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UPDATE:  After sleeping on it, I decided to gift the Blue LouBox to the Daughter! Size-wise, it would be perfect and I had shared a pic of the fabric one day while chatting with her on the phone…she kinda flipped out over it!! So…maybe all things turned out the way it was meant to be. This is a first for me-sewing a nice garment for a loved one. It’s…strangely…a great feeling! ❤️ We already have plans to have a sew-a-thon once she’s moved into her new house and now I am even more excited for it! It’s been a good week so far.


I’m back with three new blouses. I’m not so happy with the last two and I’ll explain why. First, the one I really do like: a SewDIY LouBox Tunic in a light flannel, white with emerald green plaid stripes. I like everything about this top, the green, the weight of the flannel. The two follow on blouses were to keep me from wearing this one non-stop until it pilled up.

It feels great to wear, it sits on the body so comfortably. And, not for nothing, I just think it looks sharp. I cut the pockets on the bias for a bit of interesting detail and the trim is a satin/rayon.

Did the baby facing to finish the neck. It’s my new favorite thing. Love the way it looks. So lovely!

Here, a shot of the hem facing. Yep. This one is a favorite of mine now.

Now the next two: hmmmmph!

This is another SewDIY LouBox and the fabric is a “silky” rayon something. I fell for it on the bolt, got it home, sewed it up and….downfall. The drape on the bolt just did not live up to it’s promise.

In truth, it’s heavy and hangs like a heavy fabric would. You can see in the first photo how it stands away from the body in the back on its own.

You can better see in the photo above how it stands away from the body vs draping. I do not like this. I will wear it. It’s winter, so the heaviness of the fabric will blend in. (Today was our first snow day where we holed up with the fireplace going and hot tea.) I have a sense that after several hundred washings, the fabric will start to soften up. If it doesn’t soften up and live up to the “silky” in its name, no way could I get away with wearing this in the summer.

I changed the neckline to a V-Neck on this one just for a little strange.

Of course, in the finishing…I Did It My Way. The trim and hem facings are a beautiful, lightweight, crepe fabric. The crepe was a bugger to hem, it kept shifting so I had and extra inch and a half, two inches on the left side as I hem right to left. I had to take the stitching out and tacking it down every 3 inches or so and then re-hem. By hand, natch. Any chance to go with hand stitching, I will happily go that way.

Then the last top I just finished. Leisel & Co Maritime Knit Top. Again…the fabric at first seemed fairly drapey but…yikes…made up, it feels heavy. Blah Blah Blah…winter time, I’ll wear it and with many washings, etc.

Now again, like the LouBox, this is a shapeless top, no darts in the waist or bust. Unlike the LouBox, the Maritime has a square bottom and a boat neck. I like that quite a bit.

I did do something different on this one because of the knit fabric. I self-faced it by hand and then picked one of my decorative stitches to top-stitch it in. Don’t know why. I was going to top stitch it as a matter of course but at the last minute thought “Meh…why not?” And then went with it. I really like the fabric, by the way. A LOT!

I top stitched the shoulder, the armscye, and hemmed the sleeves with the same decorative stitch. It was just something to do. I mean…I’ve got the stitches on that machine…right? At some point, I *should* do something different than the straight and/or zig zag stitch!!

Side vent. I opted not to topstitch with the decorative stitch here.

I’ve got fabric for the next Maritime top and it’s a true t-shirt lightweight knit. I can almost see thru it. The very weight of fabric I usually shy away from. I’ll start it tomorrow. I’ve got to get away from the heavier fabrics! It’s like Stockholm Syndrome with me and the heavy!!

In other news…

RD & I are going gangbusters at the gym. I’m starting to lose weight. I can see it in my face but nowhere near what I want to lose. We’re eating better. RD cooks healthier than Raymond, although Raymond is beginning to see the light.

Ollie Bear and Possum had their first snow today. They’ve been out in it most of the day having the time of their lives. We watched them from the window. They ran, they faux fought, they chased one another no end! Sadly, this afternoon when they came in I caught a whiff of them and it made my eyes water!! Holy Cow!! So into the shower they went and got a good scrubbing. If you think that being slight dampish made them want to stay inside with the fireplace, think again. We did make them wait until they were just slightly damp. I think they love the coming back in and getting toweled off. I know Possum loves that. You dry him by rubbing the towel vigorously over him and he just keep coming back for more and more! Cute as can be, that! Ollie is just Ollie. He’s just so happy all the time anyhoo it’s hard to know a special something that excites him. He’s pretty enthusiastic about EVERYTHING!!

The first snow day of winter 2018-2019. We went shopping yesterday so we’d have food and whatnot and could just stay home and off the roads today. Planning ahead, us. We bought some cookie dough from a local kid doing a school fundraiser a few months ago. RD pulled it out and baked up some cookies today and they were delicious!

Yeah. Today was a great day. RD is in the kitchen right now doing up dinner, I did laundry and some light housekeeping and now documenting the latest sewing projects. Today’s lesson is I need to trust going with lighter fabrics. I always worry, when I see them on the bolt at the fabric store, that they’re too light. But the one thing that I always subconsciously complain about when I finish a garment is…its too heavy. Now, thanks to the blue LouBox, I’m very consciously aware of the biggest flaw in my sewing.

Dinner’s ready. RD is bringing me a plate right this second. Must go.


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December 5, 2018

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