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My new baby, no name yet. That’s him above, from the breeder’s FaceBook page. I don’t know him well enough yet, but I’m already in love. Little bitty toy Aussie. He has the most gorgeous amber eyes. I’m tentively calling him Possum because right now, he’s a skittish little critter and not moving a whole lot. I’m teasing him about playing possum with me. Like any new baby spending his 1st day in a new home and away from everything he knows, he’s under stress and sleeping a lot. I was beginning to worry there was something seriously wrong with him, poor little boo-boo wouldn’t even stand, just lie down into as small a little ball as he could roll himself into. A little interwebs research shows that this can be quite natural for some pups. He is such a little guy, and the world is so big to him! 

Goose did that when I first brought him into the house, slept a lot.

Our first day here is all about being quiet and taking it easy. Except for, the breeder’s water well pump went out, she wasn’t able to give him his going away bath…Possum smelled to high heaven! Goose did that, too, when I first picked him up off the streets, smelled to high heaven.

I’m not in the habit of naming my dogs after other animals. Goose was a nickname derived from Angus. Possum, if that name holds, stands on its own. We shall see, give it some time and we shall see.

The breeder had a blurb about Possum on her FaceBook page, saying his personality was a lot like his mother’s and the mother was one of those one-in-a-million-dogs, the kind that bonds deeply with one person. That was exactly who Goose was, and I was his one person. Pure Magic, that.

And like Goose, the 1st experience with Possum was a bath. This has been quite a heavy day for my new baby. Ripped away from the only thing he knew, a decent length car ride, doused with water and shampoo so he’s pretty tuckered and has been sleeping a lot. Right here beside me in bed. That’s fine. He’ll get my smell into him and imprint on me.


He likes The Son. He took a few steps toward The Son and wagged his little bobbed tail! Also, he ate! 


PUPdate: It’s about 5 hours since the above. The pup really, really, really likes The Son. He’s just into The Son. He’s starting to come out of his shell and playing with The Son, exhibiting cutie pie puppy behavior. He’s very curious about The Son’s scent and climbing all over him. He digs The Son. Reckon he’s holding a grudge against me? For the bath?


The Pup is in bed next to me snoozing away and The Son says to just wait until he goes back to work. He’ll be gone for 2 weeks and that will give The Pup plenty of time to bond with me. We’ll see. He’s an adorable little guy and I’m falling for him, especially now that he’s coming out of his shell and showing his little character.

I’m still calling him Possum. He even has a little possum face.


The Son liked “Rowdy” better but that’s such a cliche name for a pup. I’m liking Possum unless/until some better name comes along.


Other areas of life~

I finished The Red on the Jeans. Dark indigo denim with red topstitching. Can I just say, I am the proudest of these so far. And yes, I committed wholly to sewing a dart into the waistband like I tried in the last pair. The fit is great! I did it differently this time, tho. Instead of one dart in the center back I sewed 2 darts, one on either side, in line with the side seams. Best waistband yet. What the dart accomplishes is to make the top of the waistband smaller than the bottom so it follows the curve of the waist. Versus having a one dimensional tube wrapped around, that actually stands away from the body at the top of the waist curvature. I don’t have  pictures of the waistband. The Son came in and I was rushing to finish so they could go into the wash to wear today. I hand embroidered the buttonhole again, and…I’m not there at *perfect* yet, but I do enjoy the dickens out of doing the buttonholes by hand. It’s total zen. I’ll post pics of that and update. Anyhoo, here’s the jeans. Just spectacular! Sorry to anyone who had a phone/text convo with me this past week. You got pictures. My deepest pretend apologies I can muster to you all. Could. Not. Help. Myself.




I need practice putting the rivets on. Using a hammer destroys them, but the rivets pliers need the adapter for the smaller rivets so they don’t go thru the hole in the presser head of the pliers. I don’t have rivets down cold yet, but it’s ok, this is just the first try at rivets.

I need to look at the pattern and readjust the length. One side is a bit longer than the other and I prefer the longer length better, but of course, after the fabric is cut, the only choice is to cut the legs down to the shorter length. It’s not a whole lot shorter, maybe a half inch, 3/4” at best. Still just adequate enough but I’d prefer having the extra 1/2 to 3/4” length in case of shrinkage.

Anyway, I’ve got this. I can make jeans. Jeans with an amazing fit. I still have enough of the mid-range denim for about 4-6 more pairs of jeans and I’m going to go ahead and sew them up. It’s great practice and I want to be tap-dead-on-center sure of myself before I cut into the Cone End Mills denim. I’ve got sewing a pair of jeans, start to finish, down to 3 days…4 days if I count the one day I take just to cut them out. A girl can’t have too many pairs of well fitting jeans, in my view.

I found this wonderful red/black/white flannel plaid to make a yoke shirt out of.

I need to take a sample of it around to quilt stores to find the perfect contrasting cotton like I love to do. And piping…I see piping on the yokes and cuffs…(cuffs? Yes…yes, the cuffs, too…) in future versions of the yoke shirt. Maybe one or two more pair of jeans then I’ll sew up a some more winter flannel shirts.

My Possum is making suckling noises in his sleep. So cute. He’s out like a light. I hope he settles in quickly and learns to love it here. We’ll shove a great life down his throat. We’re good to puppies around here. We spoil them rotten while they’re here and mourn them deeply when they pass. Little furry critters.

*I already want a 2nd puppy.

**Maybe not the cuffs. Too kitzky.


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