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January 23, 2018 0 Comments

I do notice that all my time spent here is primarily on my sewing (so far). There’s so much more to me. I went to music school and play the piano, people! I kill time there, too!

Possum the Puppy, quite frankly, is killing a lot of my time right now trying to teach him to go to the toilet outside. He wants to be a good little guy but he’s just not sure what that housebreaking thing is supposed to look like yet. Housebreaking a puppy is time consuming. One needs patience. If one doesn’t have it naturally, get yourself a puppy and then commence to housebreaking. One will learn it.

We’ve been having some outrageously beautiful days lately, the sun has made the afternoons sublime.  I’m sure there are all manner of smells out in the backyard coming back to life. Possum finds them irrestitable and gets distracted as to what we went out there for, even with me repeating over and over to him “Go pee pee! Go pee pee!” No, it’s all about the nose with that guy. His nose rules him when he’s outdoors, Possum willingly follows it wherever it takes him. He loves being outside as long as I’m with him. He’s not comfortable outside by himself yet. When he starts getting too rambunctious, I take him out back and walk around the yard while he runs like the wind. Breaking him to the leash so far is slow going. He hates the leash, prefers running for running’s sake and being free. The leash is constraining and makes him unhappy. But we RV, Possum has to learn to walk on a leash. I did sign us up for an obedience class, we start Puppy Pre School in March at the Positive Pet Training. March was their first available. There were a lot of puppies given as Christmas presents apparently.

Possum is due for his 3rd set of shots this Wednesday, we have to wait 7 to 10 days after that before its safe to take him to the puppy park. Some days I think about getting him over to the park, other days I dread it. Such a mixed bag at a puppy park. Just in the park here, I’ve seen too many fights break out…between owners, between dogs, one time this young kid brought his 2 dogs that were eaten up by mange…there’s a lot of pitbulls around anymore…yeah, this little dog may never know what the park is. Regarding fights between owners, that includes me. My 14 year old Pomeranian/Jack Russell mix was very, very sick his last year on this earth. He finally succumbed to 3 complete organ failures. He was attacked unmercifully the last year, and I think it was because he just didn’t smell right to other dogs. Lord knows, the his last few months, I noticed he had a very nasty, rancid odor that I couldn’t wash off. Perhaps it was just nature being nature. The first time he was attacked by a much larger dog, I was screaming and trying to get the dog off Simon and ended up having to kick it. The other owner wanted to fist fight me for kicking her dog. There was no telling her that I only kicked her dog to prevent it from killing mine. That woman was just crazy insane. I like to stay away from those kinds of people. Yes, there were really good people I met at the park, too. Yes, of course. But I have to say that since I lost Goose and Simon…the dog park…I do not miss. So, I am going back and forth about whether or not I will be introducing Possum to that. Meh, one day at a time.

His adult teeth are breaking thru and his urge to chew is overpowering. Honestly, he is nothing but a mouth right now. I have to watch him like a hawk and keep putting Bully sticks and chewies in his mouth. He’s trying not to chew on my hands but he just can’t help himself. He’s a work in progress. I do love him like crazy. Especially when he’s curled up as close to me as he can get at night to sleep. I really love him then.   Because he’s quiet. And still. And not in my face or tearing the flesh off my hands.

Aaaaaannndddd…back to sewing….

I haven’t been sewing since I finished my last pair of jeans. Instead, I got the bright idea that I needed to organize my sewing room. Things had been piling up or set down where convenient and it was starting to bug me. I looked up from time to time and all I could see were piles of stuff. You can’t even see the “stuff”…just the piles. I like organization, I can’t work in disarray. Maybe I’ve been inspired because of the beautiful weather we’ve been having lately and in a Spring Cleaning mood. I want to air out, throw out, clean out and all around turn out the entire house.

I didn’t take any real Before pics. I should have but the second I picked up the first item in the first pile to begin sorting the mess out, I was off and running to OrganizedSortedOutVille. This is a partial After of the closet:

I found the wire baskets at Lowe’s. I did have the muslin, interfacing and rolls of denim in a tall white plastic laundry basket and then found these two wire baskets. So much better.

Son made me a framed peg board that will fit perfectly in that big cubby space where the serger thread is. I’m going to paint the frame and do a crackle paint effect to it. I’m also going to ask Son to make me 2 more to go in the empty space on either side of the cubby to hang my rulers and whatnot on. I found the 120 spool holder at Joanns today and I bought 2 of them. I’m debating painting them. They’ll go on the pegboard to hold my threads.

