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Dear Diary~

Whirlwind. That’s what I’ve been about. RV shopping (Read: climbing in and out of many RVs) and then deciding not to buy a new one. Remodeling…decided against that. Put her up for sale on Craigslist. Had a couple of RV dealerships call, one to make a low ball offer on her and another to offer their consignment services. We went round and round until we completely exhausted the topic of RVs and what to or not to do with it. End of the day? We keep her as she is and call it a day. 

I have been out of my sewing room for some 2.5 going on 3 months. I did this same thing last year, and then the year before that, too. Just gonna have to look at making this an annual thing, I suppose. If I gave it any thought at all, I’d have to guess it’s something about this part of the year, late September to late November, as being too late in the season to sew up any new summer thing, but far too early for winter sewing. During this in-between time, my Sewjo just ups and leaves me and it takes an act of God to get it back. Once my Sewjo did return last year, it returned with a vengeance that had me sitting up late and sewing up a storm. And just like last year, searching for my lost SewJo, I would go in there to turn the iron on. Go back an hour or so later and turn it off. It’s more an act of defiance, really, willing my SewJo back from the dead. For upwards of a week, I’d do this. Like a ritual of the black arts, I sorted through my new pattern purchases in the order I’d like to sew them up in to drum up some sewing excitement. For the life of me, as I sit here, I cannot tell you what I chose as my first pick. It was just make-work in the end. No matter what I did, I just couldn’t get inspired, didn’t know where to start. However, I do need some new pants, so that’s as good a place as any to start. But even having a real need for some new clothing, I just could not find my motivation. I am back in there, in front of my machines, just less enthusiastically as I could be and easily distracted. So I’m waiting patiently to be hit with the solid gold In-Spy-Ray-Shun of the sewing gods, because cast your bread upon the water, right? Prepare your fields for rain! 99% of success is just showing up! And other platitudes….

I made some new clothes for two of my machines. The Bernina B560:

And the new Juki serger:

Because I have drafting skills.

So that was fun. And almost got me back into my sewing groove. It was still a force of sheer willpower to get my behind in there but sometimes you just have to take what you can get. One returns to sewing when your SewJo is missing with the energy you have, not the energy you want. I still need some pants. I bought the Juki serger and now plan to thread the Babylock Evolution up as a coverstitch machine and learn to not be a-fraidy cat of coverstitching. I cut out a new pair of pants in a heavyweight knit, almost a scuba knit but not quite, and started in.

link target

One word: “Nightmare”. I feel like I’m learning to sew from scratch all over again. “Are you using the correct needle?” “Is the tension set right?” “The Chain Looper has it’s own tension dial that may need adjusting.” Tension problems leads to rats nest on the underside of stitching. Just one problem to solve.

I sewed coverstitched and subsequently picked out the waistband seams more times than I can remember. Not many times in one afternoon, day after day of sewing and picking out a coverstitch seam on the waistband alone!! Now the knit has small snags in it, there are needle holes in the fabric from previous stitching lines…but finally this afternoon, I finally got all needles/tensions/foot pressure/thread systems working together and just went for it. Unfortunately, by that time, it was getting late and I was tired and hungry. I finally just said “Enough. Enough already.” These will be pants I’ll only ever wear around the house. The stitching lines from sewing in the round of hemming the legs and the waistband don’t meet up smoothly but I’m done with this pair. 

I did learn a lot. One really big lesson was reinforced…one must use the right needle for the right job. I have enough fabric in this color for another pair and the same amount in a dark gray. More opportunities to get this right because, politics be damned! I will master my coverstitch machine. It’s back to YouTube for me, I guess. I bought “Master The CoverStitch Machine” by Johanna Lundström and started reading it right away when it arrived, but didn’t really get it at the time. I’m a hands on learner and need to be sitting at the machine—crying and picking out rats nests on the underside—searching the index for a particular problem thru tears in order to properly absorb it. That’s how I learn.

I have a piece of denim washed and dried for pre-shrinking purposes, ready to be cut. I believe I’ll sew up a new pair of jeans tomorrow just to take a break from the heavy knit. 

Outside the sewing room:

Our Thanksgiving was very nice. RD cooked up a turkey with all the trimmings despite us both being down with head colds the day before that kept us from being anything other than quiet in our chairs in front of the TV. We were over it by Thanksgiving morning. Sweet Bonus, Raymond texted to say he had to postpone going to his dad’s for one day, he would came over for turkey with us and spent the night. Very nice to see him! 

That’s it. That’s all I got. Gotta go do dishes. Tomorrow, Monday, the holiday is officially over and I have to get back on the treadmill every day. RD made pies. Really good pies. I ate the pies. Now I need to treadmill them off. Both pups doing very well. We’re all settled into our little life together, the four of us! ❤️ 


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