To Mend~

September 8, 2019 0 Comments

Dear Diary~

Finished the Sashiko repair of the first pair of jeans. Enjoyed it thoroughly, plan on doing it again and again and again. The Sashiko method will get better and more elaborate as I go on. Just because I love it and the nature of this  activity. 

Anyhoo, I began with this:

I wanted to use the striped denim and insert it on the bias for diagonal lines, but it’s not really a true denim, it’s got a lot of Lycra in it and very stretchy. I went with the solid dark blue scrap denim. I cleaned the hole of frayed denim and opened up the side seam to get to the area:

Pinned the repair piece onto the back of the hole…(more on this in a sec):

Hooped the damaged area and started to satin stitch around the hole:

Removed the hoop because with the pins…ow, ow, ow, ow!!! I kept accidentally poking myself with the straight pins. I tried both removing the pins and using the hoop, and keeping the pins and losing the hoop. It worked better at first, to just use the straight pins. After stitching enough to keep the repair stabilized, I went back to using the hoop. 

And now, I have some sorta…Yoda head on a Casper the Friendly Ghost body…and…YIKES!!! From here on out, I will give the shape of the hole serious consideration, to include reshaping the hole itself if needed.

When I finished satin stitching around the hole, I trimmed the back piece of repair denim away, right up to the edge of the stitching. Didn’t get a pic of that.


And now, some play-play. I played with a traditional Sashiko stitching and then, because it was such a pleasant way to spend the evening, I embroidered a gold fish onto it, using this template I got off the interwebs. This really draws attention to the fact that I should have reshaped the hole. Live and learn.

There were quite a bit of embroidery knots on the back side. I thought it would be somewhat uncomfortable on the knee so I stitched a piece of quilting cotton onto the back.

That done, I sewed the seam back up on my machine, serged it as well…and oh, by the way, the new Juki serger with the much smaller foot made it so easy to pick a starting and ending point of the new serged seam. I’m loving the new Juki serger. This is the inside of the repair:

And here’s the repair from the right side, all done:

We’ll see if RD wears them. He’s not a flashy guy. I have another pair I’m in process of taking the side seam apart for him and a pair for Raymond to do. Holy Cow…I loved this no end!! 

I spent all morning on the interwebs looking at vintage sewing patterns. Good heavens some gorgeous dress patterns but unfortunately just garments that I would not wear. I don’t really attend costume parties or affairs. I found 3 or 4 that I would wear and ordered them, as well as gave some more money to Mrs. Depew for some of her vintage reproductions of garments that I would wear. I can spend hours on her site and Etsy shop, her recreations have really captured my imagination.

So that’s that and I’m off to get to the jeans repair. Tomorrow, I’ll start back in my sewing room. I have the muslin of an Edwardian camisole and matching drawers cut out. I can sew them up pretty quick, I think and then move onto real fabric. I have a couple of sheer curtains with lace inserts that I’ll use for them!!

Anyway, more later!

Jyps 🦋 


Jypsea Rose