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August 31, 2018 0 Comments

Muslin #3 of the StyleArc Italia shirtdress. This one should go together pretty quickly and then I can go on to my fashion fabric.

V1 Muslin was just to get the lay of the land after measuring against my sloper.

V2 was to refine where I had altered the original pattern. I ended up going online to an Angela Kane tutorial for how to make the sleeve placket. The sewing instructions from StyleArc are not for the beginner, the sleeve placket seems to be the only hiccup for me so far.

I had too much fabric in the armscye. I took a colored pencil and marked on the muslin where I thought the armscye should go and got the sloper back out to compare the difference. Sure enough, I was right on where I had marked the muslin. I knew that would be a sticky widget for this dress. The shoulder seam wraps more to the front and I wasn’t sure I had it 100% from V1 to V2. I added 1/4” to the front for a full 1/2” more room and then moved the front pocket over an inch. It was interfering with the bust dart. I *may* have to add another 1/4”…we’ll see. I like where the length hits me so I’m going to cut a bias strip and do a facing for the hem.

I’m also doing 3/4 sleeves and haven’t quite worked that out in my mind. I love the placket (thank you Ms. Kane!) and want to keep them, so I have to play with it to see about the cuff. The placket stays no matter what, I may or may not be altering the cuff.

So….I’ve got V3 traced, cut out and darts pinned. I’ll stitch it together quickly tomorrow while R.D. is mowing and consider more alterations if needed. I’m close.

I’m also tired. I’m not proofreading this, just going to let fly.



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