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Ya make plans…make a list but yeah…no, things happen. Could just be me. I’m too fluid on my day-to-day happenings and also have no discipline whatsoever to stick to a plan anymore since R.D came home. I think that’s it. I toss my plans aside way too easily when R.D. wants to go have lunch or go look at something. What I need, most, is a plan to stick to a plan. I will get back to this in a minute.

The rundown:

First, instead of getting back into the sewing room, we bought a tree. A Katsura. Interwebs images of them are amazing. The nursery told me it would grow to a 40’ span. That’ll cast a little shade on the new patio. They’re also fast growing. Lemme tell ya, a knowledgeable nursery is worth every penny. All my original choices turned out to be no good for the high pH levels in my specific area. Julie, from Victory Gardens described what would happen and that’s exactly what happened to the tree that was originally planted out back. It  turned yellow on one side and then died completely. The Katsura, I’m assured, will thrive in our high pH levels.

Then, we had ordered some new furniture a month ago that arrived the same day the tree was delivered and planted. Two Chairs-And-A-Half with ottomans we planted in front of the TV. Heh.

There’s a big rug, in “Mushroom” coming in 2-5 weeks to go under the new chairs. We create this space everywhere we’ve ever lived. It works for us. A space just for R.D. & I & the puppies. Two chairs in front of the TV in the front room. I’ll have to post pics of the sunroom where we’ll entertain outside of the kitchen. Truthfully, outside of family, we don’t entertain. We enjoy our privacy.

Third, same day of the tree and chairs delivery, I drove over to Raymond’s in Eastern Idaho. He bought a dining table and chair set for his new apartment but couldn’t be home to accept deliver of it because his work schedule so I offered to come be here so it could be delivered as scheduled. Yeah, slowly but surely, his apartment is coming together. Of course, as his mama, while waiting for the dining set to arrive, I scrubbled his little apartment top to bottom. 1) Had to do something to pass the time and 2) he didn’t even own a broom or a mop. Three trips to the local grocery store to get everything I needed but its done. Little place smells great now!

We had given him the IKEA furniture from R.D.’s DC apartment but he hadn’t got around to reassemble it yet so I got busy and put all that together for him. AND…I cleared out the ton of moving boxes he was saving for a rainy day, I guess. I told him I’d take them to the landfill or recycle place but I only got as far as the bed of his truck. They’re out of the house and he can deal with it now! 😜 (My work here is done!)

I’ll leave in the morning to head back home on the 4 hour drive. Meh. What are ya gonna do? My son needed help and it’s really nice to see him. This is the first time I’ve seen his apartment and I’ve been wanting to check that out.

So, back to the top…I’ve got a lot accomplished but nothing that was planned out. And my planned out to-do list goes undone and this is becoming the norm for me. I will set out with what I want to do the next day and R.D. suggests we do something else and I say “Ok! Let’s!” It’s crazy. I need to work on this. This is actually turning into a problem for me since R.D. retired and came home. (Not a *bad* problem. It’s all ok, calm down Jyps.) Maybe it’s just a phase we’re going thru because we haven’t lived together for the last five years so we’re making up for lost time.

The weather is cooling down by around 20 degrees or so. Maybe R.D. will take up golf and that will be that.

Ok. That’s it. I’m tired, physically bone tired, and done for the day so I’ll sign off. *crosses fingers* into the sewing room tomorrow.



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