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We demoed the backyard. 

It is the worst.

I am in high panic. 

Sean the gardener/landscaper is in way over his head.

And he demoed my back yard. 

He tore it up.

It is a mess.

He destroyed sprinklers.   “Nah, we don’t need to mark it out, I’m just gonna replace them anyway.”

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • it’s the wrong time of the year to be demoing yards. It’s too wet.
  • just running over sprinklers was the absolute wrong thing to do
  • Sean the Landscaper was a mistake.

Ok, that’s the far end of the spectrum. On the positive side, I don’t think Sean knew he was in over his head until he got his hands dirty and now I think he’s panicking, too. As a young woman, I, too, jumped into the deep end and got in way over my head on things. This may very well be one way the Universe is asking me to repay when others had to deal with me. If that’s the case, I am your humble servant, Universe.

I could be mad but…would it help? No.

I’ve had 2 similar experiences in my house to this…maybe not as big as this because the mess in my back yard is indescribable. One, I had a floor to ceiling bookcase built in the music room. I paid the guy a deposit and then went to Omaha to visit Marty. The bookcases were to be finished when I got back home, ready for installation. They weren’t. The deposit was like $1500 or some such figure. The guy hadn’t even started them. And for over a week, he wouldn’t return my calls or texts. But…he finally did show up and the bookcases were installed (and they’re beautiful, btw), but there was another issue…he had pulled the carpet out to set the bookcases flat on the floor and said he’d send someone over to staple it back. After 2 days, I put a Stop Payment on the last check and told him that until the carpet was properly replaced, the job wasn’t finished. He had a guy there that afternoon. And…the bookcases are just gorgeous. I love them.

Second, I wanted an electrical outlet put into the floor next to the couch. Into the wood floor next to the couch. I called an electrical company but they were busy but did have a guy they used from time to time (with his electrical license and all) that they used when they got busy, they’d give my name and number to him. He showed up and started drilling into my wood floor…but…didn’t know that he didn’t know how to drill into wood. The floor? Splintered. Shattered and splintered…it was awful. He panicked…because he did not have a contractors license and could lose his electrical license for taking a job outside of being under a contractor…so he ran into his full time job and told his boss he had taken a job and they should invoice me. His boss, taken completely by surprise on this job as electricians are not supposed to take jobs on themselves, sent me an invoice and then the fun ensued. When I got the invoice, I called his boss and said “One, this invoice is about twice as high as the estimate I received. And second, your electrician ruined my floor!” 

That poor guy. I *still* feel for him. “What estimate? I never gave you…”

I forwarded him the text I had received from the electrician. I could feel his head banging his desk. He came out to look at the damage…that poor guy. We ended up paying his invoice and he submitted a claim to his insurance for the damage. But this is funny~there was a mistake from the flooring company saying that my wood was a discontinued item so the whole floor would have to be replaced vs just repairing that corner of the floor. However, when the wood arrived, thank the Universe, it was a perfect match. So I ended up having the floor guy reestimate how much he used and I returned what was left over to the insurance company. I kept the extra wood. It’s out there in the garage in case I ever have another tragic floor mishap, but I paid for it, not the insurance company.

That outlet, btw, is stunning. Through all this, I was able to find a website that sold very decorative, Victorian brass cover that far and away much better than the only one I could find around here as a cover. 

So…no, I’m not going to get angry with Sean. 

I called another professional landscaper this morning. He said if he could, he would stop by today, if he got the time (which he didn’t) to look at the backyard…hopefully he can stop by tomorrow. If he can’t get to this, I will keep looking until I find someone who can. I have to honestly think that Sean will be…relieved. I think he knows. 


Here’s my deal. Here’s the thing. 

I am going to practice what I preach. I’m going to breathe. I’m going to start controlling my breathing and let everything else fall into place. I’m going to let go and turn this over to the Universe. I’m going to meditate on my garden and its going to be fabulous. 

I’m going to stop with the worry and the stress and the panic…

…and I’m going to start….

Imagining what it will be.

It’s all in the imagination. 

Aaaaaaaannnnddd start calling other landscapers if the one I called this morning can’t make it out soon enough. You know, just to cover all bases! 


Jyps 🦋

February 10, 2018

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