The First Order Of This House Is Peace~

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Dear Diary~

I had a hard couple of weeks, but it’s over with now. I felt very much like the featured image above. All the pattern pieces are there, just jumbled up and tangled together, one had to search out the piece one needed and trace it out. I had to do that with all my emotions. I had to search out everything I was feeling, separate each from the rest and then put it in order so I could make sense of what was going on inside.  Will work harder to avoid stress like that in future. The first order of this house is peace. Stress will kill you. That’s a very old vintage way of printing patterns, by the way, to save paper I guess.

I finished another blown out knee repair. Was so very therapeutic and meditative. Really helped me to slow down, one stitch at a time and get a handle on the situation.

Satin stitched the hole:

I saw a whale in the shape. The natural shape looked very much like a sperm whale but all my sketches looked like amoebas. So, I went with an orca:

With Sashiko~

I spent hours quietly stitching these jeans. Worked out a lot of troubles. But enough of that. I’m calm and feel like my soul has been restored. Things are not the same and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

When my wrist began to ache and my fingers became so sore that I couldn’t work the needle any longer, I tried some therapeutic shopping online for patterns. I…think I’m set for long winter months sewing, Lord help!

I won this lot in an eBay bid. I primarily wanted the 5193 blouse pattern. So darned cute! When the patterns arrived, I liked a couple more better in person than just pictured online, too, so good score and dirt cheap. 

This is the second lot I won, again, more just wanting 7900. Love that scalloped neck. And once again, in real life, a number of the other patterns were well worth the low price. I went in on this lot here with 3 minutes left of bidding and upped my bid to win it…$12.50 + shipping.

This is a very cute little Shirtdress coming from Australia. I think its adorable. Princess seams, piping, interesting pockets…totes adorbs!

This hat just caught my fancy. We wear hats here in the winter and made right, this can be the bomb. I’ve been reading about hat making and want to give it a go. 

Another Folkwear. For whatever reason, these patterns are just appealing to me right now. Not that I want a Garden Party Dress per se, but made up right , it could make a gorgeous nightie. I’ve made 2 chemises and wear them all the time at night watching TV with RD. I could use something with some fancy & cute to it. 

I really don’t know about this little summer dress. I liked it when I saw it online but when it arrived, I shrugged my shoulders and said “Meh.” I won’t get to it until next summer in any case, so it can sit and percolate. By next Spring, I’ll be itching to do something light and airy and it might energize my imagination better. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Don’t laugh at this one, another Folkwear, wait till it’s made up and you’ll see. It’s really cute as all get out! Loving on all those tucks. 


And saving the best for last…Raymond’s Christmas gift.. (his 2020 Christmas gift, let’s be honest with one another here). A lot of appliqué. I won’t be appliquéing all the hippie flowers. I’ll do an “abandoned in a field” motif. See the fabric in the upper left hand corner? The cows? My cow fabric is below. 

I wasn’t paying attention and this fabric is coming from the UK so it’ll take a bit of time to get here.

I’m going to work this motif into the background as well, more the barn, horses and tractor. I doubt I’ll put the red truck in but you never know.

I went to the fabric store and bought a great fabric of fish in a stream, so that’ll go in. I’m really excited about this project and I haven’t been excited about quilting in over a decade.    

So that’s me of late. I said to RD that I wanted to take a horticulture class and he found some at the University of Idaho that look like just the ticket. They start in January. I’d like to take my Idaho-English garden to the next level. 

We’ve got some traveling in Itty Bitty lined up here real soon, middle of next week. We’re going to Yellowstone. Raymond said he’d love to go with us but I’m not going to hold him to that. He’ll be coming off a night rotation and it takes him a couple of days to switch back to days. By that time, he’s back at work. Anyway, then we’re going on to Omaha to get eyes on RD’s brother and then head down to Oklahoma to visit with a couple of cousins.  

I need all of this. The sewing, the Sashiko, the quilting, the Yellowstone, the RVing, the cousins. My world was shook up something fierce a bit ago and it took me days to recover. Shook up in a way that I will avoid like the plague from now on. 

But it’s better now. 


Jyps 🦋 


September 8, 2019

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