The Plague~

February 2, 2019 0 Comments

The Plague is here in my house. Third time this season RD & I have  been sick, but this time its really bad. Even RD was down and out. He never, ever gets sick enough to where he shuts down for several days at a time. He came down with it first…I think…the week before he got really sick, I was down in just a low energy way, couldn’t get enough sleep. When RD came down with it full bore, I moved into the guest room to try and keep myself from getting it but no joy.

That’s all. We are doing The Plague here. I don’t know if we really have “had” it three times or we’ve just never really gotten over  it. It seems to have come in waves with a day or two in between of feeling like we beat it. Every wave has been worse than the last, until this week.

RD says he’s over the worst of it and on the mend. I’m dropping under this third wave, either to head for the worst of it or to try and mentally beat it. Pushing the fluids to flush my system, napping when the mood comes on and in the meantime, wiping everything I touch with disinfecting wipes.

Which reminds me…I stopped using bleach based cleansers because of the harshness to our septic and also, it’s just harder on me and triggers asthma. And here we are…cannot beat the 2019 cold and flu season. I had a really good day 2 days ago and went thru the house to clean it top to bottom. Because RD was full bore sick, I added a bit of bleach to my cleansers (especially the bathroom). I believe I will keep that up, maybe not using the bleach based cleansers, but adding a little to the cleansers I have been using. Because something is not killing the virus bugs around here.

Would really love to get back to life and just stop feeling so *Ugh!* all the time.

My energy level for the past 3-4 weeks:

It is getting very, very, very, very old. I was bone tired couple of weeks ago and complaining that I need a boost. RD suggested we jump into Itty Bitty and head to Vegas, a road trip would perk me right up. We planned out a route and did a little shopping for the trip but the day we were to leave, RD woke up with his raging cold, so we scrapped going. And truthfully, I must have been incubating the bugs myself because I was secretly glad we weren’t going. I was so tired, I just couldn’t imagine having a good time. We’ve been on RV road trips when we’ve both come down with bugs and it is the absolute worst.

The upside here is that RD came down with the Raging Bug first, while I was just incubating it, so I was able to fetch after him and make sure he had whatever he needed to be comfortable. Now that he’s on the mend, I’m starting a bout with the Raging Bug so he can look after me, now.

That’s all. Just gonna go be at one with the Raging Bug and work on keeping myself mentally upbeat. Even tho I really, really want to be cranky. That’s just not fair to my family and I won’t give in to that.

Yet. Not just yet.


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February 14, 2019

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