On The Road Again~

October 5, 2019 0 Comments

Dear Diary~

Back out. Repairs completed on our beloved Itty Bitty. RD did them. I’m so proud of him. He also trouble shot the no water pressure ordeal. Seems it was the super high water pressure at Salt Lake City KOA conflicting with the pressure regulator but for the life of me, I cannot ken it. No matter~RD understood it and things are working again so it’s all good.

Headed down to Moab via Zion National Parks to cross an item off the Bucket List. Tonight, we’re in Elko, NV. High mountain desert, and the air smells of the mountain air with sharp sagebrush fragrance. I texted this to Raymond. He responded “You’re making me homesick. Home means Nevada.” I told him even I had a nostalgic homesick feeling.

The days are warm, the nights are freezing this time of year around here. Lovely camping weather. It’ll be back up into summer temps down to Moab.

We didn’t rent a car for the two days we’re here, but our RV park is close enough to town to make for a very nice walk. RD walked in for coffee this morning, then he decided to hike it again for a new sewer hose. We took the old one out to make repairs and forgot to replace it. It is several years old and needs replacing anyway. But he underestimated the distance, mostly because when he got to the store in question, they had a big ol’ sign saying they had moved to a new location. He took off for it. He returned in a taxi! The new sewer hose came in a 4’ long box, he didn’t want to haul that back the 3 miles. After all that walking, he was feeling pretty good and plenty energized so he & I both took off back into town for a Mexican restaurant he had passed by for lunch.  Pretty much, a really nice day here in Elko, Nevada. A very nice day, indeed.

So…we’re in that place. Talking about Itty Bitty. Have we outgrown her? Do we want a new rig? A diesel pusher? A trailer so we have a truck to drive when we get to where we’re going? Do we want the low gas mileage that comes with a bigger rig? Do we want a new rig payment? Itty Bitty is paid for. Do we do a few remodels to Itty Bitty that will help with the space problem?

I’m leaning towards keeping this rig. I love this rig. I know her inside and out, frontwards and back. She is in great shape because we’ve taken very good care of her. The materials used in her are top notch, not the cheap crap new rigs are now being made from to keep them light, although the price tags on the new rigs do not reflect being made from cheaper, lighter materials. I was lying on RD’s bed (the jackknife sofa) looking around at my little rig…and I truly do love her. I just can’t keep climbing up and down the ladder to the overhead bed where I sleep much longer. I think that will work out just fine right up until the moment it doesn’t and I’m afraid I will fall off the ladder one of these nights.

I personally think we will toss this back and forth for several years before we decide to do anything. And that’s the blessing here, we don’t have to do anything today or tomorrow. We have time. There’s not another rig out there that I’ve seen that has made me fall in love with the design. No, really, every single rig I’ve stepped into over the past several years have left me with “Nope. Not this one.”

Itty Bitty’s pros outweigh the cons. She’s paid for. She gets 15-18 miles to the gallon (vs 7-10 miles with bigger rigs). I have a ton of memories in this rig. RD & I were recounting all the states we’ve been to in her. It’s easier to list the states we haven’t been to in her. We always remember a Goose & Simon story when we take off in her. She is sound. RD is starting to do his own repairs…that’s a biggie!

I believe my vote is to remodel and keep her. This is my rig.

Dinner tonight~

I really wasn’t too hungry from lunch…Mexican food is very heavy…but a steak fresh off the grill? How can you resist? Two avocados that needed to be eaten tonight. They go bad on ya fast and by tomorrow they would have needed to be thrown in the trash, and we had the microwave baked potatoes…so ya know. Sigh. I’ll…get up with RD in the morning and hike down for coffee with him, I guess!! We’re planning on doing some hiking in Zion and Moab so exercise is in our daily planners.

Here’s the best of the pros in keeping my beloved Itty Bitty. The pups are very comfortable here.


Ollie still hates the leash and does not like “being walked”. But he is at least starting to accept that this is just something his pack does for right or wrong so he is getting better at going along with it. He still walks sideway when he’s on the leash. He’s a good egg. Possum is a great little RV puppy. Loves the driving..sitting in RD’s lap, sure, put a leash on him, he loves all the new smells of all the new places. They both love the grilled meat they get on a trip. I can see Ollie Bear doing his own weighing of pros and cons on a trip, but he’s a good pack member and if this is what we’re all doing welp..he’ll go along to get along.

I swear tomorrow, I’m buying a pay as you go mobile WiFi device!! I’ve had it with RV park WiFi!!! I’m hitting the publish button on this post. I’m tired and want to go to bed. Also, the WiFi here is slow and spotty and I’m done arguing with it.

Anyway, later~

Jyps 🦋

October 26, 2019

Jypsea Rose