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Heavy sigh.

I’m done. Finally done with the StyleArc Italia Shirtdress Tunic. You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to write this Done-With-This-Pattern post.

Know what? I did not enjoy this pattern…all three times I sewed it up…just didn’t. All three times, it was nothing but a slogfest. I thought the next one would be easier and better but it never did turn the corner. It was an aggravating experience from the start, but not because it’s not a great pattern….wait…is that too many negatives?

For me, it simply was a project infested by gremlins from day 1. One of the gremlins with this particular version is the cotton sateen fabric. It frayed like a mother…’s nerves on her last Xanax and the kids home on a snow day. So, I’m done with it, the working patten is folded and put away in a large manilla envelope and that’s that. *brushes hands off*

The latest:

Mind you, it wants a pressing but the iron had already been turned off and cooled down. I wasn’t in the mood to turn it back on. Despite being officially done with sewing this pattern-(I filed the paperwork with the proper authorities so it’s cool, I can say it), I really like the end result. I love the fabric…a very nice dusty rose cotton sateen trimmed with a beautiful cotton contrast.  

I did sew the triangle inserts into this one, something I did not do with the other two, mostly because I forgot about them during construction.

I read a snooty sewing blog post recently from a gal who couldn’t understand all the photos home sewists take of the inside of their garments. I know why we do it, because we make the effort to make sure the seams are beautifully done on the inside, too. Me? I like the contrast.

Bit of an error there putting the buttonhole right at the end of the band there. I knew it when I did it but it was late and at that point all I could think of is how much I just wanted to retire this pattern. I simply did not want to get up and remeasure the rest of the buttonholes. I said to myself “Jyps…what are the odds anyone is going to notice???” And away I went. Now…I can’t unsee it. I give it the ol’ SideEye every time I walk past. But it’s done, best to not dwell on the past, amirite?

So, I will wear this blouse. I’ll wear it with pride because the fit is great, the color amazing, and I like the feel of the fabric. And the other 2 versions of this pattern:

I’ll get a pic of me wearing it someday when I’m out & about with RD, because unlike ReadyToWear, these look better on vs the hanger.

I’m so looking forward to the next project….
SewDIY Lou Box Dress

Ummm…the top on the left, not the dress on the right. And here’s for why: C&CLouBoxTopInPlaid

Ever since I saw this post ‘bout a year ago, I knew I’d be wantin’ me one or 4 of these tops. Just love it! And the plaid!! Swoon! It’s my first PDF pattern. Have to say, I’m not a fan. Didn’t care for taping the thing up. I could take the file to a local Kinkos and have them print it out on their large size printers (think blueprints) but that negates the cost savings for buying PDF vs a paper pattern. Here it is all taped together:

Traced out for a working pattern:

I’ll muslin it up tomorrow. Shouldn’t take long; it’s a front, a back, the 3/4 sleeves w/cuff option, pockets and front/back hem facing. No problemo. I have some plaid…because I actually see this in the plaid…that I fell in love with…and sadly, I have some more of that fraying cotton sateen in a beautiful dark olive green that I’ll probably do up in it. This time, thinking about serging the edges before sewing because it frays that badly.

In other news:

1. Pups.

The dogs have chewed the electrical wire to the A/C.  ~Again~  They pushed thru the fencing we put up around the A/C unit. *Jerks*! The pups also worked themselves under the little fencing barrier we put around a new tree and started digging that up. The dogs are still alive but that could change. Their chances are 50/50 tonight. Ollie has been especially trying tonight. He’s wide awake, full of piss and vinegar wanting to play-play. “Throw this toy for me again and again and again and again, or! You could just hang on tight to that end while I pull with all my might on this end! Let’s do this all night long!” We finally gave him a rawhide chew for busy work but all evening he has been jumping up on the ottoman to chew it (we keep throws on the ottomans, now just for this purpose), dropping it on the floor in a very loud clatter, jumping down to retrieve it, back up on the ottoman…repeat, repeat, repeat. He’s wearing me out tonight!! Occasionally, Possum decided he would try and get the chewie before Ollie could jump off the ottoman and then they both went full mayhem. *whispers* I need them to go to sleep in the worst way. I can feel my nerves fraying like a dark gray cotton sateen. At night, when we go to bed and & surf the net on our iPads, we have to turn the lights off and iPad in the dark, or else the pups won’t quit whatever it is that they’re doing at the time. Only once the lights are turned off and the room goes dark do they lie down and go to sleep.

2. Piano

My one little student is officially post honeymoon phase. She’s lost all interest. This is very normal. Kids like the idea of taking music lessons but the reality is learning a musical instrument is hard work. The only way they make it thru is with parents who make them practice. Don’t get me wrong, the ones that are forced to stick with it come thru to the other side and are very happy with themselves, but non musical parents who force the issue are few and far between. They have enough of a battle with math, geography, etc. I sent her mother a note today. Dad wants her to push thru, Mom thinks it might be best to hold off. We’ll see where they decide to go with this. I’m unwilling to continue unless I have full parental involvement, quite frankly. It could be, too, that she’s a bit too young right now and is honestly in over her head. She’s a very young 6 year old. Anyway…maybe they’ll decide not to continue. I feel torn about this. I do enjoy sitting with her at the piano when she’s excited about it, but not looking forward to the not practicing and repeating lessons over and over again. Well, we’ll wait and see, it’s all part ’n parcel.

Thinking about jumping in the RV and heading down to the Arches in Utah for a trip. Because retired and we can. Really looking forward to it. This time…I *AM* taking the little Singer Featherweight and sewing. I just haven’t before because I have a notion that RD is going to resist me doing that and I’ve been avoiding the argument. He’ll think its just something else we have to load and unload for no good reason because I won’t sew on the trip. In all fairness, he could very well be right. We don’t really sit around with nothing to do when we go, we don’t go out for so very long of a time, and the RV is named Itty Bitty for a reason. She’s little, only 24 foot long. Meh. Maybe I won’t after all, this trip.

Ah! Just looked over. Both pups sound asleep!! I had subconsciously been aware the chaos level had quietly gone down in the background! Now I have a delemma: I need to go do supper dishes…but don’t want to disturb the pups. And a monkey in the kitchen? With these two timberwolves around? Forget about it! What am I to do?


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