A Stitch Here & There~

August 26, 2019 0 Comments

Dear Diary~

To begin with, I’m tired. RD & I emptied the master and guest bedrooms AND closets yesterday so a crew could get in there and install the new wood floor. The master closet is a walk-in so there you go. I’m tired today beyond belief. The pups & I are in Itty Bitty over to the local KOA to stay out of the way of the workers and so I would have a place to nap. I am tired to the bone. Better rest up today, tomorrow, we put everything back. I’m going thru everything and if its something I don’t need…it’s going to the Idaho Youth Ranch. I’ve needed to organize the master walk for a few years, here’s my opportunity.


I’ve got an Edwardian camisole and drawers cut out in the muslin to test the fit. I haven’t sewn it up yet. In the next couple of days. I did do a neat mending on the blown out knees of RD’s jeans.

Here’s what I started with. Just a lovely big ol’ hole in the knees with the denim frayed around the edges. I told RD I wanted to mend them and he said “Ok.” but continued to wear them. Then I said “Why are you still wearing them? I want to sashiko them!” and he said “I don’t think they can be mended.” I said “Take them off and don’t put them on again till I say you can.” To make sure he understood, I added “Or I will kick you till you’re dead.” I don’t mean it. He knows I don’t.

I really wanted to use that striped denim set on the diagonal, but it has a lot of Lycra in it and is stretchy. Not a good choice for regular denim and/or RD. I went with the darker denim there.

Opened the side seam to get at it, cleaned up the fray to see what I was working with. Kind of a gremlin-looking hole.

Pinned the repair fabric on the back…

Took it out to the patio because nice day and hooped it up…

Unhooped it and ran a back stitch around it instead because the pins holding it in place were not working….ouch…ouch…ouch….

And satin-stitch, satin-stitch, satin stitch. Took almost a week of working on in the evenings. Raymond was here last week so I didn’t work on it continuously. But can’t you just see it? Yoda’s Head on Casper’s friendly little ghost body. Very gremlin-like. I could have had some fun with it if only my husband wasn’t such a serious guy. Or if he was a 12 year old.

Better shot of the finished outline…now for the real fun!

Le motif…

Design and a little sashiko….

Added a little layer of quilting cotton to protect against embroider knots. And we’re done. Definitely will do again. Much fun. Much enjoyment. In future, either keep shape of the blow out and outline or do a sashiko & a motif but probably not both together. I likes me some hand stitching. Very meditative.

We’re back home. The flooring guys are just finishing up and it looks mah-va-lous!! So glad we did this! WiFi at the KOA too slow, the pups needed to go outside for some romping and since Ollie Bear is not leash proficient, I brought them home to their yard. Poor Ollie, the leash is not his favorite thing, sadly. He’ll just have to do unhappily, I guess. Anyhoo. I’m out.


Jyps 🦋 


September 8, 2019

Jypsea Rose