It Is Done!~

July 30, 2019 0 Comments

Dear Diary~

The Alder Shirtdress Hack is done. I finished it, and it is good. I’m really happy with the dropped waist.

I spent the last 2 1/2 days with needle and thread finishing all my regular hand stitching: inside collar stand, hemming, tacking down the inside of the button bands, buttons and that’s a wrap. Hemming the pleated skirt was a huge job, it turns out. Not to big that it would discourage me from doing this again, but still, just sayin’.

I’ll revisit this post after it comes out of the wash and I have RD take some pics of me wearing it.

I enjoyed this project. Tonight when I have nothing to sit here and hand stitch, I will miss working on it. Time to look to the next project, the Haslam Dresscutting System. I joined FaceBook just to be part of that sewing group. Hope I don’t regret it. (I’m not a joiner, I’m not a group person. Moody loner, am I.) I prefer to sit in my sewing room and grok about things in my own time. Too many voices coming at me from a lot of different directions unnerves me.

Sigh. We’ll see.


Jyps 🦋

P.S. Just back from Joanns. Bought buttons. Sewed the three on. This dress is done. I Got R Done.

Jypsea Rose