Slow, Quiet Sunday~

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A Sunday~

Quiet, slow and lazy. Coffee in bed. I’m going to spend a good part of today in bed. Been iPad-ing, going thru my favorite sewing blogs to add to my just now created blogroll.  Still learning how my little online diary works …I don’t quite have the confidence to call it a blog… Meh. This is just for me, not to create a huge following and become blog famous. I don’t want the responsibility.


So, first things first. Creating a list for this week, just gonna get that out of the way right now:

  1. Clean the back patio. Possum peed on it and it needs to be scrubbed down. His pee is showing up. 
  2. Finish altering the 2nd pair of jeans by adding a dart to the waistband and taking them in 1/2” each side. And consider taking in the other 3 pairs of jeans, too. IS THERE NO END TO HOW FAR DENIM STRETCHES OUT?!?! Find yourself a man who gives the way denim jeans do.
  3. WALK POSSUM! I don’t care how brutally cold it is outside, that puppy needs to burn some energy and it certainly won’t hurt my rear end…or my waistline…or my thighs. (Raymond made homemade butterscotch pudding last night…I think we all know where this is going…)
  4. Clean up the craft materials in the garage from making the pegboard.
  5. Get Raymond to hang the pegboard.
  6. Finish out that one load of laundry…(whites)…my least favorite load of laundry on the 1 to 10, love-hate laundry scale.
  7. Add more to this list as it occurs to me.
  8. Clean the music room floor to ceiling bookshelves. It’s driving me nuts with the dust and disorganization.

I had a talk with Raymond this morning. I think he’s stressing. School is going to be out in 4 months. The HED school portion of the program ends in about 5 weeks and he has to do an internship for another 5 weeks, his math class follows the as per usual school term. His instructors are working to get him an internship at the local CAT dealership. Then, it’s off to the Kiewit job. 

Raymond takes more after his dad than me when it comes to major job/relocation changes. He likes being settled. He puts down roots. I never did. I’m a gypsy. I stress if I’m in one place for too many years and sometime during/between years 6 & 7, I get the itch to move on. Raymond likes his routine. I think he’s stressing internally. (He’s been…nipping…a bit too much.) So I talked to him about it this morning. He shook his head, said he really wasn’t but in the end, he did come around that yes, he’s been wondering about all the changes he’s got coming up. Leaving the local community college and starting at the state university. However, all the classes from now on will be online classes so it’s not really so big a lifestyle change. He says he’s worried about the cost. Then, he did say that he liked the area here better than Soda Springs, which is pretty much just a wide spot in the road. They don’t even have a Walmart. 

But! What Soda Springs does have is camping and fishing…and Raymond is nothing but all about those things. So, if he does stay with Kiewit job…and he says that he’s pretty sure that’s what he’s going to do…and he starts making friends at the mine and gets to camping and fishing in that area, he’s going to be fine. He’s just dealing with one of the major stress factors in life that causes people to sweat, shimmy and shake. I did tell him that should he change his mind and stay here, if the CAT dealership offered him a full time position, he was welcome to live here with us as long as he likes. He’s *very* handy to have around…if you know what I mean and I think you do. There’s nothing he can’t fix. 

He came in to say that he wanted to do a Prime Rib Roast on the Traeger grill. I told him I would pay for the roast but he had to take Possum outside and do at least 2 laps around the yard. Yay! I just bought myself a little bit more time in bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon! 

R.D. went into work. Because, of course he did. He said he had a stitch in his side yesterday, a bruised rib he said it felt like, but he cannot say how he would have that as he’s not had an accident. He said he was thinking about going to see the doctor but it wasn’t so sore today so he went into work. I said this is your body telling you it’s time to hang it up and come home…

But now…I have to wonder if R.D. isn’t experiencing some stress and it’s manifesting itself thru body aches and pains… Like he’s…not scared…but ignoring the fact that retirement is a scary thing….I’ll talk to him about it tonight. He’ll deny it, of course. He’ll tell me he’s fine and excited about retiring and coming home…and then some big, huge goiter will appear overnight on his neck or something…this is pretty normal, however. People who identify with the career they’ve spent their lives doing don’t retire easily. Once they make it thru to the other side, tho, they do just fine. We just have to get thru the transition.

Me? I’m thinking about getting back into teaching piano.  I’ve been missing it, lately. I play every day and when I’m working out a piece, my thought patterns go into piano-teacher-mode to get thru it. I miss teaching.

It’s my 2nd granddaughter’s birthday today. She’s 15. I need to reach out to her and let her know I love her dearly, see how she spent the Amazon gift card I got her. 

Well..ok. It’s only 11:23am and I’m already tired of being in bed on a Sunday. Gonna get up, stretch, hit the shower and start working on the list. I’m still waiting for the design plan from the new landscaper. She told me I may not get it till end of this upcoming week, but that doesn’t stop me from checking my email twice a day looking for it. I am excited to get that started. 


Jyps 🦋

After Hours Update:

  1. Patio – ✔
  2. 2nd pair jeans altered – ✔
  3. Possum walked – ✔
  4. Craft materials put away – ✔
  5. Raymond did not hang pegboard. Didn’t even ask him. He’s cooking a Prime Rib roast and priorities.
  6. Laundry – In progress
  7. Adding to list – nothing occurred to me.
  8. Music room bookshelves – Status: Tomorrow is another day.

Updated Update:

In re: #7.

Something has occurred to me. I *am* adding the other 3 pairs of jeans to the “To Be Altered” pile and adding to the list. I’ll do one pair at a time but the fit on the two I just finished is…getting there. I’m tired of my jeans looking like a big ol’ sack-o-taters after half an hour, and constantly pulling them up. Enough! I’m working on a technique on how to take them in. Will write about it tomorrow.




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