I, Bernina Warrior~

September 18, 2018 0 Comments

*eyes Featured Image above post*

That’s me, preparing for battle today, my trusty Bernina by my side. (…why doesn’t she have a name? My Jeep does!)

You may laugh.

You may think to yourself, “Well, that’s a little over the top, doncha think, Jyps?”


No, it isn’t. I am on my way to defeat the Italia Shirtdress Gremlin. I will defeat the Italia Gremlin or I will dine tonight in Valhalla. This is personal to me, now.

$**t just got real, y’all.

I was up until 1:18am retracing a fresh copy of the pattern. The last one had been slashed and taped with additions and subtractions until it was just a tired, sad semblance and hard to make out. RIP, Last Pattern Traced…you gave your all and we in the Bernina Long Hall honor you. I measured, then remeasured the new traced pattern. Does the neckline line up? I didn’t forget to add the 1/4” seam allowance? How about the collar? I walked the half pattern around the front & back that had been taped together…measured…traced where & how I wanted the stand to look, then walked the fold over part on the stand…seems like this will work….

Then I cleaned the sewing room. A-a-a-a-alll those bits of pattern paper and cut muslin, in the trash bin. Put away all the rulers and pencils and cutting tools. Replaced the blade on my Gingher rotary cutter. I’m ready.

Today, tho, I’m not sewing up another muslin. I’m cutting into fashion fabric. Meh, it’s not my *favorite* fashion fabric. Matter of fact, I’m not at crazy about this fabric so if this doesn’t work, whatever. I’m tired of working with muslin. I think 4 muslins are plenty. I also think that somewhere in sewing up the muslin, if something’s not right I got to thinking “What does it matter, this is just a muslin.”

It’s a crazy loop. I think cutting into fashion fabric will break that cycle. I know it will.

*tears roll down my cheeks*

It. Has. To. It just has to.

*theme to Excalibur plays on my iPad*

I stare into the distance and draw my seam ripper.

I will see you on the other side.

~Jyps 🐉

September 17, 2018

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