Now this is one of the biggest offenders in my sewing room. This little cupboard right here. You start pulling fabric out, stashing new fabric and notions in and then next thing you know, 2 or 3 years go by and you can’t even see what you have! Bottom shelf…the majority of my denim. I think I have a lifetime supply, with 3 more rolls of Cone Mills denim in a basket in the closet, see above pic. Those rolls of denim are fairly lightweight 11oz denim whereas all the denim in this thing is 12 & 13 oz. It’s a noticeable difference, who knew? I certainly didn’t before, but do now.

Making the rounds on the sewing blogs lately, one of the 2018 sewing challenges thing is about fasting, not buying patterns and/or fabric, sewing the patterns up you already have and going on a stash buster to use up fabric in your stash. Count me out. Why would anyone….? I mean, that doesn’t even…make sense….? However, because first of all, I’ve always been on my own program and have never really followed the pack (a flaw as well as a strength, believe you me), I can use that to motivate me to do a stash buster on my own terms. Let me explain:

No, I will not be going on the 2018 sewing blog fasting challenge, but what I can do that will bust a good bit of my left-over-fabric-stash is to make a commitment to sew some clothes for my two littlest granddaughters. It will clothe those 2 little girls, a good thing, and clear that fabric out…to make room for new fabric…because I am not fabric fasting. Not going to happen.

Here is some lovely Tutti Frutti fabric that I bought while we were still living in Maryland. It will make really cute little summer girlie clothes!

I will start with these, some nice knits. It will be warmer for the girls right now. Except the rose floral. Print is too big for little girls, its more of a mature woman print.

As per usual Jypsea fashion, I made things worse before it got better…you know, take everything out and sort thru it while organizing it back to where it belongs. For 3 days, my sewing room was a disaster area. I couldn’t even walk around in it. I had to step over big piles like an obstacle course. But here, I’ve got the cutting table cleared, which was the biggie:

Now, all I have are the smaller piles on the ironing board and two sewing tables. I cull as I go. I have a tall narrow chest with drawers full of sewing supplies and equipment, it’s actually a man’s jewelry chest but the size of the drawers were too perfect for me not to have. I went thru all those drawers and sorted and organized, and the drawers on the sewing tables.

Ok, half the drawers on the sewing tables….don’t lie, Jypsea, we demand honesty here. There’s still drawers to sort.

I’ll put those blocks on a hook and get them off the floor. The rest of all that mess will be quick going.

Yeah, now that I see them in the picture, what *really* started all of this were those thread holders above the ironing board. I have 3 small ones that were sitting on the floor. I started out with one, ran out of room fairly quickly, bought a 2nd, ended up having to get a 3rd. It was a pain for me to get down and grab the thread I needed, plus I was constantly kicking them over moving from the sewing machine to the ironing board so I hung them above the ironing board but that ended up being worse. These spool holders weren’t really made to be hung up. I tried several different ways to attach a hook but the wood couldn’t handle having a hook attached to it and tried to split on me. I ended up stringing a length of picture hanging wire onto the back and put them on a picture hanger but looks awful and flipping a piece of fabric after pressing would catch one of the spokes and they’d come off the wall with spools flying everywhere. I started looking online for a better solution and found the pegboard idea and well, here we are. ~It all spiraled out of control from there.

I was ruthless in cleaning out the sewing room. Any UFO that I knew in my heart I would never, ever finish and all those mistakes that “Oh! I’ll just take that apart and fix this and then…” that I know I am never going to get around to ever doing, even were my life dependent on it…I threw out. This is not as hard for me as it might be for someone else. I am a true gypsy. I don’t hoard belongings. In my younger days, around the 6 year mark is all the time it took for me to hold a fire sale to get rid of all my belongings and move on to a brand new place and another brand new chapter. I have some special things I’ve kept over my lifetime but it’s not everything I’ve ever owned. I marvel at people who have lived in the same place for 20, 30 years, at the same time I wonder at how much of a black hole their closets must be!!

Matter of fact, just between me and this here little online diary I’m keeping…I’ve been in this house for 5 years and I’m starting to get the itch. I’ve been talking about selling the house quite a bit lately. I just have this restless feeling that it is time to move on down the road and on some days, it is more than I can handle. I look at real estate in other areas. I’ve wondered if that’s partly what this Spring Cleaning fever is, getting the house ready to show. My husband doesn’t want to sell. He’s never lived here and what with retiring in May, he says he’s been making the mortgage on the place for 5 years, it’d be nice if he could live in the house for at least one year, please. I’m trying to settle myself down.

I’m hoping to have pics of my newly organized, sorted sewing room by Thursday the latest. And that’s it. That’s my news.

Till then,

Jyps 🦋

Jypsea Rose