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And now for something entirely different~

A status update for the backyard landscaping. Can I just say how pleased I am with it all so far? Two hiccups but whatever. Nothing that can’t be overcome and everything is manageable.

The hiccups are these:

1. The crew who began the landscaping missed putting down landscaping tarp, or weed fabric. Kinda a big thing. In order to fix this, a crew will have to come out, remove all the rock, lay down the weed fabric and then replace the rock. This is not a casual oopsie. It took me over a week to even compose the email to Miss Hailey letting her know that the company will have to come out and fix that. They balked, of course. I knew they would. (I might even have a smidgeon more respect for them for at least trying to get out of it, because BFD.) In the end, they agreed that they must come out and do it and most importantly, our business relationship is still intact. I’m more happy about that than I am that they will come do the weed fabric.

2. They tried a product that involves decomposed granite mixed with a type of glue to make it set up like concrete but it never set up. It’s a huge sand box right now. Ollie loves it and wants to marry it. So, they are coming to lay pavers down instead.

I got an email from Miss Hailey two days ago advising the crew will be here either Monday or Tuesday next. I am so excited! Also, they will finish planting the flowers that weren’t available when they started this project. *please be Monday please be Monday please be Monday pleasebeMondaypleasebeMondaypleasebeMonday…!!!*

Ok! Right…so now…recap…


That’s me. Please note the weird little ‘nipple’ that protrudes out the back. That’s the septic tank area and for whatever reason, that eludes me altogether, the builder’s landscaper decided to highlight it, even outline it. “And this…this? This is the SEPTIC!”

As if, one might say to the builder/landscaper “Excuse me, my good sirs, might you point me to the septic system?” And they would answer: “Why yes, we can! Right out back here! We’ve even outlined it for you so that you could locate it in the middle of the night.”

Originally, there were these large, flowy, beautiful bushes that the landscaper planted around the nipple area but, unfortunately,  my septic company requested I pull them out due to the roots growing into the system. Who plants bushes with invasive root systems over a septic??? Who does that?!?!?!

That just left the nipple, boys. The gray rock area is drainage. I did the red mulch. It was a mistake. Mulch is pretty on the day you put it down. It gets ugly fast and is a huge mess. It gets carried into the house…clogs up the vacuum hose. Then you have to straighten out a wire clothes hanger, affix a fishing hook onto the end of it and then swirl it around the clog to dig out all the gunk. I invented that, the fishing hook on a wire hanger. Feel free to use it. It’s not patented so there’s no royalties due me.

And yeah…the lawn is doing much, much, much better, too! What a steep learning curve!

Here were some earlier versions of mine to work *with* the nipple area:

From rock:

To Red Mulch:

My landscaping detail did a couple of things: the trellises provided a bit of privacy for my back patio and created this small place of beauty. I. Love. Flowers. In. Containers. Love. Them. To. Pieces. But this wasn’t perfect by any means. The actual nipple area I turned into the veggie garden area. I used half barrels and a VegTrug thing. I wonder if I have pictures of that area…Oh! I do!!

Sadly, the area remained…a Nipple Area. So sad.

The best answers are always the simplest ones. Change the shape of the nipple area. 

That’s where the first landscaper came in. The young man I had to let go. Still makes me a little sad because he was a very nice young man trying to break into the business but…yikes!…he cleared the area in January when it lawn was waaaaaay too wet. It was a mess. Just a huge soggy muddy mess. I posted about it. I was a mess, too. I was trying to housebreak a new puppy in that mess. Except when it rained. Then, we went out the front. 

I cried and lost sleep over this. Just as bad, the young man did not mark out the sprinkler heads and just ran over the top of them with the little dozer…ruining them. When I realized this on the day of…I was sick. The worst part of it is, I had to live (and lose sleep) with this for about 3 months. This in a neighborhood where one lives or dies by the condition of their yard. My ’hood here is full of some critical SOBs when it comes to lawn care.

In rides the Calvary~The Cutting Edge~my heroes!

Professionals from the start, the very first thing Miss Hailey did was come up with a plan.

I sincerely thought she & I would have to go back and forth several times to get the plan right. This was her first submission to me and the second I saw it, I knew, this was The Plan. I loved it.

Her crew started by locating the sprinkler heads and marking them with little blue flags and then laying out the area. Felt I was in good hands right there.

My plan, after the guys are finished next week is to take those containers with flowers:

…and disperse them throughout the area, just here and there, strategically placed. So exciting!! Next week, there *will* be a post just on the finished area. No “here’s where we started…”, just the finished area. Can Not Wait.

(Also, note to self: clean off the kitchen patio. Raymond will take the Traeger with him when he goes. I’m hoping to take the existing patio furniture and put it here, then get new for the main back patio. But I will need to oil R.D. up for that.)

Next week, we’re also replacing the old rock in the front to match this new rock. OH…! Just look at what Miss Hailey did with the drainage area…a dry river bed!! Jiminy H. Christmas!!! How wild is that? And just look at those planter boxes? I have herbs and marigolds in them now. Who knows where it goes next year.

Now…I begin on the front…

Ah, yes. It begins again….

….oh. That little dogwood tree wants a trimmin’. I’ll get right on that!

Ok. This is a very long post, I’m going to end it now. But I want to really make a point here…I have been under stress, even IF at times all I felt was numbness that covered up the stress (Thank God for small favors). What with this major landscaping job and then the house also being under major construction…Raymond is moving out and starting his life…R.D. is coming home for good, but it’s coming together. I am starting to feel some relief…of the stress that I wasn’t feeling…if you know what I mean, and I think you do. 


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