Home Again~

October 26, 2019 0 Comments

We’re home again, both tired and grateful to be home. Our October was insanely busy. I’m happy to be sitting still, I’ll tell ya. 

About the second week in October, we made plans to load up in Itty Bitty and head out to Yellowstone, but an early winter storm came thru so we changed plans to go south to the National Parks in Southern Utah. As soon as we made it to Salt Lake City, the early winter storm expanded. All RV parks at all points south were booked solid, probably from full timers getting out of the way of the storm and also, we had a couple of small things needing repairing so we diverted back home. Other than using it to travel back from Dad’s funeral, this was our first RV trip as just a leisurely RV trip. We recognize shortfalls in her now. She’s great to travel in back and forth from point A to point B but as a leisure vacation…we have out grown her. We always said that once we got retired, we’d drive around in her for a while to see what our use profile would be and then decide whether to keep her, remodel her or trade her in for something new. Between you, me and the fence post, we’re leaning towards something new. 

So home from Salt Lake City, we performed the repairs, did laundry, cooked up some more traveling food, loaded back up and headed back out on the road to the Utah National Parks. It was a great trip overall but…we’ve definitely outgrown our little RV. But those National Parks in Utah!! The only way it could have been better is if we stayed a little bit longer, and if we had a travel trailer so we could have a truck to run around in. (See where I’m going with this?)

We got home from Southern Utah, off loaded Itty Bitty, cleaned her top to bottom…aaaaannnnd had a few more small repairs to make. She is 11 years old so it’s not so surprising that little things here and there need looking after. But then the Navigation System broke. Now we’re really talking about maybe it’s time to let her go and fleet up into something new. While we were down in Moab, we saw this gorgeous little rig, built on the Sprinter chassis like ours, the Renegade Villagio. One of our local RV dealers even had 2 of the makes we were interested in looking at so while Itty Bitty was getting fitted with a new Nav System, we drove out to look at them. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Well made. Very nice materials…but…the minute we drove off after seeing them, I stopped thinking about them. And we always end up discussing how nice it would be to have a trailer we can drop at an RV site and drive off in a truck. 

We’ve been looking online, talking about this and that feature, what our travel plans are, all the places on our bucket list. I found an RV remodeling company in Spokane Valley, called & made an appointment…because *IF* we can just remodel Itty Bitty to better suit our needs, well…it would be nice to not have an RV payment. I expect to get the estimate back from the Spokane Valley company Monday. The cost of a remodel will factor into our final decision, of course. Money matters. 

And the Fall colors up in the mountains are a sight to behold so we left early last week for Spokane Valley. This quick trip was every bit as nice as the National Parks. Trees changing colors in mountains during Fall is worth the price of admission. We stayed off the interstates & were pretty much unplugged for the better part of the week. We had it sporadically here and there but mostly, no. Hours of great conversations. We both had a wonderful time. Looking at the mountains and thinking about the forces that created them, just wow. Not having cell service, I did do a little bit of hand stitching. This started out as Visible Mending but I might have got a bit carried away. Now I’m thinking of cutting out the embroidery and patching them together as a throw for Raymond for his couch. Or something we keep in the RV. Not sure, we’ll see where this ends up.

Today, tho, RD & I went out and talked to an Airstream salesman. We liked the 25’ Flying Cloud Rear Bedroom. Another if, we finally choose the Airstream, we will look at used models also. Because expensive.

I like the Rear Twin Bed. After a day’s worth of driving, one just wants to stretch out and I don’t sleep quiet. I have a bad back and am constantly tossing and turning. Plus, for unknown reasons, you actually get more bed space with 2 twins than with 1 queen. There’s 4” longer & another 4” wider per person. There’s more under bed storage with the 2 twins, too that can be accessed from the outside. I mean look at this…is this not inviting???? 

And this stove with a real oven!! There’s a separate microwave. In Itty Bitty, we have a convection/microwave combo but we only have ever used it as a microwave. I LOVE the idea of this little oven!

Nice salon

Yes, so far, for me…it’s the

But we’ve just started looking and RD right this minute has a YouTube video up on small companies that hand build RV trailers, some look pretty intriguing.

So that’s that. Lot of travel, online RV sales, repairs on Itty Bitty, laundry, cooking for traveling, going to RV dealerships…I’m beat. Tomorrow is Sunday and I’m hoping no one expects much out of me.

I’m headed to bed. I’m so tired, I don’t even care if there are spelling or grammatical errors here. I’ll worry about it tomorrow. 


Jyps 🦋 

Jypsea Rose