Three Down, Two To Go~

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Finished pair #3 last night. The fit…oh, lawdy me!…the fit!!

Lemme see…where did I leave off here…. All About Denim Alterations  just unpicking stitches. So, yeah…right…here’s what happened next:


After everything has been unpicked, sew a new seam line half an inch in and then re-serge the edge for a clean finish.

Unpick the inside waistband from the outside band.

Now, I have 3 “pieces”…the pants less the half inch…actually, one inch as it’s a half inch from both the front and the back…no, strike that…2 inches…counting both sides. I, in fact, took 2 inches off. NO WONDER THEY BAGGED!! But, ok, now I have 3 pieces…the pants, the inner waistband and the outer waistband.

Hmmmm…what’s going on here? This is the original dart I added when I first constructed them. Those are bite marks where Possum nailed me during play-play when his blood was up and he got a bit rough because he was over excited. Puppies…amirite?

Unpick the dart..what comes next was a mistake. I have to think about it as I have 2 more pairs I’d like to alter.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiigghhhtt there…that was the mistake. Cutting the band. My thinking was to create a new seam line, which I did but it was awkward and I had to fiddle with it. It was not elegant or straightforward. Also…it moved the seamline so it was no longer in line with the pant leg seam. The other side was off to begin with, as I wrote in the other post. I was right that I couldn’t see how to fix it with the alteration, it’s still off, just not as much. THIS side, tho, was beautifully in line with the pant leg seam. Cutting it like I did here and then making a whole new seam moved it. Now this side is off, too. Live and learn I guess.

I cut the inner waistband, too. It was inelegant as well. As you will see. Being 3 minutes smarter than I was when I cut this side, I did *not* cut the inner waistband on the other side, but just kinda sorta eased it in and it worked much, much better. There’s a pic below where I show that I pinked the edges as one newly cut edge covered the other, but just barely. This probably makes more sense to me than anyone else reading this. I get that.  Cie la vie.

Mmmmmmm hmmmmmmm. Now putting everything back together.

Press the original seams and folds out.

Edges pinked just to do what I can to prevent fraying. It’s covered up with the other side but just barely. I thought pinking the edge would help. I pinked the other side, too.

Waxing thread for hand sewing. ❤❤❤ Love hand work.

Match the edges…..

Slip stitch the inner band down, also slip stitch the two cut edges. I’m thinking about Bactracin antibiotic ointment right now. Seeing where Possum nailed me with those sharps needles he uses for teeth.

Reattach the outer waistband. I didn’t take a picture but I also slipstitched the inside band to the outer band there at the top where they meet just for stability. Then I topstitched them again with the Levi Gold topstitching thread. I can take a pic of it later but Raymond came home so I hurried up to finish the topstitching and went in to talk with him and I’m wearing them right this second. You can see in this pic, tho, how I managed to get the seam lines off by maybe a 1/4”. Not sure what I will do next time…maybe not take out the dart but just take it in using the original seamline as a guide? I don’t know. But we’re fixin’ to find out!

I’ve got the new top I’m drafting cut out in a “muslin” knit. Something cheap I picked up at Joanns to play around with drafting this pattern. Darts are pinned and after I change out the needle from a denim to a knit needle and the throat plate for one to prevent knits from being sucked into the feed dogs, I will stitch it up real quick once and start fine tuning that little top.

Possum, on the other hand~

He had a very busy morning. He had his commands to run through and practice~treats to earn for executing correctly,  there were the voles in the back yard that taunt him no end that needed to be taught a lesson again, he grabbed Fox and shoved it at me so I could animate it for him, we put on our leash and practiced walking on a lead by going for a very long walk…just busy, busy, busy. A well deserved nap for such a little guy.

I’m in contact with an agility trainer, but she states that 8 months is a better age to start them. They’re better able to focus at that age. 4 more months and we’re in agility.

Ok..that’s it. Must sew. Must piano. Lots to do today.

~Jyps 🦋

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