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*closes eyes and leans head back*

Heavy sigh.

I’m uncomfortable. I talked with my young landscaper today. We came to an understanding. I don’t know where we will go from here. I feel badly for him. Did he come into my yard thinking he would just make a mess? No. He came in here swinging for the fences and unfortunately, struck out. He’s young. I hope he recovers. I’ll have to keep a positive thought for him.

I did have two companies out to look at the back. What we really need is a blueprint to go off of. We need a plan. The good news is both companies took a look at what has been done and said it wasn’t so bad, no major damage. Just…we should have used a tracked piece of equipment, not one with wheels (tires) and this is not the time of year that one would want to demo a yard, because wet.

One company is a guy who does million dollar homes. He does a lot of stone/rock work. He does plants, too, and his work is high end. I didn’t see where he could or, rather, would be interested in doing an English Cottage Garden. He does beautiful rock retainer walls that light up from an app on your phone…too…oh, what’s the word?….too …. glamorous (I guess would be the right word)…for what I want. I want a beautiful zen space. I don’t want that professional, large luxury hotel type landscaping…his work was gorgeous and his prices reflected his high end demographics.

The other company sent a gal, Hailey, out to do the design bid. I liked her. She saw what I saw, including (!)…the English Cottage Garden without me even saying a word! How lucky is that? I explained that I saw two focal points in the demoed area and that I would like for there to be a clear separation that they are two separate areas, even tho right now it’s just one big area. I showed her our inspiration photo for right off the back of the patio. I told her I’ve always dreamed of a flower garden, she saw the area over the top of the septic as an English Cottage Garden. Truth be told, I had given up on the English Cottage Garden, thinking that perhaps that type of flower garden wouldn’t work with our house. In my mind, I’m going with Hailey.

By the bye, here’s our inspiration:

I love the timber. R.D. Mercer wants rock planters. Indeed, I did see a DIY backyard project of a family replacing their wood box planters because the wood had split and warped and was very, very ugly. So we’ll go rock. I’m very curious to see what design Hailey comes up with from this to fit in that space. Can’t wait. She told me about a product that replicates the small gravel look in the photo but somehow is a solid. I’d have to actually go look at it before I signed off. I’d want to know how it ages over the years. But isn’t that lovely? And we’d not do the fire pit. We’re not fire pit people. I would rather have nice chaise lounges…a nice picnic table…I don’t know.

Hailey recommends replacing the lawn that came up in the demo that shouldn’t have with sod. I’m considering some alternatives. I sent Hailey a list of flowers I’d like to have. Interesting fact, she told me blue flowers won’t bloom blue here but come in pink. Blue flowers require a more acidic soil and our soil is very alkaline. If we plant in containers, and use peat, I can get blue flowers…nice fact to know.

Still feel bad about my young landscaper. I wish him nothing but the best. I gave him a $1000 deposit. He told me that he would have to return some of it or work it off. I don’t want to take money away from him. R.D & I thought we could ask him to landscape the front of the house.

Ok. That’s the garden update. I’ll have more to think about when I get the design plan from Hailey.


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