Ooops! I did it again!

March 15, 2018 0 Comments

Dear blog, meet Ollie!

From Idaho Black Pine Aussies. He’s a little bear cub! Possum & I drove over to pick him up today. Totes adorbs!

It’s gonna be a real quick post because I’m just that tired.

Welcome to the family, little Ollie!

First car ride together, these two brand new pack mates!

Goodbyes were said, time to head off to forever home with the new family. 

The boys got on like a house on fire! I thought Possum was being too rough with Little Ollie at first, but every time I tried to rescue him, he’d squirm and cry till I put him back down with Possum. As the day wore on, Ollie learned to start giving as good as he was getting, but important to note, it never escalated to a fight.

Possum is simply gobsmacked fascinated with Ollie. He doesn’t even know I exist right now! He is 100% focused on the baby. It’s only a problem when I take Ollie out to start the house training. Possum won’t leave him alone. I decided not to make an issue of it today, the first day. They will settle into a routine and I’m hopeful Possum will let the little guy do his business.

Ollie eats. The little fella likes his groceries. Where Possum was shy and timid and wouldn’t/couldn’t move, Ollie can’t see good food go to waste.

The boys played hard all day, well into the evening. There came a time when they didn’t know if they were afoot or ahorseback but still couldn’t stop to take a nap. They both overdid it. I tried several times to get them to quiet down and go to sleep but nah, they weren’t having it. Till finally~

Poor Possum. He wanted to sleep in a pile, like a regular pack of dogs do but Ollie wouldn’t. He kept getting up and shifting to a new position. Possum followed him about 3 times and finally decided to let it go. Then, Ollie stumbled back over and plopped down next to Possum like this. Then! every time he stirred or wriggled to get comfortable, Possum groused at him for disturbing his sleep. But there they are, my new boysenberries. I’ve got a lot of work in front of me for the next month or so. I house trained Possum fairly quickly, I was on top of it and Possum is extremely bright, but even so, there were accidents. I don’t have a read on Ollies intelligence level just after one day. I hope Possum will help me with the house breaking duty, if he can stop giving Ollie grief and heartache when we go out back.

I cleaned the kitchen up and ran the garbage out to the curb for pickup tomorrow, both the boys right at my heels. I planned on putting both of them in the crate to sleep. Ollie has no bladder control so I don’t want him out. He was tired and submitted to the crate fairly quickly. Possum, OTOH, sleeps with me and he took great offense to being in the crate. He wouldn’t let it go. I was even lying down next to the crate but still, Possum objected heartbreakingly. I relented. Ollie seemed sound asleep so I unzipped the opening as quiet as I could and let Possum out. He’s there at the foot of the bed passed out cold. But happy. He’s where he belongs, he thinks. So far, Ollie is still sleeping pretty soundly himself.

I think I’m going to gate off the bedroom and keep the boys on the wood floor. I can’t shampoo this bedroom carpet every time Ollie goes wee-wee. I’ve already shampooed it to within an inch of its life.

Ok. That’s enough. I’m calling it a night, too. I’m exhausted.

Pianoforte (Jon Bonino) tuned my piano today. He said it was way out of whack and he might have to raise the pitch on her. I don’t think he did…he called to tell me that there’s something going on with F 2 octaves above middle C but he couldn’t find it. Might be a pencil fell down there. That’s totally possible. She does sound much better. She was beginning to ring like a bell and it was really becoming a problem for me.

Hey, Ollie…you like piano music?

Ok, ok, ok. Enough. Good night.

Jyps 🦋

Not even gonna proof read. This is done and in the can.

Jypsea Rose