Stress Meter Pegged In The Red~

April 23, 2018 0 Comments

It’s been awhile.

Because stress. I am stressed out and I don’t like writing about those times.  Because every time I go back and read what I’ve written during times of stress I roll my eyes and think “Dear Lordy! What a whiner!!” So I avoid writing when I’m stressed.

This time is an exception. My stress meter is pegged to the max and I feel like I’m going under for the 3rd time. I’m hoping that writing about it will give me some perspective and also, a sense of normalcy. Because normalcy is the one thing I don’t have right this second. And stress causes me to go into some pretty dark places that I’d rather stay out of…its unproductive and doesn’t help anyhoo.

Here goes:

The landscapers came and the back is getting there. What they’ve done so far is magnificently beautiful. *insert pic here of what they have so far*. 

Okay. Poor connection, can’t upload photos. (See below re: RF interference) I will try later because I’m loving what they’ve done out there. I’m still waiting for flowers that won’t be delivered until May that will really make the English Cottage Garden. The weather now is that irritating cold. With wind. Too warm for proper coat and boots and heavy socks, too chilly for just a light jacket. It’s that time of year where you’re too cold one minute, too hot the next, no in-between.

The only problem with the back landscaping is that the landscapers used a product of decomposed granite mixed with a “glue” that would turn it into something solid, like a concrete. Only it didn’t set up. The crew that actually did the mixing confided to me that they didn’t think it would work at the time but they do what they’re assigned to do. So Hailey, my garden designer, came out and agreed it wasn’t going to work…so now we’re going to lay down pavers. This has taken me over budget by $8K. Well…am I really over budget? One could argue “no”. We tried the decomposed granite as it’s a new product and would have been very lovely had it worked and also, was cheaper. But it didn’t work so we were back to traditional methods. I think the correct way of looking at it is that we extended the back patio..tried to save money…but in the end…had to do it the traditional way. The charge for the decomposed granite came off the invoice. Hailey was great about that.

Next stresser:

Mold. In my kitchen. From the dishwasher that apparently had been leaking from day one. Aug 29, 2014. How did I not catch it? Good question. Here:

That cubby is where the dishwasher goes. Here’s what’s wrong. Instead of installing the wood flooring so that it was part of the continuous flooring job, the carpenter took it right up to the  dishwasher space…then created a separate section square of wood flooring to fit into that space. Guess where the water went when the dishwasher leaked? Right off that stupid separate section of flooring and right into the subflooring. On all four sides. Where it spread. And grew mold. About 2.5 feet out from that huge kitchen island, which is I’m guessing, about 4’ x 6.5’ or so. The island. So the water/mold is approximately an 6’ x 10’ area. Black mold. The one thing that terrifies me in my house. 

You can see the outline of the island cabinet and the bookcase that was on the end. Also the offending dishwasher space. So undergoing mold remediation right now. At present, I have industrial dehumidifiers and dryers in the kitchen that are playing havoc with RF interference on my electronics. It’s hard to FaceTime or even have a proper phone call with R.D. Going on 2 weeks now.

After the 2 weeks, it looked like yesterday, the numbers were down to acceptable levels of moisture and the crew can begin the actual mold remediation. I’m told that I will miss the dehumidifiers and drying equipment. Sanding is one of the steps to remediate mold. And the chemicals used to kill the mold, they say, are loud. Then we will start the reconstruction process. Luckily, (this is sarcasm, btw), the wood in my house was discontinued 5 years ago so it will have to be replaced with another wood. All of it. From the sunroom to the kitchen, over to the living room/piano room, into the front entrance, down the hall to the front bedroom that I’ve converted into a sewing room. Because open floor plan. One room opens into the next. There’s no natural break in the floor plan.  

I’m really, really angry at the builder and his carpenter for installing the flooring like that. What chance did I have? 

Some true good luck on my part, when the mold remediation crew went into my crawl space to check out the underside of the kitchen, they came back and told me that I also had a leak in the master bathroom. The hell? I thought! 

Yep. My guess is, and this is just my guessing, that when I had the bath remodeled with the claw foot tub, the builder threw the job at his carpenter to give him some work and keep a little money coming in when work was really slow.  A carpenter is not a plumber and the job skills do not translate. So the carpenter did this complete Frankenstein job with the plumbing underneath the tub in the crawl space. The plumbing was bad, joints weren’t sealed, one place that required a coupling to connect 2 pieces of PVC, there was none. The PVC should have had metal straps to secure it into place but instead it was just left hanging on its own weight when filled with water. But here, I was lucky and I’m not too proud to admit it.

I was on borrowed time. To date, it had just been leaking. The PVC pipe was under so much stress from the weight of the water and nothing to support it, that it could have broken at any moment and totes flooded the crawl space. I would not have known until, of course, mold set in and the damp, musty smell got strong enough to infiltrate the house. Here:

…ok. I’ve tried 7 times to upload the pic of the Frankenstein plumb job. Too much RF interference from the equipment.


