Took A Simple Project, Made It Hard~

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So, just finished the first Sew DIY Lou Box Dress/Tunic. Could not have been easier. The pattern consists of a front, a back, sleeves with cuffs and hem facing. Very simple, right?


I thought this would be a great time to try out the Hand Felled Seams on the inside. Can I just say…there’s a reason God invented The Serger. And what a blessing The Serger is!

Look, I came across this incredible young sewist on YouTube, Bernadette Banner. I love her videos! She’s fantastic! This is the first video of hers I came across and I’ve been hooked ever since: Making A (Modern) Edwardian Walking Skirt  She uses period authentic methods to construct her costumes, which of course does not mean using modern machines like the Babylock Evolution Serger/Coverstitch or the Bernina 560. However,  I do loves me some hand stitching so I thought this would be a great place to try hand felling seams. Pretty labor intensive, actually. Here’s the top:

It’s a pretty cute little top. I really like it and will make it again. Very comfy, no shaping whatsoever so casual as you please. Turns out, I am a hobo and did not add bust darts. With a pair of jeans, this top is the bomb.

It has a longer shirttail back~

Stripes match on the sides. For some reason, I’ve always found matching fabric patterns easy.

I used a light black lining fabric for the hem facing and then stitched it down by hand.

Same lining fabric for the cuffs. I like that combo. I’ve used quilting cotton for cuffs, inside/outside collar, button band contrast since forever. I’m going to start using a more silky fabric for some trims where I’m able.

This time, I did a baby facing to bind the neckline. I really like it. Will do again and again.

Laid out on the cutting table. I’m quite proud of this little top and need to make more. If I don’t, I will wear this every time it comes out of the wash and then the flannel plaid will pill. However, in future, The Serger will play a prominent role! Ha!

Here’s the hand felled seams on the inside. The fabric is so busy that you really can’t see the hand stitching. I hand felled the seams on both sides, the shoulders, around the armsceye…everywhere. There was more hand stitching to this top than machine stitiching. The mistakes: at first I thought it would be a good idea to use wonder tape to keep the folded over seam together and make it easier to just sit in the evening and stitch while watching TV. No. The wonder tape gunked up the needle and made it difficult, so I only did that to one seam. I found folding the seam over to stitch it down wasn’t so bad. The armscye itself. Whoa. I really didn’t know how to do it where the seams intersected. Which seam was dominant? The seam where the sleeve was sewn onto the top or the side seam that extended on to the sleeve seam? And is that one benefit of using side seam/armscye gussets??? I eventually just took it one stitch at a time and tried to do my best to see where one seam would cover the other but it felt loosey-goosey to me.

I have to say, I really like the evening stitch fest. I really do. It took me 3 evenings to complete but by the 3rd night, my neck and shoulders were stiff and sore from the position I held them in for the sewing. The 3rd night I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t get comfortable from the aches and pains.

OTHER NEWS: RD & I both had the horrendous cold of the season. I’m seeing a lot about it in the news, it’s bad this year. (As opposed to other years, I guess.) The worst of my catching a cold, I caught whooping cough back in 2005 and ever since everything, and I mean everything, eventually turns into bronchitis that takes me weeks to get over. Ingrown toe nail? Moves up into my chest and causes bronchitis. Split ends and need a hair trim? 24 hours later…I’ve got bronchitis. I’ve only just been able to talk without coughing since yesterday. The week before, I didn’t talk at all and communicated with RD via hand gestures. That must’ve been nice for him!! 😜  I overdid it with the house cleaning and ended up tired and coughing last night.

Don’t care. I’m continuing on with the housework today. I haven’t been able to clean properly since I got sick other than the wipe and a promise kind (except the bathroom…I cannot abide a dirty bathroom. Or bedroom for that matter.)

I also managed a trip to JoAnns for more fabric. It’s been thru the wash and I believe I’ll get onto the 2nd LouBoxDress today. I think I can do it in a day….yay!!

RD has to take his Jeep back in for service. During the repairs, a tech set off the air bag that had to be replaced and now some of his steering wheel controls don’t work. The Bluetooth phone and the radio volume/select controls. That needs fixing. He’s headed to P’tello next week to help Raymond get his truck refinanced and out of our name. RD will have to sign off on the loan. Since Raymond isn’t a student anymore, he doesn’t qualify to be on our insurance. Raymond is making the truck and insurance payments, he should be getting the credit for that on his credit score. And he’s working now. This should be all him.

RD will take the day and go. It’s too cold to take the RV and Ollie Bear is not a good traveling companion, so the boys and I will stay here. Yeah, Ollie Bear. You should get over that traveling thing soonest. You have to go with us when we go so you might as well start enjoying it like Possum. We’re not giving you away, you’re ours. You belong to us. Sigh.

Ok. Enough. I need to get up and get going. I’m giving the bathroom the side eye. It wants cleaning. I told myself yesterday that I should take a day in between house work but I don’t think I can. It won’t take very long to knock it out and then I can sew with my mind at peace. So….I should just get at it.


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