The End Of The Beginning Of The Gap Cloned Dress/Top~

May 31, 2019 0 Comments

Great! Just entered my favorite time with a pattern. Pattern work is all but done, made all the essential changes and now get to do refinement and “to-taste” alterations. For the coral rose version, I lowered the front neckline by 1”. Every time I make this, I’ll be changing a little thing here and there as it occurs to me to do. The fit is done…now it’s just play-play as I tinker about with design details. I love this time with a new pattern!!

Starting with the 2nd one in the coral rose, very soft, light quilting cotton, here’s what I did:

I cut a new bottom out of the contrasting fabric~

I squared the bottom of the dress at the closest point I could square it up, serged the new pieces onto the bottom and hemmed. Easy-Peasy-Lemon-Squeezy~

And voilà!

Again, I say voilà! I wore this little dress all day yesterday and I really do love it. Very comfy, very caj. I’m going to make it again and again. I can either make it again and again or I will wear this one out this summer alone. Lovely little summer dress! I felt good in it!

Onto the alteration of the Striped Gap Cloned Dress~

I really wanted to do the same thing with this one as I did with the coral rose dress but I didn’t have anything in my stash that I liked as a contrast. The fabric I used for the baby hem facings in the neckline, armsceye, and placket was too light to be added as a new bottom. So, it became a top. The pockets were a challenge, see below.

First, I used the first Gap Cloned Dress that was too short and ended up getting cut off to become a top to measure. I must say, this little yellow top became a favorite summer tank, one that I wear a lot. 

Measured front and back~


And hemmed up. As for the pockets. Yeah, that was a challenge and I’m not really sure I made the right call here but in the end, I didn’t want to give the pockets up. I probably should have, unpicked the side seam, removed the pockets, sew the side back up and called it a day. But I likes me some pockets. I kept them, but I had to get creative and in the end, it all felt loosey-goosey and jury-rigged. 

The Problem:  pockets were longer than the new length and fell down below the top’s bottom.

The Solution: I cut the pockets to the new hemline and zigzagged the new bottom edge.

That didn’t fix all the problems with the new pockets. They still sagged below the hemline as they are only attached via the side seam and gravity pulled them down. I tacked the bottom of the new pocket to the actual hem.

Can’t really see the tack stitches, but they’re there. I only caught this side of that little hem when tacking, making sure to not go thru to the front of the top.

Now, with the pockets secured on the side and the bottom…that little arched top fell down and sagged something fierce, so I did a hem stitch all along that curved line of the pockets. It created an outline on the front but it was either that or saggy pockets. Outline it is, then. I think over time, the thread will blend better. Or not. Whatever. I kept the pockets and won’t lose any sleep over this. It’s an everyday summer top. 

At least it’s even on both sides.


I started a new chemise yesterday. It’s cut, shoulder seams sewn, one underarm gusset put in. Adding inseam pockets to this one and every other one I make from now on because…I do like having a pocket. Handy as all get out. The Pocket. One of life’s greatest inventions and if you doubt me, try getting on without them and see what I mean. “Oh! A pocket! It’s insignificant! It’s nothing!” Oh, yeah? Where ya gonna put that hankie, smarty pants? Where ya gonna keep that bit of paper you just wrote something interesting on?

 I’ll finish the chemise today because I want many more of these little night shirts. They are the BESTEST to hang out in at evening time.  The absolute best. The master plan of making a few garments then a chemise then a few garments then a chemise is on track.

RD is down with bursitis in his ankle. It’s very painful and he has to stay off of it so I’m his nursemaid for a few days. He did alright yesterday staying off of it while I made sure he had what he needed but he will get a bit testy by end of today. He’s not one to sit still. He is so good natured and even-keeled that when he has a bad day, it’s a shock to my senses. 

When I get testy…it’s called Tuesday or Thursday or Friday. Or any other day ending in “y”.

Possum has made a full recovery, surprise surprise! Whatever it was that he had, he’s over it now and back to the little sweet red, amber eyed pupper doggeh! Nice to have him back. We’ve had tons of rain this Spring and our back yard is full of mushrooms, as is everyone’s yards are now. RD wondered the other day if Possum didn’t eat some that made him sick. Who knows. He’s back and full of piss and vinegar, harassing us for biscuits, tackling Ollie Bear for just being Ollie Bear and giving anyone hell for walking down the street outside of his fence. 

I was outside yesterday when the school kids got off the bus and walking home. I waved to a little second grader who said to me “Your dogs bark at me.” About that time, both Possum and Ollie Bear noticed him and rushed to the fence in their shepherd dog frenzy, going crazy at the little guy. “See?” he said! I said I was sorry, but they did that to everyone and told him I hoped he had a great afternoon. Cute little kid. 

That’s that. I need to get out and take pics of the back garden. I’m curious to see it grow from now thru the summer and end of the growing season. It didn’t rain yesterday so I’ll need to water a couple of things. 

And Nurse Ratchet-ing to do for RD. And the chemise to work on so very full day for me and I’d best get on with it. 

No housework, tho. I can’t take the chance that I injure myself… (😜)…and then both RD & I are down with no one to take care of us. Best to just not take any chances and stay in the sewing room, where I’m safe, and sew. There’s no reason to take unnecessary chances at an injury.

Sure…I’ll pay for it in the next few days as the dust builds up but there are no free rides in life, I’ve learned. 


Jyps 🦋 

Jypsea Rose