Needs Some Alterations~

May 26, 2019 0 Comments

The striped Gap Clone dress?

This one:

Still too short for my comfort. Needs to be altered and become a top. For the other one~

I am going to cut the bottom off square and add to it with the same contrasting fabric I made the yoke/placket out of. What if I left the *slight* shirt tail on this and added the extra length…but squared that?  Hmmmmm…..

I was sure I added enough length to the pattern but I’d just be more comfortable with more. I like wearing dresses in the summer, it’s cooler for me and heat is my arch nemesis these days. But I wear them out in the yard…notice a weed that wants pulling…one or the other plant that could use a little pruning or water…and next thing I know, I’ve been out in the yard working for several hours. One wants a bit of coverage when they bend over to pull a weed, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

So, no big loss. Just a miscalculation that is easily managed with basic sewing skills.

Possum still sick. Listless. He’s just a little unhealthy, I fear. It’s the bane of pure breeds. Mutts are hardier.


Jyps 🦋

Jypsea Rose