Sewjo Muse Is Restored~

May 10, 2019 0 Comments

Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnndd we’re back.

I need summer tops. Necessity helped to call the muse home.

Because I just like it so well, I broke out the Lou Box Top pattern, but thought to myself, “Ya know, boxy is ok for winter but summer wants a little shaping.”  Agreeing with myself on that, I nipped in the sides a shade. Here’s the winter versions as a reminder, both in flannel:

Here’s the winter/summer front pattern piece side by side for comparison. Not that much of a nip in.

Before I post the reveal, let’s look at construction:

Can’t. Stop. With. The. Hem. Facings. My goodness, how I love that technique. There is just something posh about it that pleases me no end.

As per usual, baby facing on the neckline, trim on the sleeves. This pattern has a bit of a drop shoulder, and I just left it at that. Did not add the sleeves to it.

Miss She-La modeling:

I love this fabric, a beautiful, drapey-as-silk Fabrics by Gertie challis that is lovely. I want an entire summer wardrobe of tops made out of challis, I do, I do, I do. I see this with a pair of white light stretch denim capris. Am I a little over exuberant?



I’ve been waiting some time for the Sewjo Muse to come back and inspire me and here it is. I thoroughly enjoyed just working on this little top.

I’m also working on a chemise pattern because I’d like to have several light summer night gowns for hanging out in the evenings. I got into some fun YouTube sewists over the winter, making vintage costumes. And vintage to the point where everything is period correct with felled seams and hand stitched. I liked the look of the chemises, and wanted some for myself. Joanns had some beautiful white linen fabrics some months back and I bought quite a bit of them. As we speak, I’m wearing the chemise muslin. One of my favorite sewist blogger~who’s book I bought and have been reading~says when making a muslin of a new pattern, we should actually wear the thing, not just put it on and check for a quick fit. Sit in it, walk around in it, do the things you would normally be doing in it. So far, so good sitting in my chair watching TV and surfing the inter webs.

In other news, poor little Possum has a nasty bug. He’s been sick now going on a week. He started not eating last Saturday. We caught him throwing up some pretty nasty stuff in the back yard later and I took him to All Valley Emergency Vet Hospital. They tested him for Parvo, said that even tho he was vaccinated, he could still get it. It’s a lot like us and flu vaccines. He tested negative they gave him fluids with nausea meds and we came home. He did eat a little bit next day and we felt better about everything. Monday, tho, both pups were acting sick and not eating. We took both pups into another vet hospital and again, they tested both for Parvo…this time saying it could have been a false negative the 1st time for Possum. Again, both tests were negative. Both pups got IV fluids with nausea meds, more meds for Possum and we came home with instructions for a bland diet. Ollie Bear bounced back the very next day. Possum has been hit and miss, one day he’s ok, the next he’s down, lethargic and won’t eat. Of course, the emergency records were sent to our regular vet and I’ve had a couple of phone calls with his office so  he’s aware. This morning, he called RD to ask how Possum is doing and said that he’s had 4 other cases of this gastroenteritis in dogs that he can’t diagnose properly or treat successfully. He thinks maybe there’s a new bug out there no one knows about so they don’t know to test for it. Possum is really bad today. It’s tearing poor RD up. I’m just watching. We’ve done everything we can, we’ve spent good money on emergency doctors…we’ve tried everything to get him to eat. I don’t know. It’s hard when they’re sick. They can’t tell you what’s wrong with them.

I say he started this last Saturday. Looking back, he’s been finicky about eating for a month now. He did eat, he just had to talk himself into it first. Hopefully, he will kick whatever this is or the vets figure this bug out. I’d hate to lose the little bugger, I do love him.

Ok. Anyways. It’s bedtime. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, there’s a new song I’d like to start learning and a new Lou “Shaped” Box Top in another Fabrics by Gertie challis to cut out. I’m hoping Possum eats tomorrow. At the moment he’s growling at Ollie Bear because he’s sick and cranky. We’ll keep a good thought in our hearts about it.

Good night~

Jyps 🦋






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