My Sew-Jo Takes A Powder~

January 14, 2019 0 Comments

Sigh. Alright then.

I started this post yesterday and just deleted everything except for the excerpt below:

“Can I just say…I really, really, really hate the first muslin. The second muslin is intense dislike and I move up the dislike scale until I have a new garment. 

See…what I was thinking last year was “What am I missing by drafting all my own patterns? Are there skills I could be learning by buying a professional pattern and following the instructions? I mean, apart from YouTube videos?” Then I went on a pattern buying spree and I absolutely hate it. Would rather take a beating, as they say. Because, the deal is this, the patterns *never* fit, of course. So I trace out the pattern, cut out the first muslin, sew it up and see nothing but a mess. It takes numerous muslins cut out, sewn up, corrections made, before I get to a good working pattern to make a garment out of. By then, the design of the original pattern itself is all but lost. Also, I never, ever follow the instructions, because my pattern spree has been mostly indie patterns, and indie pattern instructions are mostly rubbish anyhoo.”

Starting out with a brand new pattern is a buzz-kill, and just to prove myself right, I went ahead and sewed up the pajama bottoms I had cut out in muslin. Sure enough…off. Way off. So no further ado, I trashed them and got a pair of pants I drafted a couple of years ago Now, let me tell ya, this was drafted as a pull on pair of light denim. Pull on because I hadn’t yet mastered the zip fly and I needed something quick. These have an elastic waistband. And I love them to pieces. Comfy, casual but mostly, the damn things just fit. Except for the rise being too low. They don’t quite fit comfortably on my waist. Oh well. Whatever. I’ll correct that this go around.

I’ve no idea where the paper pattern for these pants went, so I threw the pull-ones down on pattern paper and just cloned the crap out of them.

But I’m done with paper patterns. Any and everything I want to sew, from here on out, I will either clone or draft from scratch from my block.

I did learn something, I guess. I hate starting out with a new paper pattern like poison.

Gave my girl her piano lesson today. The little thing is doing great.

Pups are getting big, hitting the one year old mark. Possum has a very calm personality, you can chill with him and enjoy a nice movie. Ollie Bear is a spaz and you have to throw something for him to fetch during the whole movie. Possum can be a bit of a crank and Ollie Bear is the sweetest thing ever, the absolute sweetest disposition and always happy. We call him Jolly Ollie. But we are getting it all worked out. We’re all meshing into one unit. They make me happy and I love ’em to death.


Know what I need? I need some snow. We’re getting the cold temps, we get the wind but dry, dry, dry. I guess there’s a monster winter storm hitting the Eastern to MidWest of the country, nothing here. I need me some proper winter. I need snow and gray skies. It’s hard to feel comfortable cocooning inside when the outdoors is drenched in sunshine.

Alright. That’s that, then. Tomorrow is treadmill day. Actually, later today as it’s past 1am now.


Jyps 🦋

February 2, 2019

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