LouBox Dress Pattern Work~

October 23, 2018 0 Comments

I began the SewDIY Lou Box Dress. I cut out the M/L. I probably could have gotten away with cutting the XS-S. Maybe not but I’m swimming in the M/L size. This is supposed to be a very loose fitting pattern but my goodness!!  One wants a little bit of shape!!! I’m working on making it a bit more fitted. I’ll give that a go and then maybe cut the XS-S out and begin again.

I am learning a lot about altering pattens now. Both the Italia and now the Lou are missing the markings I need to compare against my sloper. Neither has the waist or high hip marked. Harder still, the Lou does not even have burst darts. (I’m adding them in, because, not a hobo.) I’m going off where the shoulder intersects with the neck and then marking where the underarm *should* be. Don’t know if I’m right, but I’ll get it figured out. Reckon what would happen if I marked where my waist is next time I do a fitting? And then say “Voila! There’s the waist line!” Then…use that as a measuring point. It might could work…thinking out loud here.

I am considering cutting the M/L out & sewing it up in a heavy T-Shirt fabric and calling it a pajama. It would be perfect as is for that.

Itty Bitty went in to the Mercedes Benz garage today. Brakes flushed, checked & adjusted, technicians found a leak in the power steering hose that needed repairing, air filter, fuel filter but the old girl is good to go & ready for a long trip now. It was an expensive service but we’ll call it worthwhile if we do not break down somewhere out there. We’re shooting for a road trip in her next week, to the Arches in Utah.

Did an hour on the treadmill today at the gym. It’s getting easier. Don’t think I’ve mentioned before…we joined a local gym. I didn’t mention because I wanted to make sure the membership was going to take, which it certainly does seem to have taken hold. Had it gone the other direction, there would’ve been no need for it to be written down here only for me to look back and be embarrassed about it, but so far so good, surprisingly! Sewing helps, believe it or not. You want to look good in the clothes you make. In my case, there’s not a pattern alteration out there I could make that will cover needing to drop some pounds. No, the gym is what’s called for. RD has always been pretty religious about working out. Since he retired, he’s been going almost every day and let me tell you….he looks good!! Me, on the other hand, I gained some weight while Raymond was living here, what with his love for gourmet cooking and heavy cream sauces and homemade Tira Misu desserts and all. RD cooks far healthier than Raymond, thank God!

I hit a point a couple of weeks ago where I made myself go workout when I didn’t feel like it. I told myself that especially when I didn’t feel like going, that’s when I really need to get my butt in there. I’m past every second on the treadmill or elliptical being tortuous hard work. I’m getting to the aerobic high faster. But I am NOT going to start looking for results in the mirror, no sir! I’m just going to keep my head down and one day I’ll look up and see it, I’ll say “Oh. There it is. Good girl.” I have more energy, I physically feel better and I’m sleeping better at night, so even tho I’m not seeing the weight loss just yet, I am physically feeling the benefits.

Here it is, nighttime. Ollie is trying to rustle up a game of “Throw This!” Or “Tug-A-War”. So predictable, that pup. Possum was crashed in RD’s arms until about 3 minutes ago when he got up and moved over to RD’s ottoman and passed out again. Good dog. Nice and quiet. Ollie will keep it up till we turn the lights off.

That’s all. Nice day today.



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October 22, 2018

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