I know the carpenter. His (ex)wife & I have become very good friends and speak if not every day, at least a couple of times a week. Also the carpenter told me he was the one that installed the claw foot tub. (He also installed the farmers sink in the kitchen and that plumb job had to be redone as well because of leakage. We just caught that one very early as there it is right in plain sight.) We closed on the house on Dec 31, 2012 but didn’t move in until April 2013. This was about a year and a half before the housing boom really hit the Boise area, and the upgrade took place in the months of January to April 2013. That’s why I think the builder let his carpenter do the work to keep him busy. The carpenter was just promoted to building superintendant for this builder.


The builder is now building million dollar homes. I hope they’ve learned a thing or two along the way. Still angry about all this but what can you do?

C’est la vie.

Since that’s not enough to worry about~

my little Ollie Bear scratched his eye. Badly. I saw it Saturday night late, and first thing Sunday morning, had him in the Vet ER. I don’t know how bad the eye is. The vet explained that she thought it was just the first 2 layers of the cornea and told me it will heal very quickly, but the eye looks “off”. It just doesn’t look right. She dilated it yesterday and sent me home with drops to dilate it again last night and it could just still be dilated…*please, please, please*…he’s light sensitive in that eye, I’ve noticed. I was to follow up with my regular vet tomorrow, but I asked if we could come in today. I’m so worried about the little guy. I’m scared he’s going to lose that eye. I don’t know how it happened. I’m not sure if it happened Saturday. He was acting pretty strange Friday night but I would have noticed the eye Friday, I’m sure. I scratched my cornea once, when I was younger with a mascara stick…the kind you sharpen? It was painful but it healed okay. I keep telling myself that if the damage was bad enough for him to lose an eye, there would have been blood and there’s no blood in his eye. But I’m beside myself with worry. I check it every 20 to 30 mins looking for improvement. My heart sinks when there’s none. Every time.

R.D. is getting closer to retirement. I mean, this is crazy, it kept getting extended by a week here, a week there…but we’ve finally got a hard date. June 30. Raymond is getting closer to getting out of here and on with his new life. He doesn’t have a place to live yet and may end up in a motel until an apartment opens up but that’s just the way it goes. I was on him starting in January that he needed to take care of that and he shrugged me off. Now, here he is…literally 3 weeks from starting work and no place lined up to live. I’ve had to let that one go. This is his life, he has a great career in front of him so he’ll just have to deal with it on his own. Kinda got my hands full right now.

R.D.’s brother is still just a mess. He’s waiting for R.D. to retire, believing that that is his retirement, too, that R.D. will take care of him. I can’t even. This poor brother is…a………….mess. I really don’t want the responsibility of him. But R.D. won’t leave him to end up on the street. He has health problems, for sure, that he mostly handles with the self medication type…that brings on its own problems. Nothing I can do but just suck it up. I wouldn’t want R.D. to be the kind of man who would callously let him end up under a bridge somewhere. But this brother won’t be easy because he is so very, very hard to deal with. This will be hard. And expensive. And even tho R.D. will have to bring me along grousing and resisting…I would not have him any other way. This is the right thing to do but it will be very, very, very difficult and sadly, I’m at the end of my rope right this minute.


The mold remediation crew just got here. They took readings this morning and say the floor is completely dried out. They begin remediating today. First up, sanding. I’m in my little RV out in the garage.

Things to be thankful for:

  1. I have a beautiful home, mold notwithstanding. My home is perfect for me & R.D. and went a long way to help Raymond get his degree.
  2. I have this gorgeous little RV (completely paid for, btw!! Yay!) set up here in my RV bay in the garage *with full hookups* so I can get away from mold remediation in sytle and comfort. Still have access to the huge backyard for the boys.
  3. This TooCold/TooHot is actually perfect for hanging out in the RV while they remediate. I have wi-fi access out here too, so Netflix and Amazon Prime Video and internet.
  4. Ollie Bear doesn’t seem to be in pain. I gave him a pain med this morning just for cause. I do not want him in distress. He is still a happy little guy. Dogs are the embodiment of God’s love. Please, Dr. M, tell me its all going to be ok and thank you for having that one cancellation creating an opening this afternoon.
  5. In just a few short weeks, the English Cottage Garden will be complete. 

Just breathe, Jypsea. Just breathe. I have no control over anything just now except my breathing. My way of regaining control over things is to clean the dickens out of my house. If my house is clean and in order, I feel like I have control. Sigh. Cleaning my house right now is spitting into the wind! 

So. Just breathe. And get back into my sewing room. Find control some other way. Speaking of that…I should run. I’m gonna so see if I need to cover up other furniture because the crew is sanding.


Jyps 🦋



Jypsea Rose