March 11, 2018

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I don’t have a snappy title for tonight’s “A day in the life of me” and furthermore, not really coming up with a good enough reason to take the time and try to come up with one, so it’s just March 11. That’s all I got. I was looking at pictures of old abandoned farm houses and very much liked this one above. I want to go to there. Looks like it would be quiet and peaceful. Isn’t it lovely? I like that picture quite a bit.

Ok, lemme see..where to start getting caught up..

R.D. was here week before last. So nice to see him! We’ve lived separate for the past five years after we bought the house and he finished up his career. Now, we’ve got approximately 9 1/2 weeks to go before retirement and these last 9 weeks are going to be the hardest! How insane is that? So close and yet so far away. At least on this side of the 9 weeks. I’m sure on the other side of the 9 weeks, I’ll be flabbergasted at just how fast it went. The week he was here went by in a flash. He walked in from the garage when Raymond picked him up from the airport and I blinked to see him exiting same to head back to the airport.


Sadly, this past week, the one right after R.D. left, I just kind of stumbled and bumbled thru, in a foggy blur. I always do when he leaves to go back to work.  I get lazy and daydreamy, can’t focus on anything and more than a little saucy (As per Raymond. He’s mentioned it more than once.) And I fantasize about running away to a remote cabin somewhere in the mountains. I love the idea of “leaving it all behind”, whatever that means. I don’t know. I can’t say anything specific.  After R.D. leaves, everything seems heavy and thinking about getting away from of it all makes it easier. As long as I’d still get my internet and cell phone service. Meh. In the end, I just stay home.

Raymond is getting closer to finishing school. Three more weeks of the HED program itself, but he has math till May, the end of the semester. That will prevent him from heading on over to Soda Pop to start work. He’s burning out from school and chomping at the bits to get going. Same as the scenario above, on this side of time, it is going to look and feel like molasses in winter. On the other side, more “Ahhhhhh! I’m not ready!! Wait!” I’ve been trying to get him to secure an apartment but he is blowing me off. He thinks he has all kinds of time as he doesn’t need the apartment in the next 15 minutes. Men! Amirite? I’ve been picking little things up here and there for his kitchen. I think he’s fairly well got the basics now. I should start picking up some towels and blankets or whatnot for him now. All of the things in R.D.’s apartment will go to Raymond, his bed, a few odds and ends in furniture, a TV and all of the kitchen stuff. It’s weird thinking about this. R.D. & I have been talking about it offhandedly for the better part of a year. “Should we keep this?” “Yes! Raymond will be able to use it.” “Oh, no, let’s just donate that to Goodwill!” But it’s here now, it’s becoming reality. In a few short weeks. Raymond goes…R.D.comes home. And the ceremonial passing of used housewares.

I put an ad on craigslist for a violinist to play music with. I got an answer. Unfortunately, I don’t see it going anywhere. The gentleman is elderly and has health problems, one of them being a bad back. He chats a lot. Now on the violin, he was no better than I am on the piano, which is fine, preferable really. But we could never get a rhythm going because every 24-32 bars or so he’d be reminded of a long winded story to tell. Or perhaps his back was hurting, he was standing to play the violin and interrupting with a story was a way of relieving back pain.  Soooooooo…sadly…either way, the better part of the evening was not playing music, it was just listening to him. You know. That surreal thing that happens where you feel you must be polite, so you just let the person go on. And on. And on….But inside…inside I was becoming more and more frustrated. I really, really wanted the evening to be about playing music. Anyhoodle, the hunt goes on looking for another musician to play music with. How did I get out of the evening with this nice chap? Oh! Raymond was supposed to be puppy sitting for me so I could play but he had homework and Possum wouldn’t leave him alone. So Raymond put him outside. By himself. At night!! Possum went to the one place he could go under the fence and ended up at the front door crying! It was kismet. I was sending Raymond telepathic messages to come in and pretend he was having a serious medical condition and could I run him to the ER? So, yes, I wanted to be really mad at him for putting the baby puppy outside at night and letting him get under the fence but it was the perfect excuse for me to politely end the evening. Raymond wasn’t being a jerk. He had a big test the next day. It was hard being too terribly mad at him. And it ended the evening.

*whispers* And still, this little guy kept me at the door “saying goodbye” for almost 45 minutes as he was reminded of yet several more stories. */whispers*

I sent out a blast email to the neighborhood asking if there were any other musicians in the hood who would like to get together and play. So far, I’ve got one response from a neighbor asking if she could come listen (Of course! But usually, the audience is the last item on the list of musical needs! But sure, come ahead on!) and another neighborhood mom asking if I teach. And yes, yes I do. Made my living by teaching piano for many years. My intuition is telling me to just be patient so I will be. The other musicians will show up. No matter, even tho the playing was kept at a minimum, I did learn some really good things playing with another musician.

