It Is Done and It Is Good~

September 24, 2018 0 Comments

I finished it. A wearable muslin for the StyleArc Italia Shirtdress Shirt/Tunic. 

I was right. I have to remember that, when I’m having an intuitive epiphany, do not argue and just roll with it. I needed to move onto a fabric that wasn’t muslin. Before the big reveal, here’s the mess I made during the great Italia Shirtdress Shirt/Tunic Sew. I’m rather proud of it. It’s a metric of the zone I was in.

Vanquishing Fit Demons is a messy process and not for the weak of spirit or those low on resolve.

I laid out the fabric, aligned the pattern, took the rotary cutter in hand and proclaimed “Fit Demons be GONE!” …and then…I slid, easy as you please, into The Zone. Like letting go of the sides and allowing gravity pull you into the deep end of a pool. It was amazing!! No matter what I did, it worked. There’s a couple of things I’ll do better next time >cough< hem facing >cough< but more because of the learning curve as I’ve never done one before. 

Anyway, without further ado, here’s my new shirt/tunic:

Looks better on me than the dress form. Actually looks quite stupid on the dress form. Is it the dress on the dress form?? Be honest, don’t hold back. You can say. More on that in a minute.

Okay, one of the hacks is, I shortened it to More-Than-A-Shirt/Less-Than-A-Real-Tunic/Somewhere-In-Between length. We’re going into Fall/Winter 2018 and I won’t be wearing dresses for too much longer. I’ve already decided to make a pair of skinny jeans to wear with it. And boots. I see skinny jeans and boots with it. Brief moment of honesty here, in my case, it’s more like Trim Jeans, not Skinny Jeans. Whatever. Suspension of belief, people!

Another hack, I added a little trim, just a hint, of contrast fabric to peek out from the pockets. I took up embroidery recently so I’m getting my fix for hand sewing and did not feel the need to do the buttonholes by hand. I machined the lot of them. I hacked the sleeves. I don’t go for full length sleeves, I like 3/4 best but for some strange reason, I did want the cuff, so there you have it.


Contrast fabric on inside yoke, under collar, collar band and button bands, also hem facing.

Ok..the hem facing. I cut a bias strip thinking I could sew it all way around but the curve where the front joins the back is too extreme. Next time, I will add the hem facing to each piece before I finish joining. Or do a search for YouTube vids on the correct procedure. Something. I’ll think of something.

Now, ‘bout them darts….as stated in last post…they were poking out at the endpoints and standing away from the body about 1/2-3/4”. *whispers: it was so bad!*

Sure, I could have taken it apart, remeasured and whatnot and redrafted the darts. As one is supposed to do. But I didn’t. Know what I did? I just pinched out the excess and smoothed it until it lay flat on my body, pinned it, ran the iron over it with steam and topstitched it into place. Yes. The dart. Topstitched it. It extended the dart by 2 1/2”, I kid you not.  ….oh. Did not take a pic of that. I owe you. Sometimes a girl’s just got to do what a girl’s got to do to get by. I did mark it on the paper pattern and I’ll be sure to watch it on the next Italia Shirtdress Shirt/Tunic so I can make the right corrections permanent. 

Long story short, I’ve got a wearable muslin that works, and I’m happy. Real happy. Cannot wait to start the next ones!  Before I can start them, tho…little housework~


All sorted. NOW we’re ready for next. Which will beeeeeeeeee….

Went to JoAnns looking for cotton lawn. Found these instead, a cotton satine and some contrasting premier cotton. I have a blue linen with some checked blue/white shirting in my stash I’m giving the side eye to. So three more of these and I’m sure that I will be making little changes here and there so it’s not exactly the same four times over. Then on to working with the next pattern. Circling back to the dress form. Imma do this:

Bootstrap Dress Form Pattern

In a funky fabric. 


Yep. Other than RD was in a fender bender today, his fault for failing to yield, unfortunately, and Tank is in the garage, which sucks and I feel bad for him, it was a good day.


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