will be working with is “They’re cool guys. Just knuckleheads and I like them. They’re my tribe.”  I’m so happy for that! Aaaaannd..he’s astounded by the money. It’s good. I’m very happy for that! Well done, Son!! You’re everything I ever wanted for you and then some! I love you more than you will ever know!!

I’m heading to The Daughter’s house for Christmas, but flying not driving. Meh. It’s a short flight. I can do it. I was watching the weather and getting a little uncomfortable with the snow forecasts. The road from here to Nevada is pretty mountainous. Yes, I’ve got THE rig for it with THE tires for that kind of weather in that kind of terrain…but I’d be alone and driving at night. I don’t like driving at night in perfect weather/road conditions! My eyesight isn’t what it used to be. Also, I have no control over the other yahoos driving.

😡 << This is me, #NotInControlOfAllTheThings, by the way.

So right in the middle of texting with The Daughter to tell her that I would probably not make it, The Husband calls and says “Fly. Get a ticket and fly there. We’ve got bonus money and this is my Christmas present to you.” So I’m going and flying to boot. Should be a hoot! What’s not to love? Prime Rib dinner and little ones at Christmas time? Everyone’s dream of a perfect Christmas!

By the by: new badges on my Jeep. (*Ahem* They’re not stickers. They’re *badges*! Get with this, people!) My Jeep is Rhino (dark Confederate Blue Gray) and came with black badges…that you could not see. The black badges got lost. It was more than just a cosmetic thing: I’ve had the Jeep in for service, received a price and time then to have the service rep come say “Sorry! That’s a Rubicon…we couldn’t see the *badges*,  service is a bit more and time will be a bit longer.” So that factored into my thinking, too. But truth be told..and if I can’t be honest here, where can I be, I ask you…it *was* purely a cosmetic thing. I paid for a Rubicon..I *want* a Rubicon. My girl, Jypsea, in new badges:


(See? Look to the right of the bottom of the door..you can barely make out the black Wrangler Unlimited badge. The silver badges look like that’s the color it was supposed to come in. Did I choose that when we ordered her or did the factory decide to put black badges on her? I don’t know! But fixed now.)

I spent all day yesterday..yep, that’s not an exxageration…all damned day…updating software in my Jeep’s 430N system. And guess what? The poorly written instructions were wrong!! (I know! I know!! How often does that happen?!?) After 5 hours, I gave up because even I only have so much OCD I can spend on the cause, and went in search of YouTube videos. Turns out, many Jeep owners have had the same bad experiences. A few just kept at it until they found solutions. One of the guys spent months trying to get it to work! So I got off light by only 5 hours.

“Don’t use the USB on the radio itself, use the USB connector inside the middle console.”  “Don’t use the VR button, use the button with the phone icon on it.” So all that worked and now I have upgraded software!

Except, guess what? There is not one…not one, I tell you!…not one scintilla of an iota of a difference. EVERYTHING and I do mean every single thing, is exactly as it was before. Not one change. Nothing. I’m reading that one has to do the software upgrade to be able to do the map upgrade which..again..is going about as well as the software upgrade went. Sigh. The vehicle has to be running and there’s some debate whether it has to be in park or you can actually drive the thing while the map upgrade procedure is going on…and also, get this, 2 hours. It takes 2 hours. I can just see my neighbors as I sit and idle my Jeep for 2 hours in the driveway. Sheesh. I’m going to try starting the 2 hour procedure while driving, cross my fingers and hope it works before I sit out in my driveway running the Jeep for 2 hours. This is how bad it is:

I called the dealership and asked if they would do it. They will, but you can just tell by talking to them that they do NOT want to and I can’t say as I blame them, that’s how bad it is. Usually, big dealerships are so hungry for those 10-level ratings on the follow up survey that will do anything! Cheerfully! Not this. Because, as I’ve mentioned, bad.

Anyway, moving on.

Finished another pair of jeans. I’m….getting good at this! This pair took 5 1/2 days start to finish and that includes 1 day of not being able to work on them at all and another day of just puttin in a couple of hours. They just go together these days lickety split! Here, clicken/embiggen:

Few notes to myself—

1. Yes. Adding a dart into the back of the waistband was a good idea. Next time, don’t be afraid and commit to the dart. The dart on these actually got added more into the top seam allowance and should be more into the body of the waistband, but fear got hold of me. Also, experiment with 2 darts on either side of the back of the jeans..again make sure the bulk of the dart is in the waistband and not wasted on the top seam allowance.

