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February 2018

  • Three Down, Two To Go~

    February 20, 2018

    Finished pair #3 last night. The fit…oh, lawdy me!…the fit!!

    Lemme see…where did I leave off here…. All About Denim Alterations  just unpicking stitches. So,…

  • Possum Pupdate~

    February 18, 2018

    Sunday again. Very quiet around here for the moment. Possum woke me up early. We headed outside, me still with the cobwebs in my…

  • Slow, Quiet Sunday~

    February 11, 2018

    A Sunday~

    Quiet, slow and lazy. Coffee in bed. I’m going to spend a good part of today in bed. Been iPad-ing, going thru my…

  • Backyard Update~

    February 10, 2018


    *closes eyes and leans head back*

    Heavy sigh.

    I’m uncomfortable. I talked with my young landscaper today. We came to an understanding. I don’t know where…

  • Breathe~

    February 6, 2018

    We demoed the backyard. 

    It is the worst.

    I am in high panic. 

    Sean the gardener/landscaper is in way over his head.

    And he demoed my back yard.