All About the Denim Jeans Alterations~

February 15, 2018 0 Comments

I magically fixed my two worst pairs of jeans and now they are my two favorite pairs. The fit…awesome! They don’t stretch out to where I am constantly tugging them back up into place…I just…wear them. How weird is that?!?!  I…just…wear….them. Not sure how I will fill all that free time I’ll have now, as trying to keep them up took quite the effort. Perhaps I’ll take up another instrument! 🙂

On the other 3 pairs, I’m wearing them to see how badly they stretch out so I know how much and where to alter each one of them. I wore one of the three yesterday and decided that they didn’t need taking in. The legs are a bit baggy, but the waist and hips are good so I’m just going to leave them alone. Tonight, I started on the pair that stretch and bag out horrifically within half an hour of putting them on.

Also, getting faster! The first pair took 2 days. These were the 2 I made before I had the epiphany to sew a dart into the waistband. I mostly developed the technique, OJT style. The second pair was faster and easier to do, but I had an idea for a different way to add the dart into the waistband that ended up not working. The 1st way was better. Herein lies the technique I developed that is working for me.

First, I picked out the topstitching~good, mindless activity for an evening in front of the TV. Just put on something interesting, pick up the seam ripper and zen. 

Actually, the hardest part unpicking stitches was putting it down to get Possum outside because he kept coming to get me like he needed to go. It rained all day and the demolition of the backyard has turned it into a giant, muddy mess so we’re going out the front until it dries. I think Possum is just getting a kick out of going out to the front, it’s something different. Or, it could be that he remembers being taken out front when I first got him. There was snow on the ground then and the front yard had the only spot of snow free grass for Housebreaking 101. The housebreaking is going great, by the way, he’s mostly there. But  he has a bit of a hair trigger. Ignore him at your peril. He’s not proud and will use the rug in the sunroom if I misread the signs. I don’t mean to misread the signs. He comes at me, I think he needs to go out, he just goes out and does play-play, so you know, around the 20th time…I start getting slower to reacting to him~ aaaaaaannd that’s the one time he really meant it. I’m looking forward to him being able to go out the back by himself. Right now he’s still so young and he wants to be able to see me every minute. I’m leaving the door open for him. He’s getting braver, wandering out further and further but he doesn’t stay out there by himself for very long.

NOTE TO SELF: No more Christmas puppies. Winter is the worst time of the year to try and housetrain a puppy. 

So, again…unpicking the topstitching: 

Then, I detach the waistband from the pants. Not all the way, just enough to give me some working room. NOTE: the first 2 pairs I altered, I removed the waistband with just barely enough room to work, see middle pic. I detached these quite a bit more, see last pic.

Then, I picked out the topstitching from the outside of the leg. Topstitching down the side of the leg is a technique I’ve seen on other sewing blogs used to secure the pocket bag, but I sew my pocket bags right into the side seam so for me it purely ornamental. I really like it. I’m playing with how to end it, looks like a bar tack right now. I leave about a 10” tail when I pull it off the machine and then hand embroider it.

De-hem ’em:

Now, all that’s left is nipping a half inch on either side with the serger, take a half inch out of the waistband as well, reattach,  and then topstitch everything all over again. Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy. Taking the half inch out of the waistband will be fun. I can’t remove the half inch by adding a dart as these already have a dart in them. That will be different from the first 2 pairs I’ve already done. I’ll chat about that tomorrow and memorialize the technique. 

Redoing the waistband will allow me to fix a boo-boo I made on this pair during construction. This was the first pair I made adding the dart in the waistband. I aimed to match the dart to the side seam so it would all be in one line but missed the mark by about 3/4”. I measured the center back to the side seam and used that measurement to draw in where to put the darts. Shoulda measured twice. The subsequent pairs, I notched the CB and walked the waistband around the waist and marked where the sideseam would be. That worked, the darts are perfectly in line with the side seams and it looks like just one seam top to bottom,

 I saw it as I was sewing it but at the time thought “Meh, no one will ever see. No biggie.” Since I have the waistband off now, I’m going to try to fix that, as best I can. I’m just not sure how, step by step, I’ll get that done. Figure it out as I go, I reckon. Like I do everything else. I can’t move the dart. All I can do is get it closer to the side seam but right now, I can’t see how it’s going to be spot on. 


In other news~

A young friend of mine, Miss A, I’ll call her, just split with her husband and moved into her new apartment today. The apartment is just adorable. It brought back so many memories for me. I remember when that was me. What a life, eh? Starting all over again. She had a list of things she needed and can’t buy just yet so I picked the vacuum off the list and got it for her as a housewarming gift. Like a registry for the newly divorced.

I couldn’t help myself, I sent an email to Hailey, the gal from Edge Landscaping. Just to say hi and see how the design plan for the backyard were coming along. All very friendly like. She had told me that she probably wouldn’t have anything until the end of this week or beginning of the next. I took great pains to not sound pushy. Hailey replied that she was working on them and hoped to have something this Friday. *crosses fingers* I thanked her and told here I was just so excited to have a gorgeous, beautiful back yard to hang out in but wasn’t expecting anything till early next week.

Raymond is getting closer to finishing school. He ends Advanced Engines this Friday and then he goes on to something else Advanced, can’t remember what at the moment. I’ve been picking up little things here and there for when he moves 4 hours away for his new job. Kitchen stuff, mostly, so far. Cooking is his passion.

R.D. is getting closer to retirement. He will be here in 10 days for a week’s leave. (Please, please, please at least let there be a set of plans for him to look at for the back yard to take the sting out of the big mud pit!!)

I’m working on some new songs on the piano. I would love to be to where I can sight read anything. Honestly, I’m shocked at how well I’m doing sight reading. Like anything, practice, practice, practice. Is 4 hours a day enough?

I ordered 2 books on embroidery, complete with iron on transfers, instructions, stitch diagrams and whatnot. It’s going to be my new thing. I. Love. Hand. Stitching. Love It. It puts me in a space and is so very meditative. One of the books came today. I went to Joann’s and bought 50 skeins of different colored floss, some flour sack kitchen towel material to practice on and a sewing box just for the embroidery. I wanted a new pair of Ginghers 4” scissors for the box but you know, $34…intuition said not to….I thought twice and passed on them. Got home and found a circular for Joanns with with a 60% off coupon. I sent Raymond back over to get them. I also picked up some cheap knit fabric that was 30% off sale off to use as the muslin for the knit top I’m drafting. No, no, no worries that I will get to thinking it’s too nice to be used as a muslin…it’s a very loud lemon yellow. A muslin it will forever be. I should have worked on that today but got busy with Miss A and her new apartment. 

Tomorrow doesn’t look good either. Possum has his second class with the puppy trainer and then a vet appointment for his next round of shots. He will scream bloody murder. Very sensitive, that one, takes the slightest bit of pain personally. Tomorrow evening should be good for working on the embroidery. When Possum’s stress levels redline, he checks out and puts himself into a self induced coma for hours. Freaked me out no end the first 2 times he did it but now? Kinda looking forward to it, quite frankly.

Tonight, for the first time, Possum sorta hiked his little leg when he peed. Just yesterday, he was still squatting.

That’s all for tonight. Off to bed.

Jyps 🦋



February 18, 2018

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