Time Flies~

August 15, 2018 0 Comments

And just like that, summer is almost gone. Was May really my last post? My Lord! Fun flies when you’re doing time. I take comfort in surfing my favorite sewing blogs and see that a lot of them went dark over the summer. So, quick recap~

The back garden is finished for this year. I call it a very good start. It’s not finished, there’s more to be planted and planned out, but not till next year. I’m done this year.

The plants are all first year plants and small. We had temperatures over 100 for the last couple of weeks, the last couple of days were 107, and I’ve lost a few to the excessive heat. The puppies dug a couple up, because why not, amirite? Next year, I’ll be adding more plants for a fuller garden and will also be grouping more of them together so they can shade each other. That’s the big lesson I learned this year, those young plants spread out as far apart from each other as these plants are, were unprotected in the high heat. Also, planting trees along the western edge next spring, for shade. You can see from the shadows where the I need them as the sun is in late afternoon when I took this pic. 

The little tree in the barrel wants transplanting. I have the spot picked out so that it will perfectly cast shade over the garden and patio.

The puppies are growing. I don’t have any recent pics of them. I’ve been too busy around here just with the daily chores to snap pics of the boys. Possum is couple of months shy of 1 year and he’s kinda turning into a little jerk. Our trainer warned me that around one year of age, dogs go thru something akin to being a teenager. He’s been going after Ollie Bear…who is still the sweeeeeetest little thing ever!!..over the rawhide chewies. Not food. Ollie can pirate Possum’s food dish anytime, anywhere. But those chewies are the coin of the realm. Real treasure. For the first time ever, today, the doorbell rang and Possum reacted, then went after the people at the door…not hard, just barking his fool head off.


Poor little Possum was attacked at the dog park early in summer, by a bulldog/pit bull mix. I had to rush him to the emergency animal hospital. He had 5 or 6 puncture wounds that required stitches. But that’s it. No more dog park. Breaks my heart to think of  little Possum being attacked like that.

The people at the door were my new student and her mother. I’m teaching piano again, a sweet, sweet little girl, 5. We’ll see how long it lasts. 

If landscaping a new garden area in one’s backyard wasn’t enough of a “How I Spent My Summer” story, we also had the mold remediation/rebuild going on. But it’s over. It’s done and thank God for that! The house is beautiful again, I’m loving the new floor but it will be when hell freezes over before I want another remodel job in the house. Great workers, but I’m happy to not have work crews coming and going every day and the house is mine again. 

Towards the end of the landscaping and remodel, Raymond finished school and moved 4 hours away to his new job, taking some of my furniture with him. Hence, we have some new furniture coming, hopefully delivered this week. Just two big chairs-&-a-half and ottomans…(**shhh** “just”….for now, don’t tell my husband!**) And a new rug for the living room. We’re configuring the living room here in the same way our house in Columbia, MD was set up. 

R.D. is home for good. Retired. It’s interesting. We’ve lived apart for 5 years until he was ready to hang it up. We are learning to live together again, all of it good but still somewhat challenging. When we bought this house, I had to learn to live on my own till he was ready to retire and I had that daily routine down cold, piano, sewing, keeping the house up, etc. Now, everything’s changed.  For the first month he was home, it was all fun and vacation like when he’d come out for a week at a time here and there. Now, we really need some routine. I’m getting antsy wanting some solid routine back, but I also like just running around with him. What’s a girl to do? Roll with it, I guess!

I’ve put R.D. to work hanging the pictures that have been stacked against the wall for the past 5 years. The house is coming together, now that he’s home. The household goods shipment from his apartment in DC came. Most of it went straight to Raymond’s new place and he is very well set up now in his apartment. Plus he’s got a great job where he’s well paid and doing great. I’m so very happy. Won’t have to worry about that one!!

Of course, along with these huge changes going on around here with the backyard, the house, the son leaving home to strike out on his own and the husband coming home to live, there’s always the little day-to-day things that happen. The garage door failed and needs repairing, Ollie needs to go to the vet, we’re out of necessities and need a Costco run, one of the Jeeps needs an oil change, the excessive heat is killing the new plants, gotta scramble with the water hose to keep them from dying. Laundry, laundry, always with the laundry…and vacuuming and dusting. Everyday is filled up and we stay busy. 

I’ve not set one foot in my sewing room this summer. I’m hoping that sitting down here will be the impetus that gets my back in there. I need to sew. I need to create. I have managed to carve out time every day for the piano, need to expand on that with the sewing room. 



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