2. Move the coin pocket over! It should be partly concealed by the front of the pocket opening! But, I did like leaving the selvedge edge on it. Just for flair.

3. ALL my buttonholes from this day forward *Will Be* hand embroidered! I’m loving it!

4. PUT A SEAM ALLOWANCE INTO THE BACK POCKETS, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! I was so caught up in experimenting with the stitching on the back pocket that it just plumb eluded me that there was no seam allowance, and I ended up with back pockets the size of a large postage stamp. And on my behind? Forget about it!! Pro tip: smaller pockets does not in any way translate to an illusion of a smaller behind. So there’s that.

5. The inside, left flyzip part (that you cut off and then sew a new one on for that nice, crisp seam…cut it out so the exposed edge is on the selvedge. It won’t fray, and you won’t have to overlock it. That, also, was a great idea on my part.

This pair is my last pair of sale price denim. I don’t know that I’m fully ready for the Cone End Mills denim, but I *am* ready for a better quality denim. I’ve got it already, washed 5x and ready to be cut into. I’m looking forward to getting into a sewing frenzy soon as Christmas is over. The Son will be out of the house for another 3-4 weeks and I am going to sew like a crazy person obsessed.

Been playing the piano, too. It’s going well. Another thing that makes me insanely happy.

The big bad thing going on in life right now is a brother in law. Don’t judge me, I’m not saying this out of snark, but just a wasted life. Hardcore alcoholic/substance abuser. Textbook crazy alcohol/drug fueled crazy thinking. He has the nastiest disposition and….*takes a deep breath*….on the verge of the family giving up on him and him ending up on the streets. His only saving grace is THIS family doesn’t do that to its members. No matter how nasty this BIL gets, his siblings still view him with love and it hurts their hearts to be here at this point. But no one is taking him in. He’s destructive. It’s taking its toll on The Husband. He is so torn over it…this is his brother, he really feels as tho his mother is in heaven telling him to take care of him…but he has no delusions. There’s a valid reason the family is refusing to take him in. The BIL & I got into it…no…the BIL got drunk and went after me. So far, I’ve ignored him and not responded other than to tell The Husband “You can’t bring him here. We can’t have that in our lives!” We’ll have to do something. It will kill my husband..he will see it a a personal failure if his brother ends up on the streets when he has the means to prevent that….but balance that against bringing this black force into our lives full time. I don’t know how to help him at this point. The BIL has singled me out as the latest reason life has gone against him (yes…if I hadn’t married The Husband, all resources would go to take care of him)…it’s insane so there’s no way to argue with the BIL about it. Can’t argue with crazy. Anyway, I’m just in wait and see mode. Not doing anything just this minute…we’ll handle emergencies as they come up and do the best we can, I guess. It breaks my heart to see The Husband deal with this, just because it hurts him so much. I see future posts about either 1. what it takes for a family to finally give up on you… 2. or the unconditional love some families have for one another and no matter how bad one gets, one hit the lottery just by being born into that family that never gives up. Stay tuned.

In my heart, I see The Husband agreeing with me, “You’re right! We can’t bring that mess into our lives.” and him believing it right up the point that he shows up at our front door with his train wreck of a brother in tow…because letting him be on the streets was just more than he could do.        ***I hit the motherlode, I won the lottery when I married this man. This man is pure gold and I love him.***

Ok. I guess I’m all caught up. I’m going to wander off and do something, only God knows what. The house is clean other than a spot or two that can be picked up. I could go back to the piano, I could put the map updater in and go for a 2 hour drive to see if that works, I could go cut out a new pair of jeans to be ready to sew when I get back from Christmas…I have new colors of topstitching thread!! Yay!!! I want to do a pair with red topstitching!! And now I can!! I could do another load of laundry…tomorrow I’ll get packed and everything done I need done before I take a trip. Friend of mine drives for Uber, I called her direct for a ride to/from the airport. That’s taken care of. 

I’m guessing I won’t be back here until after the New Year. Merry Christmas, everyone and #MAGA!

Later, Jyps 🦋

Jypsea Rose