A Quiet Life~

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I live a quiet life. Eric Clapton’s quote is my credo.

We went down to Nevada to see the daughter and her chirrens. I had a very nice time, enjoyed the little ‘uns very much. I was just getting over a head cold, RD didn’t want me driving down there alone so in the end, we traveled down in Itty Bitty the RV for a couple of reasons. The pups are still young, RVing is new to them so not only an opportunity to see the family, another small trip to accustom the pups. RD stayed in the RV with the pups while I hung with daughter and grandkids. One of the pups has taken to RVing like a duck to water. The other one *cough* Ollie Bear *cough* does not care for RVing. This is a problem. He hates the leash and fights it non stop, refuses to cooperate. I hope he gets better at it as I dearly love this pup but not being able to RV is a deal breaker, I’m sorry to say. If he can’t adjust…it will break my heart no end, but I can’t have him miserable while RVing. However, I do know one thing: Life does find a way to sort itself out so I will just wait and watch what happens.

Has taken to RVing like a duck to water. In Food Guy’s lap.

Not this one. Enjoys being home. But look at that face!!

The family, on the other hand…wonderful! Kids are getting big. The baby is talking now!!! “I love this! It’s sooooo beautiful!”…is her favorite saying! She has this teensy weensy little face that is just….tooooooo much!! She melts my heart like butter. The most loving child ever, loves to be held and cuddled, loves to be kissed on. The 5 year old is just herself. There’s no trying to figure out where she fits…she will step into life’s stride easy as you please. Great sense of who she is already. The grandson is turning into a handsome kid. Last time I saw him, he was all gangly and goofy looking!! (As boys go thru the different stages!) But I caught a sight of him this weekend and thought to myself… “Wow. He is really going to be quite a good looking man some day.” Happy kid, always smiling. I’ve yet to see him in a bad mood. My 15-yr old is going thru the changes that teens go thru and my heart just goes out to her. She’s in that in-between stage…not a kid…not an adult…but a wonderful young lady. I love her so very, very much, that one. I took them all out for lunch an it was impressive how well mannered they are…3, 5, 9 & 15…all perfectly mannered in the restaurant. Happy kids. I had a great time with them.

I think that the way to go visit them is to drive and rent a hotel room, tho. Until their new house is completed and the RV pad my son-in-law is going to pour for me complete with RV hookups (except sewer, of course, because septic), just driving down there by myself and getting a room is the way to go. I’m extra leary about putting the pups into a situation with unknown dogs—the daughter has 2 large dogs—since Possum was attacked at the local dog park but the bulldog/pit bull mix and subsequent emergency surgery. I won’t do it. I think I owe it to Possum that I will never put him in danger again for as long as he lives. Once the RV pad is poured, I can stay longer at a go.

One of the bestest things about going on a trip is walking back into your house when you get back home. I have this thing I do: the day before we leave, I kill myself with a good top-to-bottom cleaning. Yes. The first day of the trip, I limp out into the RV with my back out and my elbows hurting and my hands can’t grip a coffee cup from wringing out cleaning rags. And I just sit in the passenger seat while RD drives. And here’s for why…because walking back into a thoroughly clean house at the end of a journey is heaven.  Ya come in and soak in a hot bubble bath and then crawl into bed is right at the top of the list of my favorite things! Zen. Nirvana. Peaceful. Relaxing beyond words. RD got up early this morning to sneak out and fetch coffee from his favorite coffee place to bring me coffee in bed (because of course he did!). I’m so happy right now, just needed to get it down here in rememberence of how my life is pretty darn good these days!

Not having much luck raising the Son. He does that. I send texts of “Hello! How are you?” and get crickets back from him. Last time, I texted him for a week straight without hearing a word from him. I finally sent him a text advising RD had been tragically lost in a freak RV accident and the funeral was the following week…could he make it? He called me immediately. When I answered, he was laughing uncontrollably. I laughed with him. Took us a good 3 or 4 minutes before we could speak. I love that guy!!! He gets me. He has a busy life these days. Both my kids are doing good. I’m grateful. We had a rough start in life, the three of us.

Years ago, I found a plaque that struck a chord in me. It had a bible verse on it and something-something about “I will restore your family” on it. I gave it to my mother. Knowing her, she probably threw it in the trash the second my back was turned. While I am not at all religious, I am very spiritual. That plaque spoke to me all those years ago, I’m talking 25-30 years ago now. I remembered it a few months ago. And it occurred to me…it wasn’t my mother’s family that would be restored (after all, she’s not the one that found it, I was)…it was *MY* family that would be restored…as long as I kept the faith of it. My mother’s family has not been restored one iota. *MY* family has been. I’m getting deep and dark here and very glad of the fact that I do not have an online following, nor do I want one…this is for me and me alone…but along with my little family being restored, I’m glad I finally had the raw nerve to finally sever all ties to the people I was born into. They are not my family. Pretty sure they’re happy about it too, tho, so fair’s fair. I was deeply troubled as a kid and teenager. They look at that and see it as justification for throwing me out at 16, I look at it as it was not the problem, it was a symptom of deeper problems inside the house I grew up in that to this day, no one has addressed. My mother was/is psychotic and has severe mental problems. Why anyone would leave 3 little kids in her care….???

Well. It’s done now. It’s over.

My little family is growing all the time. My eldest granddaughter is having her first baby. I probably need to start sewing some baby clothes for her. She’s having a little boy. I told her it was a boy. She thought she was having a little girl.

So, sewing! Want back into my sewing room today!! I made a 2nd StyleArc Italia Shirtdress Tunic in a blue linen and trimmed in shirting. I have fabric for 2 more but I’m also eyeing another pattern that I’d like to try so…we’ll see. All I know is I will be in the sewing room today. I wore the green one for the first time while at my daughter’s and loved it. She complimented me on it, as well, so there’s that!! On the blue linen, I sewed the hem facing differently than the green one but not so happy with the result of it. Could have been done better. All last week, in the back of my mind I found myself thinking “What if I did it like….?” While surfing the sewing blogs, I came across a post from a gal who created the cutest trims to an Archer button up shirt and I thought to myself “I am so stealing that for my next Italia.” So stay tuned.

Ok. Enough for today. I’ve got to get up out of this amazingly comfortable bed where I’ve been iPad-ing for sewing blog surfing. RD wants to go to the gym, I’ll go with him, of course. I will at least get the next project cut out for sewing tomorrow. Send the kids love texts, let them know I miss them.

This is one of those posts where I’m not going to go back in and proof read. This is a stream of consciousness post and Imma just let it be. Sending love to everyone!


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