Gah! Gremlins~

September 17, 2018 0 Comments

Ok, now lookit here, StyleArc Italia Dress…ENOUGH!

Ever have one of those projects? Of course you have. It’s part of the human experience, it just is.

I started this back in May, when the house was being worked on for the water damage. I thought to myself “You know, Jyps? Put the sewing machine in the bedroom so you have a nice project to work on that will make the time fly. Before you know it, the house will be put back together and you won’t even have noticed because, project!”


Not what happened. Oh, the sewing machine was moved into the bedroom, the cutting table into the master walk-in closet, the serger set up in another corner of the bedroom. Sure, that happened. What didn’t happen was the project. I got the pattern traced out and started comparing it to my sloper…made one or two or six changes…and then the house became the project. Turned out, I wasn’t able to just sit back here and work on sewing while crews worked in there. *jerks head to indicate the kitchen/living room area*

I can’t recall exactly what, but it was something every day. Nitnoid things. The wood I had chosen for replacement flooring wasn’t available, wouldn’t be available for 3 more months, could I come choose another one? for example. R.D.’s impending retirement took a lot of time. His crew was putting together a special personal retirement ceremony as he absolutely said he did NOT want a formal one so I went into areas of the house that had been taped off with plastic to find special photos for them to use…R.D. needed certain paperwork to complete his end of career file.

Then it was time to put the furniture back into the house and clean it top to bottom as dust was everywhere. It was on the walls, for the love of Pete! Once the cabinetry was put back together, I had to clean them all out. Service Master gave me the allowance for cleaning as I opted to do it all myself. Wouldn’t have mattered. Even if they brought in a professional cleaning crew, I would have gone right behind them and redone it again to my specifications. They don’t call me the Patron Saint of Clorox for nothing. I was too exhausted to sew afterwards.

The sewing room got put back together…I started again on the Italia…could not for the life of me remember what changes I had made and for what reason but decided to forge ahead on anyway, caution to the wind. Then after just sewing up the first muslin, R.D. came home and we celebrated his retirement for about a month. Seriously, the first month was a holiday. Took me about 5 weeks to get back into the sewing room.

Four muslins later. And every muslin had a gremlin. There was so much time in between muslins that I just couldn’t remember all the little things I had worked out on the previous muslin. Such as:

Need to add more width in the front…forgot to consider the neckline so as now the front to the back is off by 1/4”. The bust darts are giving me some real fit challenges. They…???…there is too much fabric at the points and they puff out. I can’t get the bust darts to lie flat. I can pinch off the excess fabric and rotate it into the shoulder area but right there…the last alteration I made to the shoulder area (when I corrected for the neckline) left the front shoulder piece smaller than the back shoulder piece. NEVER MIND THAT WHEN I LINED THE FRONT TO THE BACK BEFORE SEWING EVERYTHING AGREED!! NEVER MIND THAT! AND ALSO BOTH THE FRONT AND THE BACK AGREE WITH MY SLOPER!! YEAH JUST OVERLOOK THAT PIECE OF INFORMATION!! IT MEANS NOTHING!!

We took off in the RV for Lava Hot Springs last weekend before last to go see Raymond for four days and have already planned another trip to Utah this week…drat you, Retired R.D.! 😉

What the what?? How is it that everything goes pear shaped when I sew it up? And yes, I am accounting for seam allowances when I line these pieces up before sewing. I’m lining up seamline to seamline, not edge to edge of the pattern.

And that stand up collar! What?!?!? I can’t math anymore? I walk my measuring tape around, take careful notes of the measurements, but the fold over collar part ends up being too long. Yeah, but if I *reduce* that collar part by however much it’s too long, it will be too short by double. Gremlins.

I don’t think its the pattern. I’ve seen way too many adorable make-ups of this dress online and everyone raves for it. It’s the gremlins. It could be me. It could be that I’m going into the sewing room to *tackle this and I walk in with a mood. I could be sabotaging it unconsciously as the thoughts going round in my head are “Just leave it! Put this aside and work on something else for a while! I’m sick of this! I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore!”

I’m right there at the crossroads of Must Finish & Leave It. I will give it one more day. I’ll work on it today and then make the call. If I can’t get rid of the latest gremlins today, or if a new one shows up…I have no choice but to put this aside and work on something else.

Interesting to note: I usually draft my own patterns from my sloper. I wanted to work with an Indie pattern just to see if I was missing out on good sewing techniques or learning experiences.  (Yes. Yes, I was…>cough< gremlins >cough<)

As for technique, this StyleArc pattern does not have detailed instructions. They’re mostly “Yeah…after you cut it out….at this point…one sews it up.” Which is fine, really. It’s not the lack of detailed step by step instructions that are causing me problems, it is rather straight forward common sense. I’m just sayin’, in regards to “Am I missing out on some great sewing techniques?”

Okay. I’m headed off to get the day started and into my sewing room for one last day of the Italia Shirtdress, AKA: Gremlins & Co. 

I will come back here with an update later. Do not be surprised to find a new post titled “My New Sloper Dress”.

Just sayin’.


Jyps 🦋


*Tackle: to attack one’s opposition in a war. NOT, please note, to work together in harmony.                                        You’re welcome.

September 18, 2018

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