Possum Pupdate~

February 18, 2018 0 Comments

Sunday again. Very quiet around here for the moment. Possum woke me up early. We headed outside, me still with the cobwebs in my brain. Possum wide awake and running Crazy Ivans in the yard. That little puppy is just happy to be alive. He’s having his mid-morning nap now and me? Just finished my coffee, wanting to get up and get going but the sight of that little thing at the foot of my bed racked out is more than I can handle. I don’t want to disturb him. 

It is good for my soul to have a dog. I am 100% a dog person. I’ve always been. Even as a young girl, I knew I was a dog person. I just need those little bodies around me. I felt such a deep sense of loss when Goose & Simon passed. Pure grief. I had a sadness that I never could quite get out from under. Always felt that hole where something should have been. 


Only now can I look at pictures of my boysenberries and not cry. Especially Goose. He was my soulmate. One of those once in a lifetime dogs they make movies out of. Simon was just ornery. He was the story maker in the family. His orneriness made for many wild tales that we still shake our heads at and  laugh about. “That guy…remember when…I thought I was going to KILL him!” Goose was loyal and tuned into me and always there just give me his all. I loved him dearly.

Possum has a lot of Goose’s same personality traits. I jokingly told R.D. that Possum was Goose reincarnated and come back to me. So hard to believe that Goose is gone. Godspeed, my friend.

And now comes Possum, with all his little 8 lbs of fur and bones to fill that great big empty spot in my heart. 

Possum after a bath. He doesn’t like baths anymore than Goose did!

You know what it is about owning a dog? At least the way *we* own dogs? You can’t sit inside. You have to get outside in the sun…and the wind and snow and the cold. No matter what’s going on in your life, you have to get outside and move, and getting outside and moving will fix anything! Getting outside in the sunshine just makes you feel happy to be alive! Take a day when it takes you 20 minutes to get on coats, boots, hats and gloves to get the puppy out and then come back into a warm house…tell me that isn’t good for your soul and makes one grateful for the small things…like 4 walls and heat! Have a worn out puppy come look for a comfortable place to snuggle against you to sleep off his latest adventure and tell me that God doesn’t exist!! I will never be without a dog. I may go for a time in between when sadly, we have to let our soul mates go on to whatever is next, but in the end, I will never, ever be without a dog. 

Dreaming of hunting down the voles in the backyard

When R.D. gets out here permanent, I plan on getting a 2nd one. Or should I say, I will be open for a 2nd puppy to come into our lives. I honestly believe that they choose you, you don’t choose them. Indeed, when Raymond told me he had got me a puppy for Christmas,  he showed me a picture from the breeder’s website. Cute pup, I got excited…and then looked at all her other puppies but then saw this one of Possum (before I knew he was Possum):

I told Raymond I thought this one was just adorable…he just had this “Dafuq?” look to him and an adorable little guy. That face…stopped me in my tracks. I was captivated! My heart was gone! But, I told him, I was very happy with the one he had picked out, it was cute as could be, too. Aaaannnd, then, as life has a way of bending the arc of the Universe, magic happened. The pup Raymond thought he had picked out was gone…the breeder came back to him in a text saying that she was sorry but she was under the understanding that this little guy is the one they had decided on from the beginning! I was over the moon and could not wait to meet him! My God!! Those amber eyes!! That’s how Possum came to me. It was meant to be. 

He’s in training. Taking to it like a duck to water. He loves school. Loves working on his commands. I want to advance that. See how far we can go. I’m learning about Rally and I’ve contacted a trainer for agility. My little champion!

Possum is awake now, yawning the sleep off. He will need to get out so I’m going to run. I was just looking at him while he was sleeping and feeling very, very grateful to the Universe. Dogs…will just do that to you if you’re sharing your life with one in the right way.

Right…then on to my day.

Sewing. Finishing up the pair of jeans I started to alter. And working on the draft pattern of the top I’m making. I need some new tops. 

I have a little embroider thing I bought at Joanns, will post pics later. I bought it just to have something to learn about different stitches and practice before I move onto really nice things. You know, I love it dearly. Handwork is the most meditative thing. It puts me into a place where I zen. So there’s my list for today. (I do better with a daily list)

  1. Finish the jeans
  2. Get to at least the back of the draft pattern for the knit top
  3. Piano (of course!)
  4. Do a little embroider tonight while watching TV
  5. Do Not Worry about the house! R.D. will be here next Saturday and the 2 days before he shows up I tear the house apart and do a top to bottom clean. The dust today thru Friday will wait.

I am happy today. I am grateful. I am at peace with myself.

I am still~I say this mostly because I haven’t heard back from Hailey on the plans for the backyard yet. I want to get a little nervous…but I just keep telling myself to be still and have faith. Yes, yes, I have a backup plan..I have about 3 more landscaping companies info in a list to call if I don’t hear from her soon, by Wednesday at the latest, but I’m holding on to just being still and letting this happen. I can’t wait too long, however. I need something in the pipes before the season starts and all the landscaping companies are busy. I need to be what they’re busy with when other people call to say they’ve made a huge mistake by demo-ing their backyards and need help stat!! 

Possum is wide awake now and I have to go.


Jyps 🦋

Jypsea Rose