Very Bad Customer Service Things~*Looking at you, and Hampton Inn & Suites*

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An amazingly bad day. Horrible, even. I’m exhausted because of it and unhappy.

Today, I had plans to fly to The Daughter’s for Christmas, but, wouldn’t you know it, woke up this morning to snow. And a pretty heavy one at that. Truthfully, I’ve been watching for the snows to come. We had a hard winter last year and predictions say this year will also be bad.                                                                        <❄️ Looking forward!! ❄️>

Can I start off by saying that I hate flying? More than I hate cooking. And I am infamous for my non-existent cooking skills…which, by the way, might I just add that I do my utmost to reinforce to everyone around me, lest someone get the wrong headed idea that it’s my turn in the kitchen… {See what I just did there? Never miss an opportunity to insert a loathing for cooking.}




Toast. It’s what’s for dinner. When Mama cooks!





But I digress, back to the point of the story~

I hate flying even more. Because, flying is painful. In the real sense, not a euphemism. My back hurts, my neck creeks, don’t even get me started on my behind, my legs cramp because there’s not even any room to shift your weight. I come off a plane feeling pretty beat up. Also, remember, I’m not…*ahem*…a people person. I don’t like crowds, and even more, I hate being herded like cattle. It’s anathema to me.


“You can do this,” I told myself. “Just put on your Big Girl Britches, close your eyes and get this done. It’s Christmas with the grandbabies and well worth the effort. You’ll have a ball when you get there.”

But early on, the flight trackers from our airport started showing flights being delayed and diverted and..I made a command decision to bag the trip. And thus, began the last Great Cancellation Of Website dot com Booking Games 2017 .

I started with Southwest to cancel the flight. A click of a mouse all nice and automatical like….a beautiful thing and well done you, Southwest! Really…ALL the kudos!!

Then the hotel, Hampton Inn & Suites. Total migraine inducing nightmare.

No one answered the phone, and I must’ve rang them over 10 times~(I’ve got phone records). I called Expedia (room was booked thru them). The young man who caught my call listened to me, put me on hold for quite a bit of time, then came back on the line to say “No one is answering.”(Yes! I know! That’s what they do to me; not answer the phones!)

I called the 1-800-560-7809 Hampton Inn/Suites national number at least 4 times…but all they did was connect me directly to the Hampton Inn I had the booking with…who then promptly did not answer the phone.

Expedia told me to call the hotel, the hotel can’t answer, (they’re blissfully unaware a call was coming in), and the Hampton I/S 1-800# told me to call Expedia. Great racket  system, there, guys.

Finally, after 4 hours of not getting thru to anyone, I called The Daughter and asked her to go over in person and cancel the booking. Per her, the front desk gal stated the phones were fine…(although, and this is important, I was still trying to call them myself and had even broken off listening to their phone ring to take a call from The Daughter asking for the confirmation number and a good email the gal could send the confirmation cancellation! She was, at that very moment, standing in the lobby at the front desk talking to the gal who said her phones were fine.)…TheDaughter said she did not hear the phone ringing while speaking with the front desk gal.

I *was* finally able to get thru, about 4-4:30-ish on the Hampton I/S 1800 number and insisted the young woman not transfer me to the local HI&S but just confirm that the room was cancelled, which she did but she could not send me written confirmation on it for reasons that only made sense to her. Me? I didn’t get it, but what are ya gonna do? I was tired and hungry and had a migraine..I was in a weakened state. So I said “OK.” and let it go.

After all day of calling every number I could find, filing an email help ticket with Expedia and sending my human being over to the hotel to talk to their human being, about 15 minutes ago, I got an email from Expedia asking me to rate my experience checking in. 



*Got your rating right here, guys.*







I bought the Travel Guard Insurance for this trip, it being Christmas and all and the worst time of the year to travel, my inner sense told me to get it so I did. I am really looking forward to explaining all this to them. End game, I guess I will dispute the charge thru my credit card.

Do you know what would have prevented ALL of this? A “CANCEL THIS BOOKING” button on my  itenerary. A link that goes to a form one can fill out to..get this…CANCEL A BOOKING BECAUSE OF UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCES! Are you telling me that a travel website is unfamiliar with cancellations? That just seems weird to me! Nowhere on the Expedia website was there a place to go to just click to cancel. Their FAQ lists a “How Do I Cancel My Booking” with some website navigational advice…but it really leads to nowhere, a dead end. 

What a nutroll. I cancelled the trip to avoid a Holiday Travel cluster-nutroll but the nutroll sought me out like a heat seeking missile. Bad day. Really bad day and all because of Really Bad, Horrible, Double Plus Ungood Customer Service.

Just my turn in the barrel, I guess.

I may never book thru Expedia again. This was too much.


Jyps 👿

P.S. In editing this post, re-reading and re-wording…I’m pretty much over the frustration. I’m calm now, and I have to say I will make good on never booking thru Expedia again. Today was not worth the migraine. I’m iffy on Hampton Inn & Suites.

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