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March 18, 2018 0 Comments

Possum & Ollie Bear, day 4. 

We’ve settled into a routine. Possum & Ollie Bear are inseparable. They go at it something fierce, but just try to separate them. I’ve been concerned that maybe Possum was being too rough on the little guy, but if I pick him up to give him a break, Ollie Bear squirms and cries and Possum, at my feet, looks worried and cries back. When I put Ollie Bear back down, he runs right to Possum to get the games rolling again. So, I just let them go at it.

Here’s a video of the second night, keep watching, I turn the light on:


{I’m not sure uploading the video worked, but it took a long time so I’m not going to worry about it}

Anyway, Possum took great offense to being locked in the crate with Ollie Bear. His sleeping place at night is with me in the bed. Ollie Bear was overcome by being left alone in the crate and they howled out to one another. ….I finally got Ollie Bear out and let him up on the bed with us. But I did not sleep that night. I woke up every time he stirred and got him outside about 3 times to prevent an accident on the bed. I was a zombie the next day but there were no accidents. I think Ollie Bear is closer to catching on about going outside. He doesn’t have it yet, but he’s closer. 

I bought a set of puppy stairs to put next to the bed for the boys. My bed is high, they can’t jump on it. And here is a big difference in the boys’ personalities. Possum wants to see the Underwriters Laboratory’s review on the stairs, and have we gone online to see customer comments? What does OSHA have to say about these stairs? Are we not going to put up rails on either side to prevent accidents? Ollie Bear? Zipped up as soon as I pushed it next to the bed. Zipped back down, too. Possum is a very cautious puppy. He doesn’t do head first into anything. Ollie Bear is a very brave, fearless even. Physically, Possum’s athleticism is quick and agile and fluid…he has speed and the moves. Ollie Bear’s athletic ability is balance and control, and I think he’s going to be powerful. He doesn’t have the legs just yet for quickness. I wonder if the little in him isn’t Corgi! His legs are just so short! The first night here, he jumped from the couch onto my 3’ x 3’ Stickley coffee table and managed a carrier landing! I think Ollie Bear is going to be able to control his little body like a ballet dancer. Possum is going to be fleet. Possum can also turn on a dime and change directions, including a full 180. I’d like to see both of them in agility. 

Even with bringing Ollie Bear into the house, I’ve kept up on Possum’s core command training. And even with Ollie Bear being right next to him, Possum performs. Even “stay”. If I put Possum in the stay position and walk away, and Ollie Bear follows me, Possum stays until released. At 5 mos old, I’m impressed! I’ve started Ollie Bear on “sit”, “down” and “touch”. 

Last night, I was trying to put the boys to bed but every time I walked around the bed, they stampeded down the pupstairs to follow me. I finally said “Whatever.” and just got into bed on my side. (The stairs are on R.D.’s side). The boys looked up at me with that “Dafuq?” look…”and just how are we supposed to get up there…?” I looked back at them and said “Figure it out, boys.” Ollie Bear immediately ran to the other side of the bed and went up the pupstairs. Possum followed when he heard Ollie Bear up the stairs. So…I believe little Ollie Bear might just very well be another highly intelligent puppy! Looking forward to the combined efforts to manipulate us. 

The boys woke up this morning and went right out when I opened the door for them. They came back in and had their breakfast and then got on with the wrasslin’ and chasin’. I threw on my clothes and boots and took them into the backyard to spend all that piss and vinegar. The top image is them now. They ran and did play-play so hard that poor little Ollie Bear passed out in the middle of the living room floor, couldn’t even make it into the bedroom. I picked him up to bring him back to bed and he just melted into me. They are so passed out right now! They are sleeping so hard!

So that’s the puppies. The last 3 days has been pretty much exclusively them. I’ve managed to get some piano playing in while they napped, and also managed to tidy up behind them-not that it does much good at this point. A new puppy takes all your attention, if one does it right. Making sure the pup knows he belongs here, and seeing to it that he settles in. Cleaning up after them…that’s full time right there, buddy. I think now, tho, I will be able to slowly get back into my routine. Possum is completely house broken (although…mmmm…I did find a deuce this morning that I swear, looked more his than the baby’s….but I didn’t catch anyone in the act, so my bad) and I’m watching to see how Ollie Bear is picking up on the cues that we’re going outside on a fairly regimented schedule…I’m hopeful that I’m going to be able to start getting back into my sewing routine.

Big day tomorrow! VERY big day!

We start the backyard!  I am so damned excited!! I need to take pics (will insert them tonight) of the backyard as it is now all demoed. It’s a huge mess, especially since we’ve had rain lately. I’ve been taking the boys out the garage to the gate at the side of the house to get them into the backyard and that is not going to be an option for too much longer. The boys are getting braver and running out as soon as the garage door starts going up. How much longer until they run into the street or run after someone walking? I mean, they’re both still little puppies yet but still. It’s not a habit I want started. 

But anyway, one more day. One. More. Day!! And then…the flower garden, spectacular backyard I’ve dreamed of! Starting tomorrow, all posts will be of the garden. 

The boys are up again, went outside to do their business and are now back in the house. And oh, great. Ollie Bear is teething on the pupstairs. Just great. So…I’m off now to be with the pups and see what I can do to civilize them to be fit to live among the humans.

Oh…this is too cute to let pass. Possum just went out, (I left the door open). Ollie Bear started to cry and Possum came running back in to check on his little buddy! They are a pack, now. A little bitty, puppy pack! Will proofread/make corrections tonight, when I post pics of the before of backyard. Now…I must go rescue the pupstairs.





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