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Dear Diary~

Yesterday, I mended a brand new bra Ollie Bear got ahold of. Brand new, high end, expensive bra…worn once. I changed into my nightgown and left it on the chest at the foot of the bed. Apparently, it was more than Ollie could resist.

He tore a hole in the outer lining on one side, made two little holes on the other cup. As soon as I found it, I immediately thought “How can I fix this?” (I didn’t even get mad at Ollie. I was a bit peeved at myself for leaving it in a place where he could get at it, tho.) 

I gave it a good think for one day and decided to appliqué a bit of lace over the top. My local Joann’s didn’t have much in the way of lace. I took what I could get. I should start looking for nice lace to add to my stash for strategic mending purposes. Now that I know I need it, as Ollie is still with us and not with a nice farmer on the outskirts of town “where he can run free”. An ounce of prevention.

I put on a good movie and ran a line of backstitches around the torn hole. Then I overlaid the lace in the best position I could find and started appliquéing it on. It took 2 of the flower motif to completely cover the hole, and in the end, the double appliqué hid the hole better than a single layer. By the 2nd flower motif, I had snipped the flower out before the appliqué. It worked better than appliquéing it on and then snipping it out.

On the cup with the 2 smaller holes, I cut out a different part of the lace pattern, one that I thought would work and did the same there. Not to shabby!

The dog is still alive. Sleeping on my bed at my feet. How can you kill something that shares your bed over a mendable hole in an undergarment? Only get this: after we went to bed last night, we heard a noise in the front room like something heavy & plastic hitting the wood floors. We looked at each other and then at the same time: “OLLIE!” Before we could make it out of bed to go see what in the dickens he was into (this time), Ollie strolled in. Carrying…in his mouth…my tomato pin cushion I had been using while stitching on the lace. Just pleased as he could be with himself. He had found a little red ball we could throw for him! It was a bit of stress trying to get him to let go of it while also trying to keep the pins and needles in it. No, I did not leave it where he could easily get at it. He had to jump up in my chair and reach over to my side table (which is extra high) and snatch it off.  When did he see the little round, red tomato ball of a pin cushion?….and decide that at the first opportunity…it was going to be his!!! He’s clever like that, so he is. The clatter we heard was him pushing a remote out of the way (and onto the floor) so he could get to the pin cushion! Life with Ollie Bear, amirite?

In any case, I am quite in love with this mending process now. I’m looking for other things to do this to! RD says he has a pair of jeans with holes in the side. Me: 🧐

I was looking online for a nice pic to use as my featured image and loved, loved, loved the one I chose. But I also found this in the “mending” images:

How beautiful is that???? I ask you!!! 

My autoimmune thing has reappeared. My energy is completely sapped. Go to bed tired, wake up tired. No amount of vitamins help. All I want to do is sit quietly anyhoo. If I can just sit and stitch this while the autoimmune does its thing…at least I’ll feel like I didn’t completely surrender. (Surrendering is the worst part of it. Makes me feel helpless.) So be thankful for little victories? It’ll pass. I just have to let it do its thing. 

I have a new granddaughter, Kaitlin Renee, born this morning at 5:51am. 9lbs. Looking forward to meeting her in a week or so. She has my middle name. ♥️ 


Jyps 🦋 

Jypsea Rose