One day, 5 years ago, when I first moved into this house without R.D., I came across a blog from a gal who had picked up a banjo. She played as a kid but hadn’t played in a very long time. She mused about how good could she get if she just played 20 minutes a day. I wondered the same thing about my piano. Playing the piano took up a large part of my time living apart from R.D. I will get better by playing with other musicians. Piano is getting its yearly tuning come Wednesday. I’m noticing she’s starting to “ring”. I love playing right after she’s tuned!! Sigh!

Speaking of new houses, my daughter and son-in-law, M&M got the quiet title for their new place!! Not a typo, a Quiet Title. Look it up. Yay!! Really big news there! SIL thinks May or June and they’ll be in their new place. Of course, R.D. & I will be there when the new house comes. It will be a great party, I think. I am seriously so very happy for them. 

I had been working on a muslin, drafting a new top but what with R.D. being here, I put it aside and haven’t been in the sewing room to finish it. I think about it a lot, tho. There’s that.  I’ve been making the rounds on my favorite sewing blogs and I’m in a muddle. I have a block and can’t see why I can’t just design my own patterns! I mean…look at the patterns? It’s a bodice! That’s all! Just a bodice! With a neckline! Possibly a collar but I have all of Kenneth King’s drafting materials! And maybe pockets!!! Also, the patterns don’t fit anyway! All the patterns have to be rewickered against my block anyway…so why would I buy the pattern? 

On the other hand…am I missing out on learning some new techniques? Are there skills I’m not gaining because I won’t buy a pattern and learn from it? So, here’s what I’m going to do. This year, I endeavor to find a few patterns that I like ~ (and I’m going to do Indie patterns, not from the Big 3, as the Indie patterns are drafted with real women’s bodies in mind, not the size 0 super model figures~but enough about not being skinny enough) ~ and I’m going to make them up. Perhaps I will find a few things that I can see where I’m missing out by not using patterns. After all, these women are far more skilled than I am. Yeah…no…wait…let me see how I do with this top I’m drafting. Go from there. What I really need to do is just get my butt back in my sewing room. Two weeks of not sewing is long enough. So, making a list right now to follow tomorrow. 

  1. Spend the afternoon in the sewing room.
  2. Clean the kitchen/front room in the morning. Not really bad, just have the tuner coming.
  3. C’mon! Finish the bathroom!! It’s the toilet and the floor!! C’mon!!! Just do it!!
  4. Piano and Possum duties, of course.

There. That should do it. I do like me a list. While the list might be in reverse order, getting back into the sewing room is numero uno, so I reckon I have it the right way round.

The backyard work begins next Monday, the 19th. The plans are lovely. My lovely English Cottage Garden! The drainage will be worked to look like a dry river bed. I paid the 50% deposit last week. I don’t have much more to say about it right now, other than I’m just so excited and having a hard time believing it’s going to be real. I am finally getting my flower garden. Be expecting tons of pictures.

Lastly, Possum. Possum is Awesome! He is just the most adorable little guy and oh, wow, I am so deeply in love with him! I didn’t note it at the time, but R.D. & Possum hit it off on the very first night! By the end of the week, Possum absolutely knew he had another monkey on a string! It is sooooooo good to have a dog in the house again. I need a second one. I’m gonna need me two puppies. Two puppies. Big decision, one of those “Peace. Be still.” decisions. Possum’s training is going fantastic. He picks up everything immediately. We’re going to the puppy park for his socialization. He is just loving it, bless him. But tomorrow, I believe I’m going to just go to a regular park for a long walk, for me as much as for him. 

Possum spent his share of last week’s paycheck on Rabbit, a new member of Possum’s Posse.

So all caught up, now. We’re all good, healthy and happy. Everyone in the family has something really big coming up so we’re all on pins and needles. R.D. retires and comes home, I get my husband back AND a spectacular backyard flower garden, Raymond starts his new life and career, M&M become homeowners~such a big deal! Possum is going to get a little buddy. 

So much to be thankful for so just know that I am grateful for it all. For all of it.

Oh. Right. The dishwasher blew a seal on a little motor underneath it. It’s been spewing water for a while now, not enough to flood the floor so as a person would notice it. Just enough to puddle and soak thru the wood floor underneath it and spread that way to the surrounding areas. But good news, I have the Sears Master Protection Service Agreement on this appliance so not only is the repair taken care of at no extra charge, but since the appliance caused damage, their insurance will cover the cost of the floor…I hope. I don’t have an iron clad agreement on it yet and what does it matter? I have to get the floor fixed. So, tomorrow I have to get on the phone and start calling to get some estimates for the job. One of my least favorite things to do…call up looking for repairmen. Still grateful, tho.

Still very grateful my family is doing well.

Enough. I’m done with catching up so…

Love to all!

Jyps 🦋

Jypsea Rose