After the Storm, There is Calm~Part 1

April 28, 2018 0 Comments

I think the worst is behind us right now, in this particular chapter of the saga. I am grateful for the calm, let me tell you. I’ve achieved a level of new normal, at the very least.

  1. My house is still tore up
  2. Ollie Bear’s eye is completely healed and he is none the worse for it, a small little itty bit of cloudiness but Doc says within 5-7 weeks, you won’t even know he’d had any trauma to it.
  3. The yard is looking great! Still waiting for the flowers to come and pavers to be installed, but still. 
  4. I’m back into my sewing room.

So…instead of tidbits and notes from all these things going on, I’m going to pick one subject and journal about that. Since the garden isn’t finished, nor the house, and Ollie Bear’s trauma is over, Part 1 will be about getting back in the sewing room, with pupdates tagged onto the very end. Because of course.

First of all…Uh-May-Zink!! I just walked thru the door and flipped on the light and yowza! My spirit leapt! My heart skipped a beat!

*I can do this! I have this skill!! And look at my crazy wonderful dedicated sewing room!! I am a lucky, lucky woman!*

To get back into the swing of things (I haven’t touched anything sewing in 3 months…!!)…I reckoned I’d start with the last 2 pair of jeans that needed taking in. That and the fact that I’m wearing out the 2 pair that are already successfully altered to fit. I took 2 days to rip out the topstitching, the stitching and serging of the outside seams. Day 3, I took both pairs of jeans in 1/2”, for a total of a 2” take-in when you count all 4 sides, re-serged, re attached the waistband, then topstitched and hemmed them again.  About 4 days total. And it went quite smoothly, to my great surprise. Just boom, boom, boom. 

I totally needed it to go smoothly.

I’ve got a direction all planned out that I’d like to go in this year. In the past, I drafted my own patterns from my sloper. But last year, I got the itch wondering what I might be missing from not working with commercial patterns. I have not found anything from the Big 3 commercial patterns that interests me. They are…all the same…and uninspiring to me. So, I started looking at the indie patterns lately, settling on three. Two from StyleArc, the Italia Dress:

It’s darned cute and totally me. 

And then the Tahlula dress:

I like this little dress. I love summer dresses. I prefer dresses in the summer to anything else. I’ll need to make the sleeves shorter. Calls for knit fabric…which is very forgiving and a dream to work with, at least for me. I can totes see myself wearing this.

Then, Closet Case Kalle Shirtdress, Version B:


Now, one of the reasons I started drafting my own patterns is, quite frankly, I’m lazy. I really don’t like all the work that goes into making a muslin, fitting, making another muslin but I didn’t know how to alter a pattern against my sloper. I tried, but everything just got tangled up and I was worse off. In between ripping out the seams and topstitching of the jeans, I started looking online for help. I found one blog with an old posting…2013, I think it was?…about altering a paper pattern against her sloper before she made her first test muslin. She described it in a way that made sense and I could follow along with her. Then, she referred back to Lynda Maynard’s book “De-Mystifying Fit”. 

Sounded…so…familiar…to me….must’ve heard about this book, out there somewhere. I did a web search for it, saw that it’s only available on a CD and then I remembered why it sounded familiar. I think I had already bought this Book CD. I think…where would I have put it…because it would have been several years ago when I bought it…and yes! There it was! Exactly where it should be in a sewing room! With all the other books and reference source material! I took it down and had it printed off in spiral book form and spent last week reading it. I can do this! Yay! 

Walking on air, me!!!

I went right into my sewing room, cut off 2 huge sheets of pattern paper and dutifully traced the original pattern onto the paper to have a working pattern. Today was my first free day to be able to settle in and work on this project…and…oh. No.

The Italia dress does not have the waistline marked (one of two reference points when doing this.) No matter, still have the second reference point to match up, the neck/shoulder point, will just do the best I can …but in this little dress, the back yoke actually wraps around to the front a little. It doesn’t have a straight up shoulder seam so I can find the shoulder/neck point.

Okay, I think I can figure this out. I think I will enjoy figuring this out. From here in front of the ipad, thinking about it, I think that I just have to figure out how much I will allow the back yoke to wrap to the front, from there figure out where the traditional shoulder seam would be.

But of course this is the pattern I would choose to start with. But of course, Jypsea.

There’s nothing to be done about it. Looking at the Tahlula dress, it has a drop waist so the waist won’t be marked on that pattern either. Of course, the Kalle is a loose fitting Shirtdress so again, nothing to be done but to just get on with it. We start tomorrow. 

Raymond leaves to go look at a townhouse that came up for rent and will be gone overnight. Tomorrow will be the first day I won’t have a crew in to check the drying out or to treat the mold. We’re waiting for the inspector to come and take test samples inside/outside the containment area. It will just be me and the puppies tomorrow. Looking forward. Seriously. Everyone has been just great and professional and polite and Service Masters is a class act. But a couple of days without interruption? Lord have mercy, gimme!

I am going to take the puppers to the park for a walk. Because Ollie Bear? Boy howdy does that boy need some leash manner training. He doesn’t like it. He doesn’t like his crate either. He wants to be a free range chicken. And he’s a tad stubborn so he’s fighting the leash. On today’s park walk, we walked past 2 mommies sitting on the sidewalk watching their little girls play and as Ollie walked by one, he climbed into her lap. He’s cute enough to get away with it now and he’s so friendly to everyone, but that’s not going to be cute forever. He needs some manners. The lady laughed and told me not to worry about it when I apologized to her but Ollie can’t do stuff like that. Could just as well had been someone who would have become angry a stranger’s dog climbed on her. I didn’t catch it because all my attention was on Possum to keep him from wrapping his leash around the other woman. 

Possum fought the leash too, until his nose kicked in around the 5 1/2 month old mark. Then he started noticing that there were *smells* out there that as it turns out, he loves to explore! I let him. Anytime he stops for a smell, I stop, too and let him have at it. If it makes him excited about getting a leash on all the better. Ollie isn’t interested in smells just yet. Any day now, tho. He’ll be 5 months old in exactly one week, next Saturday, the 5th. Any day now, that little nose of his will kick in and he’ll be exploring, too. Right now he’s chewing. He’s got some baby teeth going loose and adult teeth coming in. I can’t see him right this second, but I can hear him going to town on a chewie. On what I hope is a chewie. I’m too tired to get up and check so if it’s not a chewie, I’ve just sacrificed whatever it is to him.

My Possum is really a great little dog. I’m crazy about him.

Oh, wow! Ollie Bear just went into his crate all by himself….!?!?!? He hates that thing!! But there he is in it!! Is he going to sleep there tonight? This is a first and a great development! He screams bloody murder when I put him in it if I have to go somewhere. 

Sounds like he’s ripping it up. I hear tearing noises. Your next crate will be one of those steel cage things, Ollie.

Jypsea Rose