Mini Vacays and Future Plans~

September 29, 2019 0 Comments

Dear Diary~

Spent all last week getting ready for our first venture out on the open road in Itty Bitty: cleaned house top to bottom, inside out. Gave her a good scrubble, I did. Because to pull in, offload essentials, jump into the shower, get into jammies, brew a cup of tea and post up in the big chair waiting for dinner…in a spic n’ span house?…that’s all part of the trip. After all that, the vacation is officially ended.

Or as in this case, suspended. The original plan was to head to Yellowstone and then motor thru Northern Wyoming to South Dakota to Omaha to see a relative there and then onto Oklahoma to visit with a couple of cousins. Mother Nature made plans, too. This winter storm formed:


We changed our plans from going North to Yellowstone to heading South to Moab and other Utah Nat’l Parks, which was fine, as those places are on our bucket list. Our first stop was Salt Lake City and coincided with Raymond’s days off so he came down to meet us Thursday night and planned on going back home Saturday, we would continue on south. Then a couple of things went wrong. That winter storm grew larger and colder…in some places it dumped 23” of snow…in September! And brought heavy rains much further south than anyone originally thought. SLC was due to get dumped on. We talked to other RVers in the park who were busy bringing belongings into their rigs or under the awnings or packing up to head out, everyone keeping an eye to the sky. We watched the black clouds build. Kinda neat, actually, but I’m a storm loving girl. I find storms soothing. 


The other thing that went haywire was our water system. Even being on city water, the pressure would drop to just spitting air. If we waited for an hour, the pressure built back up but as soon as whatever little amount of pressure was released, the lines emptied out. Normally when the pressure drops, the water pump kicks on but this time it didn’t. Which means the pump didn’t register a drop in pressure. So more than likely, there’s a blockage somewhere between the water pump and the faucet. One possible suspect is an old filter element that we’ve never bothered to change. Another possibility is there’s rust or water scale built up on a check valve somewhere. We’ll get her in next week for a complete water line check and go from there. 

We went back and forth about continuing on south, neither of us were ready to cut the trip short but all the RV parks we contacted were completely booked. I imagine there were a lot of full-timers heading south to get out of the way of this storm and/or snowbirds. So what with the water line troubles and no room at any inns, we chose to come home. We had an ample 12 hour window to get home (plenty of time). Once this storm system clears out and we’ve got the water lines issue resolved, we’ll head out again. 

Not a total loss, I had a great couple of days with Raymond. He had never been to an IKEA (gasp!) so we headed over there. And what a crack-up! He blew right past the living room, bedroom, office displays…but kitchen displays??? Oh! He opened drawers. He looked inside cabinets. He ran his hands over the mock stove hoods! That man has a passion for cooking! In the MarketPlace area, he man-handled cooking utensils and pots and pans, turned them over and inspected them closely for utility. It was fun to watch him.

I need him to buy a camp trailer! That way, he can stay in the RV spot next to us…..hmmmmm….got a plan roiling around in my brain….

In other Good Raymond News, he’s about to be promoted. Again. And this is such a great story. When he first decided to go to Diesel Heavy Equipment school, his end goal at the time was to become a field service tech with his own truck. Welp. The Kiewit company does have field service techs of their own out at the mine. Right now the operators are not happy with the current field service tech. Raymond’s boss talked to him last week to see if he’d be interested in moving into that position. I laughed when he told me. The very thing he said he wanted to do when he started out is now being offered up to him on a silver platter. What a ride!!!

Raymond has a new vision quest. With his love of cooking, he is now talking about someday owning a restaurant. Maybe start out with a food truck. He’s spent a lot of time thinking about it. If he vision-quests this new thing the same way he did becoming a field service tech…watch out. He’ll let nothing stand in his way. He’s made a true-believer out of me. God speed, Son.

Alright, that’s the catch up. Finally! A post with no sewing in it, even tho sewing was the sole reason I started this diary, upon the sound advice from all the sewing gurus I follow, as a way to keep track of skill building techniques and how much I improve and become a better sewist with every new project. Which is mighty important to me.

An important side note here…I caught RD looking at new RVs. I don’t know how I feel about it. I love Itty Bitty so much. She is just so great in so many areas but we have outgrown her in others. I’m not getting younger and I worry about climbing up and down the ladder to get in and out of bed. Especially at night in the dark. The first night out, I dropped the dinette table and made that into a bed but it’s not as easy as it sounds. The dinette table doesn’t just passively “drop”. It wrangles. And it’s heavy. And the bed it makes up into is very low and hurts my back trying to get it made up. I’m not doing that every night only to have to fold up the bedding and wrangle the dinette table back up every morning. I can also see that wrangling the dinette table every morning and night will eventually cause wear on the table parts. We’ve talked about making renovations inside to make that problem go away. On the keep-her side of the argument, I love the diesel mileage. And she’s paid for. The money we’d use for a new RV could be used for RV travel instead. Her Diesel engine is just now breaking in. I’m not a fan of materials being used in newer RVs, they’re cheap and flimsy. Itty Bitty’s materials are very high quality with solid wood cabinets. I like the idea of keeping her until she becomes vintage and we’re the original owners. We take exceptional care of her and it shows. I think I lean more on the “We’re keeping her.” side. We’ll see. Trust me, it will be a cakewalk to talk RD out of buying a new rig. He’s not a miser, but he is good with money and knows the value of a dollar.


Jyps 🦋 

Jypsea Rose